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Christmas gift basket ideas. Stuck for a gift this Christmas? Take the stress out of gift giving this Christmas by making your own homemade Christmas gift baskets for friends. Lots of festive suggestions for cheap Christmas gift baskets. Christmas food baskets. Christmas cookie gift basket and more.

It's that time of year once again, Christmas. Which means giving gifts and that's a headache, right? Homemade Christmas gift basket ideas are the answer to all of your worries over this Christmas time.

Gift baskets are so versatile. A simple basket can be filled with anything. Decorated beautifully and appreciated to those who receive them. Christmas gift basket ideas. A gift for everybody.

Below are some great suggestions for presents I have put together for you, showing how to make quick, easy and affordable gift basket ideas.

Lots of solutions for those last minute gift ideas for you to make.

 Christmas Food Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas Cake Gift Basket Idea:

Imagine the aroma of a  Christmas cake or apple pie baking in the oven... Mmm! If you are baking yourself over Christmas bake some extra; the extras will make delicious gift baskets for family or friends.

If you cannot bake, do not worry; good quality cakes can be bought from stores, such as Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, apple pie, muffins, and cookies. 

Handmade Oven Mitts

Christmas Gift Idea. Oven Mitts

Buy a round basket because Christmas cakes are round, and line the basket with festive tea towels or a table cloth. Tie a tartan ribbon around the cake. Wrap the basket in cellophane, look for Christmassy cellophane to make it more interesting. Christmas gift basket ideas.

A Christmas Cookie Gift Basket Idea:

How to make Christmas gift basket ideas.

This basket on the left was really easy to make. I made it for one of my friends because she loves cookies.

I filled the base with newspaper and lined it with red tissue paper. The gifts on top are, two Christmas mugs and a packet of special hot chocolate, a small box of chocolate cookies, a packet of shortbread and an assortment of small Christmas cookies wrapped in Christmas paper.

I wrapped the basket in clear cellophane and tied a red glittery bow.

At Christmas time there are so many cookies wrapped in festive wrapping that come in small packets, ideal for making great homemade gift baskets.

Make a special Christmas card or a gift tag to go with your fabulous homemade gift basket ideas.

A Christmas Chocolate Gift Basket Idea:

Easy to Make Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.

Everyone loves chocolates! For this basket I used a red basket. I filled it with scrunched up newspaper and covered it with red shredded tissue paper.

The gifts inside are, cookies covered in chocolate, chocolate truffles, and chocolates filled with liqueurs. I wrapped the basket in  cellophane with Santa's face printed all over it and tied it with a red glittery ribbon.

So make your own gift basket this year and surprise yourself how easy it is to make, and have fun.

A Christmas Fruit and Nut Gift Basket Idea:

Fruit and nut gift baskets are very festive, great for after dinner or just sitting by the open fire. For this gift I would use a shallow round basket, and line the basket with green shredded paper.

Make some gift bags and fill them with lots of different nuts and dried fruits. Add a nut cracker (if giving nuts in their shells), add some fruity jams, recipes for fruit punches to warm your friends up on a cold winter's day. This basket will make your friends feel warm and cozy.

Wrap the basket in clear cellophane or use shrink wrap. Tie a brown glittery ribbon to the basket.

A Christmas Hampers or Picnic Basket Ideas:

Hampers are a great way to spread the Christmas cheer at this festive time of year. Hampers or picnic baskets tend to be bigger than the average gift basket. So, this is a great opportunity to jam-pack these with everything Christmassy.

Hampers or picnic baskets are fantastic gifts to give if a few people contribute to it and make it a community gift, or a gift for a big family that is not as fortunate as you.

To this hamper you could add a selection of tinned hams, tinned vegetables, tinned soups, dried pastas, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, cookies, jams, chutneys, chocolates, pickles, chicken stuffing or even a medium-sized frozen chicken. Select the items just mentioned or put together your own selection.

A Christmas Gourmet Gift Basket Idea:

Add a little luxury at Christmas time with Gourmet gift baskets. This basket on the left I made for a friend who likes to nibble in between meals.

I lined the basket with two red tea towels, one plain red and the other, red with white strips. The basket has eight fabric gift bags, each filled with a selection of dried fruits, nuts and raisins covered in chocolate. Each gift bag has its own gift tag saying what's inside the bag.

This Christmas gift basket would be great to give to the hostess on Christmas day. These mouth watering contents would make a delicious center piece and not last long at the Christmas table!

Wrap your Christmas gift basket ideas in Christmas cellophane with a big red, gold, silver or a tartan bow. Don't forget your Christmas card and gift tags.

 Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Kids

A Christmas Baby Gift Basket Idea:

Do you know someone who has just had or will be having a baby round about Christmas time? A nice gift to receive would be a baby's gift basket. Baby needs lots of things, so help mom out and give her a gorgeous gift basket!

I made this gift basket using a light blue plastic basket, the one with holes in and a rope handle so it can hang over the tap.

I lined the basket with white scrunched up paper and covered that with white shredded tissue paper. The items on top are two bath sponges and Christmas bubble bath and a few other Christmas bath things. I wrapped it with clear cellophane and tied it with a white/sliver bow.

If you used a slightly bigger basket, you could add things like a hooded terrycloth wrap for bath time (buy a big one so it lasts a few years), and  it would be nice to have their name or initials embroidered on it.

You could add a Christmas outfit, Christmas socks for a boy and some warm tights for a girl (always buy clothes two or three months larger than the baby is).  Don't forget one or two small toys.

Or some lotions, shampoos, talcum powder, bath time toys, soothers, a one-time camera for all those first -time things a baby does, photograph album for all those baby photos, anything you might think they will need.

Keep in mind, the gift basket you give can be used afterwards for storing baby things in.

The basket can be decorated with Christmas ribbons and wrapped with Christmas print cellophane and on the cellophane you could stick baby stickers as a finishing touch and tie it with a big bow. Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.


Children's Christmas Gift Basket Ideas:

How to Make Christmas Gift Basket Ideas for Small Children

A children's gift basket can be fun and exiting. It can be filled with fun things like, Christmas coloring books, crayons, crafts for making Christmas decorations, which can be hung on the Christmas tree.

I filled the basket with newspaper then covered it with red and green tissue paper. Inside this children's gift basket I put two gingerbread men, Christmas books and some Christmas chocolates.

I arranged my gifts on top, covered the gift basket with clear cellophane and tied a big bow.

If you plan on buying lots of little toys for your children, why not use a storage basket? Some of these baskets are already lined and some of them come with a lid. Fantastic Christmas Gift Basket Ideas!

Fill the storage basket with the Christmas toys. Wrap the whole thing in cellophane, like you would a gift basket. Not only will they have fun seeing what toys Santa has left but when they have finished playing with the toys, the toys go back into the storage box. This basket would look good in any room in the house. (This also saves on Christmas wrapping paper.) Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.

How to Make Christmas Gifts for Teens

 Ideas for a Christmas Gift Basket for Girls:

This is an easy gift basket to make, because there are lots of things to choose from. Girls like makeup, hair accessories, clothes, bath & shower products, nail polishes, nail polish remover, nail file and anything else you can think of. Pajamas, slippers to match the pajamas and a cuddly Christmas teddy bear, because girls like to go... Ahhh! Bubble bath, shower gel, body lotion, body spray, bath towel, etc.

What about a magazine subscription for six months for their favorite magazine? Girls love gift certificates to their favorite stores because they like to shop.

Make the basket fun and festive. Why not put the gifts in a sleepover bag which could be used for all those sleepovers in the future? Christmas Gift Basket Ideas.

 Ideas for a Christmas Gift Basket for Boys:

Boys like plain blue or red tartan pajamas, toiletries, a packet of razors, a few small bottles of different aftershave, a selection of shower gel and body wash, body lotions, a bath towel, soap, deodorant..........

Great Ideas for a Christmas Popcorn Gift Basket

I love popcorn and I know teenage boys and girls do too. Make a popcorn gift basket filled with different flavored popcorn, some good movies and a few flavored drinks. This can be "movie night" over Christmas.

These Christmas gift basket ideas would make any teenage girl or boy go, WOW!

Wrap your Christmas gift basket ideas in jazzy cellophane and a big bow.

Christmas Gift Baskets for women

A gift for a woman has to be with thought, because we are practical people. If you do not get this right, you're in the dog house. Right!

Take her window shopping. Start dropping some hints. Maybe you have heard her say, "I would love that!"

If they are the 'I'm not sure what I want' woman, go for a small gift basket filled with some jewelry. It can have a pair of earrings and necklace to match, or a engagement or wedding ring (hint-hint?) with a bottle of her favorite perfume, and a gift certificate to a good spa. Let her pamper herself, she is worth it.

If you do not want to buy jewelry, why not go for a beautiful watch and perfume or a small handbag, gloves and scarf, all matching of course.

More Christmas Gift Basket Ideas:

1 Organic Spa Gift Basket.

2 Chocolate Gift Basket.

Christmas Gifts for Men

Men are easy-going when it comes to gifts. They might say, 'don't get me anything this year' but really, they do want a gift. What to get a man who has it all? Go to my contact me and let me know your suggestions!

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