Baskets with Lining

 Lots of Great Ideas on How to Line Your Basket 

Baskets with Lining. Lots of ideas on what to use to line a gift basket. Flower basket liners. Wicker basket liner. Shredded tissue paper. Green floral foam. Fabric lining. Moss.

Lining a basket transforms even the simplest basket into a work of art. The simplest basket can be decorated as much or as little as you like, according to how much time and money you want to spend on gift basket making ideas

Before you go shopping for your next basket and gifts, take a walk through your house to see what you can find. Go into that room where you put last year's gifts, the gifts you didn't really like. Yes, we all have those!

These might be gifts you have received and just put away, or you may have bought a gift or two in that sale last week because they might come in handy. You know what I mean.

Put some of these gifts together, and buy a few more gifts if need be. These can be made into wonderful gift basket making ideas, made especially for your family or friends.

But first, to make a gift basket look good like the store bought gift baskets, you have to line the basket with some kind of paper, filler or fabric.

Below are just a few great ideas for baskets with lining. Take a look!

Homemade Gift Baskets with Lining

First of all, what is the difference between lining and fillers for gift baskets you might ask?

Well, baskets with lining means lining the walls of the basket, such as lining the basket with fabric or plastic when making a floral gift basket........

And a basket with filling means filling the gift basket with crinkle paper, shredded paper, newspaper, floral foam......

Gift baskets need to have some kind of lining and or filling. this gives the inside of the basket a bit of a lift and gives the impression that there are more gifts than there actually is and the basket looks fuller.

These fillers / liners can be very inexpensive and most of the time you can find them in your own home.

Great Ideas for Baskets with Lining and Fillers.

Fillers for Baskets:

When it comes to baskets with lining, there are lots of different things you can use.

Below are a few examples of what you can use to line your gift basket.

  • Shredded paper or plastic. Shredded plastic (also known as gift basket grass) comes in all colors, great for jazzing up a fun gift basket. Also, good for filling in between gifts.
  • Newspaper, crinkle paper.
  • Styrofoam Chips. Sometimes when you get parcels delivered with fragile items inside, they are surrounded with these white Styrofoam chips. Keep them, as they make excellent fillers.
  • When ladies buy handbags, they are stuffed with grey or white paper, excellent for the base filler for a gift basket.
  • Floral foam, sometimes called oasis or floral brick. There are a few different kinds: dry floral foam for artificial flowers, and a wet floral foam for fresh cut flowers.
  • Colored tissue paper. Scrunch the tissue paper in between the gifts. Tissue paper brings color to a gift basket, good for a children's gift basket, toiletry gift basket or a gourmet gift basket, wedding gift basket........ 
  • Artificial ice cubes would be great for a beer gift basket or a wine and cheese gift basket.
  • Green moss. This is used when making a basket filled with bulbs, plants or herbs in pots. Excellent filler. 

Linings for Baskets:

  1. Tea towels, ideal for a baked cake gift basket or any homemade food gift basket.
  2. Fabric, excellent for covering fillers. A tartan fabric could be used for a Christmas gift basket, baby fabric for a baby gift basket, pastel colored fabric for an Easter gift basket or a gift basket for Mother's Day or Valentine's Day.
  3. Garbage liners are great for lining floral baskets, so the flowers or plants can be watered.

Now that we have covered the basics of baskets with lining and fillers, it's time to make a gift basket for friends.

How to Line Gift Baskets with Plastic

If you are making homemade gift baskets with potted plants, bulbs, fresh cut flowers or pots of fresh herbs for an Easter Gift Basket , Christmas Gift Basket or Birthday Gift Basket , you will need to line the gift basket with thick plastic. This is so the plants, bulbs, flowers or herbs can be watered.

  1. Place a garbage bag (a black or white garbage bag will do) inside the basket. Trim the plastic to the rim of the basket.
  2. If you can see the garbage bag through the basket put a little moss in between the basket and the plastic.
  3. If the basket is round place a plastic plate or silver foil plate in the bottom to act as a saucer for extra protection.
  4. Fill the basket with soil if you are using bulbs, plants or planting fresh herbs.
  5. If you are using plants already in pots, fill the spaces in between the pots and on top of the pots with green moss. This is available at craft or gardens centers.

How to Fill Gift Baskets with Styrofoam Chips

Styrofoam Chips. Sometimes when you get parcels delivered with delicate items and they are surrounded with these white Styrofoam chips, keep them, as they make excellent fillers for your homemade gift basket ideas.

If you are filling a bucket or a basket for Father's Day or any other occasion, fill the basket or bucket with Styrofoam chips to 1/2 or 3/4 full, depending on how tall your gifts are, and cover with tissue paper, shredded paper or some other decorative paper.

Put a layer of shredded paper on top and nestle your gifts in between the shredded paper. Artificial ice cubes would be great for a beer gift basket or a wine and cheese gift basket.

Homemade Gift Baskets are perfect gifts for you to make and give any time of year. Making homemade gift baskets for your family and friends is so much fun. So give it a go!

Didn't find what you were looking for? Search the web for more great gift basket making ideas.

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