Cellophane Gift Bags

 Ready-Made Colored Cellophane Bags. How to Wrap a Gift Basket 

Cellophane Gift Bags for gift baskets. Do you get into a mess using cellophane on a roll? Then follow these easy instructions on how to use ready-made colored cello bags for gift baskets. Save time with quick gift wrapping ideas for cellophane gift basket bags. Easter basket ideas.

Do you find it hard to wrap a gift basket with cellophane on a roll? Do you get into a mess and find it's time consuming?

Make life easier for yourself and buy ready-made cellophane gift bags especially made for gift baskets. It's so much easier and a lot less mess.

Cellophane bags come in small, medium or large sizes, some are plain, solid colors and some come with prints on the cellophane.

They come in packs of 1 or 2. Just pick the appropriate size for your basket. How easy can it get?
Ready-Made Cellophane Gift Bags for Wrapping Gift Baskets

Using ready-made cello gift bags for gift baskets is an easier and quicker way to wrap your beautifully homemade gift basket ideas for birthdays, Easter or Christmas. One of many gift wrapping ideas for gift baskets. 

It's the last step and the most important one in gift wrapping your one of a kind gift baskets for your family or friends. 

How to Use Cellophane Gift Bags

Below is an Easter gift basket I made for Easter to show you how easy it is to wrap your own homemade gift basket ideas in ready-made cellophane bags.

For this gift basket I used a large ready-made cellophane gift bag; it has small spring flowers printed on it, ideal for an Easter gift basket. This method is the same for any sized gift basket using cellophane bags.

Just choose the right size gift bag for your gift basket and follow these easy step-by-step instructions below.

Things you will Need:

  1. Your basket with your chosen items nicely placed inside.
  2. 1 ready-made cellophane gift bag.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Thin adhesive tape, floral wire or tie twists.
  5. Clear wide adhesive tape (the one used for packing parcels).
  6. 1 packet of shredded green paper, also know as Easter green grass or you can make your own shredded paper.

Method using Ready-Made Cellophane Gift Bags;

This Easter gift basket is lined with 1 packet of green shredded paper.  On top I put a small fluffy bunny and a few small chocolate Easter Eggs. This Easter gift basket is ready to be wrapped up in the cellophane gift basket bag.

For the right size bag, I measured the base and the height of the basket (especially if it has a handle).

  • I placed the basket in the center of my cellophane bag.
  • Next I took the thin adhesive tape, (or one of the above) and cut a long piece, enough to wrap around the bunched up cellophane 2 or 3 times.
  • Put to one side for now. 

  • I gathered all the cellophane in a bunch in one hand as in the picture, then I pulled from the top with the other hand making it tight.
  • If the basket has a handle, make sure this sits on top. If it's without, make sure it sits on top of the items.
  • Then I took the thin tape I cut earlier or floral wire, wrapped it around the cellophane as tight as possible. 
  • After it's secured, it should not flop (this might take a while). If it does flop, start again.
  • I am left with cellophane sticking out from both sides of my basket.
  • Neatly fold the cellophane vertically down the basket.
  • I took the clear wide tape and taped it from the side to the underneath of the basket, so it's not visible.

Easter Gift Basket Idea
  • I cut with scissors the excess cellophane at the top. Do not cut it too short, but leave about 10 inches. Now my basket is ready for a bow.
  • You can use any color ribbon you like. I thought yellow would be nice for this Easter gift basket.

I am sure this will encourage you to make lots of homemade gift basket ideas for your family and friends. There are lots of different gift wrapping ideas for gift baskets you could try; just be creative in your gift wrapping techniques and the ideas are endless. See you soon!

Not what your looking for? Search the web for more great ideas on gift wrapping gift baskets with cellophane.

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