Cheap Flower Girl Baskets
Ideas for Making a Flower Girl Basket

Cheap Flower Girl Baskets. Making your own flower girl basket? Take a look at these 3 flower girl basket ideas below.

A brown flower girl basket. Handle wrapped with pink ribbon and filled with fresh Rose petals.

A natural colored basket with handle wrapped with red ribbon and beads filled with pretty gift bag These can be filled with rice, confetti or artificial petals.

Or a black flower girl basket filled with beautiful red Roses.

Easy to make ideas for unique flower girl baskets.

I know you have a lot of planning to do for your wedding. What with wedding flowers, your bridal bouquet, wedding presents.....the things to do are endless. So let me make your planning that bit easier.

A flower girl is a must at your wedding. (Your wedding accessories, so to speak.) A pretty little girl walking down the aisle scattering fragrant flower petals for you (the bride) to walk on, is a bride's dream. What kind of basket will your flower girl be holding?

Flower girl basket ideas are one of those small details that can add a lot of style to your wedding. When it comes to taking photographs your photos will look extra special.

For a classic wedding or the latest fashion wedding, a cheap flower girl basket is an easy and inexpensive way to add big style into your wedding.

Cheap flower girl baskets can be decorated with all sorts of things to make it look like you spent a fortune. Below are just three ideas you can choose from.

Here's Three Quick and Easy Flower Girl Basket Ideas

A Brown Basket Filled with Petals

A Pink Flower Girl Basket. A Flower Girl Basket Idea

It doesn't matter whether your wedding floral arrangements are summer wedding flowers or winter wedding flowers, you can still find fresh petals or artificial petals to put inside a small basket for a flower girl.

This basket is filled with Rose petals from my garden, don't worry if you don't have Roses in your garden, if you ask your florist a few weeks before your wedding I'm sure they would keep their petals for you.

You can also fill the basket with different colored Rose petals or Sweet Pea flowers or different kinds of fragrant leaves. The ones that come to mind are, Lavender, Geranium lemon leaves, Bee Balm leaves and their red flowers, and Rosemary. 

Here's how to make this basket.

Petals Are Not the Only Things You Can Put Inside These Pretty Cheap Flower Girl Baskets

A Natural Colored Basket Filled with Gift Bags

A Natural Colored Basket for a Flower Girl Filled with Wedding Gift Bags for Your Guests

Have you thought of small wedding gift bags filled with confetti or rice for your guests to shower you and your new husband as you both leave the church or reception? Think about it!

The basket on the right is filled with gift bags; These inexpensive and easy to make wedding gift bags are filled with rice, artificial petals and flower shaped paper petals.

So choose one and get making lots of pretty and inexpensive wedding gift bags.

A Black Flower Girl Basket Idea

A Black Flower Girl Basket Filled with Red Roses

A Black Flower Girl Basket Filled with Red Roses

Flower girl baskets can also have bouquets of flowers in them. Depending on what flowers you want to use, you can make a basket, (or bag in this case) very cheaply.

This flower girl bag is made from a black sequined bag I bought from a thrift store and the flowers I bought from the local grocery store. And I must say, it looks good, don't you think?   

So, choose a basket (or bag) that is small or very light and easy to carry for these little wedding day helpers. Have fun making these beautiful baskets; maybe your little wedding helpers could make their own flower girl baskets, with your help of course. 

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Are You Having a Flower Girl at Your Wedding?

 Will she be carrying a basket, flower ball or a flower girl's bouquet? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift bags. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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