How to Create your own Gift Basket

Great ideas on how to create your own gift basket. The advantages of creating and decorating your own unique gift basket ideas is you customize and at the same time you add that personalized touch to your homemade gift basket ideas that the store-bought gift baskets do not have.

Have you ever noticed how people react when you give them a gift that’s nicely wrapped? "Wow! that's beautiful!" Well, the same goes for gift baskets. If you create your own gift basket you can decorate it beautifully as you would any other gift; after all, it is a gift.

No matter what you put inside, big gifts or small, expensive gifts or inexpensive, if it’s not decorated nicely with cellophane, ribbons or other things, the over all look will be ruined. Ladies, it’s like your hair: if you have nice clothes and a bad hair day, the over all look is ruined. Isn't that right, ladies?

Some baskets are all ready decorated, that's great because you have less work to do, just cover that basket with cellophane and a bow and you're done. If you want to make a gift basket with your own personal details on it, go ahead, create and decorate your own gift basket, because the ideas are endless of what you can do.  And remember, create your own gift basket and it will be like no other.

It does not have to be perfect, that's the beauty of making your own, but the more gift baskets you make, the better you will become. You can spend as much or as little time and money as you like making and decorating your gift basket.

Decorating your gift basket brings the gifts and basket together. There are no rules or limits how to decorate a gift basket. You do not have to be artistic, just use your imagination and you will create beautiful gift baskets every time. Every basket you create will be unique, one of a kind!

Ideas on how to Create and Decorate your Gift Basket

There are lots of different ways to decorate your gift basket, not just with cellophane and bows.

  •  If you have a basket with a plant inside you can tie a wide ribbon  around the basket, weave ribbon through the basket before you put  your plant in. You could spray paint to the color of the flowers.  
  •  If you use shrink wrap you can stick a bow to the top or wrap it  around the basket. Stick a bunch of curling ribbon already curled to the top.    
  • If you are using cellophane you can tie ribbon or other materials around the top depending on your theme.
  • Don't forget  linings, colored cellophanes, shells or flowers. There are all kinds of trims and things you can use to create and decorate your basket. 

Below are a few more ideas on how to create your own gift basket

1. Beads glued or sewn to the side of the basket.

2. You can weave ribbon through a basket.

2. Tinsel glued to the side or the handle.

3. Shells glued to the side.

4. Silk flowers pushed in through the basket.

5. Ribbons wrapped around the handle.

6. Ribbon tied to the handle.

7. Tie bows to the handle.

8. Bows tied around top of cellophane.

9. Small bows glued to the side of basket.

10. Spray paint the basket.

11. Use different colored cellophane.

If you are a sewing or craft person I am sure you have lots of leftover trims, lace, ribbon......... you can use.

If you are not a sewing or craft person, don't panic. Take a trip to the big supermarkets, craft stores or a sewing store. They have a good selection and because you will not need much, it will not cost much. Also some baskets already come decorated, how easy can it get?

If you use bows to tie around your gift basket and do not want to make them yourself or not sure how to, you can buy ready-made bows, big and small, all different colors also from craft and sewing stores.

Ideas to Create and Decorate a Simple Basket

Take a look at these simple ideas. You can create your own gift basket and make it look like one of a kind. 

A basket decorated with frilly lace (glued or sewn around the top) could be for a girl's birthday.

A basket spray painted or lined with a linen napkin. This basket is best suited for a thank you gift basket, Easter baskets and so on.

A Baby Basket

A basket can have things glued to the sides like this basket. This one would be a great baby gift basket. If it's for a boy, just change the color of the bear.

This basket would not need any decorating because it is already a nice color and a little bit sparkly. Ideal for a teenage girl or a younger girl.

Howe to make a flower girl basket.

A basket decorated with pretty pink ribbon tied around the handle, and bows tied to the base of the handle. Ideal for flower girls. A must have at any wedding.

How to make a fun gift basket.

Using different colored cellophanes makes the gift basket exciting and funky. Great for teenage birthdays, get well or a thank you basket.

Add your own unique touch to your fantastic gift basket ideas and make the best wedding gift basket stand out from the rest. This gift basket is wrapped in seer fabric for a soft romantic look and a nice big blue polka dot bow. 

So play around with different materials to create your very own gift basket creations. Every basket you create will be a unique gift basket one of a kind. Get creative! Create your own gift basket and have fun.

See you soon!

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