Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas

For Gift Baskets 

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Gift Baskets using Fabric.

Want a different kind of gift basket? With these easy-to-follow instructions on fabric wrapping a gift basketyou will make a gift basket unlike any other for friends.

Gift wrapping a basket in fabric adds a romantic feel, suitable for weddings, birthdays or even for a Valentine's gift basket.

The basket below looks expensive but was very cheap to make and uses one of many great creative gift wrapping ideas.

To make the basket on the left I went to my local fabric store and found a piece of remnant fabric, big enough to cover my gift basket.

I chose a fabric that is able to hold its shape but still flexible enough to wrap around a basket. You can use colored net fabric or sheer fabric in any color you like. This fabric is sheer fabric.

Experiment with all kinds of materials for unusual and unique gift basket ideas for your one-of-a-kind gift basket. So, have fun with creative gift wrapping and make awesome unique gift basket ideas.

Below are Two Examples of This:

The basket on the left I wrapped in sheer fabric and tied a polka-dot ribbon.

The basket on the right I wrapped in light blue crepe fabric and tied with a dusty pink wired ribbon.

Either of these gift baskets are a great creative gift wrapping ideas for a wedding gift basket or a special 50th birthday gift basket for example.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas for Gift Baskets

Let me show you with these easy step-by-step instructions for creative gift wrapping ideas how to wrap a gift basket; it's much the same technique as when you use cellophane.

Method for Wrapping a Gift Basket With Fabric:

 Measure the basket from the middle of the underneath, all the way over the handle (if your basket has a handle) back to the underneath. 

Cut a square piece of fabric to that measurement.

I lined the basket with a little shredded paper, then on top,

I put silk fabric. I assembled the bottle of wine and two crystal wine glasses in the basket.

I placed the basket in the middle of the fabric and brought the four corners of the fabric together. 

In one hand, I bunched all the fabric together, with the other hand, I pulled the fabric tightly through. So it looks like the picture on the right.

Once I did that, I secured the bunched up fabric tightly with a rubber band but you can also use a tie twist.

If you feel there is too much fabric sticking out of the top, trim it to about 8 to 10 inches.

Either make a bow or buy a ready made bow and tie it to the finished basket. I made a bow using blue polka dot wired ribbon.

Different fabrics and ribbon will give you different creative gift wrapping looks.

To add that extra special finishing touch and this is optional, I tied a small bow to the back of the basket, using the same wired ribbon.

This can be in the same color or a matching color. This will not be very visible but I think it finishes the basket off nicely because gift baskets are seen from all sides but mainly from the front.

Now you know how to wrap a gift basket in fabric, I am sure you will be making exiting gift baskets yourself.

Making your own gift basket is easy and a lot less expensive than store bought ones. 

You are creating something special and adding that personal touch to a gift which means so much to the person receiving it, especially when it's made by you. 

Do You Make Your Own Gift Baskets?

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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