Floral Basket Arrangements

How to Make Easy Fresh Flower Baskets  

Floral Basket Arrangements easy ideas to make for friends. Looking for a fresh flower gift basket idea? Take a look at these easy-to-make any occasion flower arrangements. 

The bought one's are beautiful, but expensive so why not make-your-own flower arrangement with bought flowers or maybe you have beautiful fresh flowers in your garden? 

Below are three arrangements I made using store bought flowers.

This fresh flower arrangement is made from red Roses, Baby's-breath and green foliage arranged in a small white basket.

This is perfect for special anniversaries, Mother's day, Valentines even birthday's.    

This fresh flower arrangement is made from red Carnations, white Chrysanthemum's bought from the store and the green foliage is from my garden. The basket is a brown oval shaped basket.

This floral basket arrangement would make a great gift for a friend who is sick, a thank you basket, Mother's day, birthday's.

This fresh flower arrangement is made from Carnations and Chrysanthemum's (See Urchin) and artificial foliage.

This floral basket would make a fun project for the children to do for Mother's Day. A fantastic Mother's Day flower basket, birthday gift basket or even dying flowers for your wedding day... why not?

You can also put small house plants in a basket and it makes a great thank you gift basket.

This one has Azalea, Clematis and 2 green foliage plants.

I made this gift basket for my friend to say thank you for looking after my house while I was away.

Floral Basket Arrangements:
Bulbs Grown in Baskets

Not only can you make gift baskets from fresh cut flowers, (like above) but you can also grow flowers and herbs in baskets like bulbs, spring bulbs and flowers like primulas, Christmas bulbs, summer flowering bulbs like Begonias or a selection of favorite herbs ..

Take a look at this basket below.

Growing bulbs like this makes a spectacular gift basket for a friend.

Flowering bulbs are easy to grow and when they start to bloom they always make a pleasing gift to give and these yellow Lily flowers are no exception.

The ideas are endless of what you can plant in baskets and make as gifts. So get creative!

Send me a picture of what flowers you have grown to make a floral gift basket. Go to my contact me page.

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