Gift Bag Making Instructions

Handmade Gift Bag Making Instructions. Need lots of gift bags or just one? Here's how to make a small organza gift bag. With these easy instructions you'll make lots and save bags of money.

They are a great gift to give when your not sure what to give to a friend but you want to give something. Their ideal as thank you gifts, birthday parties, wedding gifts......  

Making fabric gift bags with these easy step-by-step instructions is easy to do. You can make lots of different variations the ideas are endless. Let me know what kind you make.

Fabric Gift Bag Making Instructions

If you need to make a bigger size gift bag, put your fabric on the floor then put your gifts onto the fabric, measure 1 inch either side of your gifts and double it.

Measure width of gifts + 2 inches, double it = width of fabric.

Measure width of gifts + 2 inches, double it = width of fabric.

Measure height of gifts + double width of ribbon + 1/4 inch (for hem) + 2 inches = height of fabric.

If you are making fabric gift bags without the ribbon:

Measure height of gifts + 1/4 inch (for hem) + 3 inches = height of fabric.

The size of your gift bag will depend greatly on the size of your items. This size gift bag is an ideal size for dried fruit, nuts, confetti, small chocolates....... 

The same method applies to any size gift bag.

  • Cut a piece of sheer fabric measuring 8 inches square (20.3cm   square)

  • Make a hem at the top so it looks neat.
  • Measure the width of your ribbon and make a hem to that size. 2 inches (5.1cm) from the top of your fabric, fold the fabric down then fold it up, to create a double hem and sew along both edges. 

  • Fold the fabric in half. Sew the two open edges together remembering not to sew where you made the double hem; this is to thread the ribbon through.

If you are not making a double hem, sew straight down. Trim the fabric around the two edges.

  • When you have done that, turn your homemade gift bag inside out.
  • Take a safety pin and secure to the ribbon. Thread the ribbon through the hem you made.
  • Fill your gift bag half full with your gifts and pull the ribbon to close the bag and tie the bow.

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