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 Creative Gift-Wrapping Ideas for Your Gift Basket

Gift Wrapping Ideas for Gift Baskets. Need ideas for wrapping your gift basket? Below are lots of creative gift-wrapping ideas using colored cellophane wrap, basket shrink wrap , fabric and ribbon. How to decorate a gift basket and make your next basket special. Cellophane wrapping ideas for gift baskets.

Don't stick to the same old clear cellophanes, try different colored or printed cellophanes, shrink wrap your next basket or even wrap it in fabric. How do you wrap your gift baskets?

 It's mind boggling what you can achieve. When making your own gift basket it's nice to make them different from the rest.

The baskets I made below I bought from thrift stores or on sale from other stores, the cellophanes come on a roll, even shrink wrap comes on a roll.

The fabric I bought, one meter, from the bargain corner of the fabric store.

The ribbons and bows I buy when there is a 50% sale and keep them for when I need to use them.

The bow in the picture below (the pink cellophane) was a ready-made bow that came in a packet, all I did was pull the string and it become a bow.

Below are a few creative gift wrapping ideas I have made. Take a look then try them yourself and you will see how easy it is to decorate your own gift baskets. Using these different materials makes your gifts more interesting and personalized.

Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas For Your Homemade Gift Baskets

Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas to Make Homemade Christmas Gift Basket Ideas to Make for Children.
This cellophane is ideal for a Christmas gift basket. It has Santa's face printed all over it, which makes it look fun and Christmassy.
This Christmas gift basket is great for little children. I used clear cellophane so the kids can see what's inside.

The Best Wedding Gifts Made into Affordable Gift Baskets Homemade Fun Gift Baskets for All
This wedding gift basket is covered with sheer fabric for a more romantic feel. It's something different from the usual way gift baskets are wrapped I think.
I used pink cellophane for this basket. It's great for teenage birthdays or fun gift baskets for the summer Barbecue party. There are lots of different colored cellophanes available for creatively wrapping homemade gift baskets.

I used the shrink wrap method for these two gift baskets.

Get Well Soon Gift Baskets. Healthy, Sugar Free Gift Baskets Unique Thank You Gifts to Make for Friends
This is the perfect pick-me-up get well soon gift basket.
A good gift for a chocolate lover. Or great as 'thank you' gift basket.

A Homemade Bereavement Gift Basket. Easy to Make Gifts. Easter Gift Basket Ideas. Easy Gifts to Make.
This basket was wrapped with the more traditional transparent cellophane. This type of basket would be ideal as a bereavement gift basket
For this cheerful looking gift basket I used a ready-made gift basket bag. Easy to use, just pop your basket in the bag and tie with a bow. A delicious Easter gift basket.

There are so many different colored cellophanes on a roll, and ready-made cellophane bags of all sizes in the stores. You can even use different kinds of fabric.

The advantages of making your own unique gift basket is, you create a more personal and interesting gift basket. Have fun and see what interesting gift baskets you can create.

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