Greeting Card Ideas

Easy Handmade Greeting Cards to Make

Greeting card ideas. Can’t find that special greeting card for you friend? Take a look at these easy-to-make greeting cards. Make a personalized greeting card that your friends will want to keep. Also they make great gifts and keepsakes.

Greeting card ideas come in all shapes and sizes and it's easy to go to the stores and buy one. But why not make a unique handmade greeting card? Most of the time the simplest of things are the most liked gifts.

Take a look below at how easy it can be to make a personalized greeting card, one of a kind greeting card ideas. Thank you cards, handmade Christmas cards, birthday cards and more.

 Take a Look at These Greeting Card Ideas

This happy birthday card is especially suited if your friend has a birthday around Christmas time.

This quick and easy-to-make birthday card is sure to save the day. I made this birthday card with things I had at home, no special materials, and it went perfectly with the birthday gift basket.

If you need a special card to give to a friend? this is the card to make. A happy birthday card or just a gift tag will go nice with a homemade gift basket.

It’s nice to receive a beautifully handmade Christmas card.

When your friends open their beautiful greeting card their first reaction will be to put it in front of all the other cards, in full display.

So why not make a handmade greeting card with Christmas tree stickers to go with a homemade Christmas gift basket for your family and friends.

Cards and tags are great attached to homemade gift basket ideas.

A handmade Christmas card made with snowflake stickers. Need a Christmas card?

Here's how to make a personalized greeting card quick and easy. A cool Christmas card idea your friends will cherish. A handmade card with snowflake stickers, a great gift to go with a Christmas basket.  

Need a "Congrats"/"well done card" for a friend? Here's a quick and easy greeting card to make using your computer.

You can make this Card for a wedding congratulations, engagement, or a birthday congratulations, any kind of congratulations that's coming up. 

A congratulations card will go nice with a homemade graduation gift basket.

Looking for a different kind of greeting card? The best and easy handmade card making ideas are here to give to family and friends.

A great way to make your own personalized stationery and add that little some thing special to a greeting card. 

Make your own special card for a birthday, for Mother's Day, or make a greeting card for a special friend or a member of your family just to say, "Hi!". A greeting card made with fabric a flower.

A great gift with a Mother's Day gift basket or gift bag.

How to make a birthday greeting card for a friend. Not good at drawing? Take a look how to make an easy birthday card using your computer.

Making your own greeting cards is not about saving money, it's about making a special personalized 

handmade birthday card for your family or friends special occasion. A handmade birthday card.

Do you have a dried flower and not sure what to do with it? Here's a pressed flower project to make with a dried yellow Calendula flower. A pressed flower makes a beautiful greeting card.

Creating cards from dried and pressed flowers definitely make special greeting cards, and that's a gift in itself. A lot better than any store bought greeting cards you can buy. A flower card made with a Calendula flower.  

Make a card with pressed flowers using Pansies. Want to give a different kind of card for a friend?

Why not create a handmade pressed flower card using three beautifully pressed Pansies.

Make a pressed flower greeting card your friends will love to keep.

Create a birthday greeting card for a friend. Friends birthday coming up and no card?

Here's easy to follow instructions on how to make a birthday card at home. A handmade birthday card for gardening lovers.

Going to a baby shower and don't have a card? Make this one!

With these easy instructions you can't wrong. Make the best handmade baby girl card for a friends baby shower.

Is a friend of yours not feeling to good, at home with the flu or maybe in hospital and needs cheering up? Well, this greeting card is the card to make.

Creating a get well card for your friend, is like medicine, an instant healer, it brings happiness and a big smile. A get well card.

Do You Make Your Own Greeting Card Ideas?

What kind of handmade card ideas do you make? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making greeting cards. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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