A Handmade Baby Gift

Handsewn Quilts, Diaper Bag, Soft Toy Books and More

A Handmade Baby Gift. The best baby gifts to add to a baby shower gift basket. All gifts are handmade, one of a kind present for a baby boy or girl.

I think handmade gifts, especially baby items like some of the ones below not only make the best gifts and great baby keepsake gifts, but are perfect for adding to a baby gift basket.

All moms keep some kind of item from there baby, I know I did, I have a shoe box full.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the handmade items below go to my contact page and let me know. I may have the item for sale on eBay.

Handmade Baby Gifts for Gift Baskets

Handmade Baby Diaper Bag 

Makes a nice baby shower gift for a friend who is having a baby. What mom doesn't like a big diaper bag to put lots of essential things in and more.

This bag can include a changing mat and a baby grow with bib all made from soft flannel fabric. 

This diaper bag would make the perfect baby shower gift for a friend. It can include the items shown or a selection of your own.  

  • Baby bag is made from cotton fabric.
  • Has 2 side pockets and pockets inside.
  • A padded adjustable shoulder strap for comfort.
  • And a appliqued flower on the front flap for added decoration

2 baby jumpsuits made from soft flannel fabric, ties up at the shoulders with matching bib. These are suitable for new born. 


Handmade Soft Toy Books

Make reading time fun with these 3 soft books. Nice bright and colorful pictures. Makes a great handmade baby gift to add to a gift basket for a toddler or baby.

Book 1: The Rainbow Zebra. This book has a fun book mark. A book mark with colors and numbers.

Book 2: The Little Book of Manners.

Book 3: Follow The Star. This book has a little pillow and a wrist strap. 

Handmade Baby Quilts

A handmade baby quilt is the perfect gift for a friends baby shower gift basket or maybe you are expecting yourself and looking for baby items.

There are lots to chose from. If you are interested in purchasing an item or have a question go to my contact page and I will be happy to help.

These quilts are soft and cozy. Can be used in many ways. As a play mat, car blanket, cot quilt, comfort quilt.

Zoo Quilt. Baby quilt made from zoo animal print fabric. Cotton front and flannel fabric on the back. 

Made from soft flannel fabric in shades of pink.

Circus Quilt. A fun baby quilt made from a circus theme fabric panel. 

9 Patch Baby Quilt. This baby quilt is made from 9 patch square blocks joined together with sashing. A mixture of cotton and flannel fabric with farm animal prints. A great summer baby quilt.

A Sample Block Baby Quilt. This fun baby quilt is made up of 6 odd quilt block I had leftover from other projects. 

Drop Diamond Baby Quilt. This quilt pattern looks like falling diamonds joined together. Made from 4 patch blocks and squares from fabric.   

Square Diamond Quilt. This baby quilt looks bright and summery. Made from small squares and pinwheels makes a colorful quilt.

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