How to Wrap a Gift Basket in Cellophane

Gift Basket Wrapping Ideas 

How to wrap a gift basket with cellophane. Made a gift basket but don't know how to wrap it? Basket wrapping ideas with cellophane gift wrap.

A creative gift-wrapping idea for a homemade gift basket that stand out from the rest. A Christmas gift wrapping idea for a basket.

How to Wrap a Gift Basket with Cello Wrap

Things You need:

  1. Your basket with your chosen items nicely placed inside.
  2. Scissors. 
  3. Thin adhesive tape. 
  4. Clear wide adhesive tape (the one used for packing parcels).
  5. A roll of cellophane (make sure you have the right cellophane). 

 How to Measure Cellophane for Your Basket:

The cellophane I used for this gift basket was a Christmas cellophane, which I thought would look different.

Just one of many Christmas gift wrapping ideas.

Place your basket on the cellophane and bring one piece of cellophane up so you have 5 to 10 inches extra, above the handle or the gifts. Then cut the other end of cellophane that's on the roll the same length.

When the two pieces meet at the top they should be the same length.

Method For Wrapping Baskets:

  1. Cut a long piece of thin tape and put it to one side.
  2. Gather all the cellophane in a bunch in one hand, pulling it from the top with the other hand, making it tight around the basket.
  3. If the basket has a handle, make sure this sits on top; if it's without a handle make sure it sits on top of the items in the basket.
  4. Once you have done that, get the long piece of thin tape you cut earlier and wrap the tape around the cellophane you are holding as tight as possible (3 or 4 times). When you have secured it, it should not flop (this might take a while!). If it does flop, start again. 
  5. You will have cellophane sticking out from both sides at the bottom of your basket. Neatly fold this vertically down the basket and underneath
  6. Take your clear wide tape and tape it from the side to the underneath of your basket, so it's not visible.
  7. Cut the excess cellophane at the top. Do not cut too short, leave about 5 to 10 inches. Now your basket is ready for a bow.

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