Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas

Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas. Don't know what to give mom? Here's lots of perfect gifts for mother's day made into special gift baskets. But when is Mother's Day this year?

The best Mother's Day present is a homemade gift basket I know she will love.

I have lots of affordable, easy homemade gifts for Mother's Day that can be made into special gift baskets for the best mom in the world.

Every mom loves the smell of flowers and receiving gifts. Making a gift basket can show her your appreciation for all those things mom does for you throughout the year.

Mom's are wonderful people they keep your world running smoothly and are always there for you.

So make a Mother's Day gift idea into a spectacular gift basket and show mom you care.

A Mother's Day basket idea or flowers are just the gifts to give your special mom on this day.

Especially if you cannot be with her on Mother's Day, let mom know you love her and you are thinking of her with an easy to make homemade Mother's Day gift basket ideas.

The question is, when is Mother's Day this year? Look to the right to find out.

Lots of Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas

If you feel store bought Mother's Day gift basket ideas are a bit on the pricey side and not really what you are looking for, make your own homemade Mother's Day basket. It's easy to do. 

These gift ideas for Mother's Day are not only for Mother's Day but can be for any time of year. Choose a pretty basket , keep in mind the basket can be reused for her toiletries, cosmetics and so on and placed in the bathroom or mom's bedroom. 

Below are some great Mother's Day gift basket ideas that are not too expensive but will make great unique gift basket ideas, just for mom.

A Spa Gift Basket: Mother's Day Gift Basket Ideas

The basket for this gift could be a round basket, like the one on the left. Fill it 3/4 full of scrunched up paper, then on the top, add some scrunched colored tissue paper, then start assembling your gifts.

You could fill this basket with lavender, Rose water or your mom's favorite toiletry products. For example, body wash, bath sponge, body lotion, a hand towel, slippers, fragrant candles and a gift certificate to a day at the spa.

Let mom have a wonderful long relaxing soak in the bath with a spa gift basket by her side. With all these relaxing fragrances she will feel like a new woman.

A Foot Spa Gift Basket Idea

Photo Courtesy of Sirichai Tickatorn

A foot spa gift basket is the ideal gift for busy moms. After a busy day running around after the kids or a busy day at work, what nicer way to end the day than with a soothing foot spa.

You can buy a pretty bowl, (could be a plastic bowl) that will fit two feet in. There are lots of pretty colored ones around.

Line the bowl with a hand towel and fill it with bottles of aromatherapy oils for the feet, foot lotions, scented candles (for a relaxing feeling), a relaxing CD, some nice colored nail polish, nail files, nail clippers..... and in between all these glorious gifts would be a welcome gift certificate for a pedicure. A Mother's Day gift basket ideas.

A Herbal Tea Gift Basket Idea

Photo Courtesy of Tomasz A. Poszwa

The basket for this could be a small basket like in the picture. Fill the basket with tissue paper then arrange your gifts on top.

You could put items like  a small tea pot, a lovely china or glass mug (herbal tea somehow tastes better in a glass mug), a book on herbal teas (which she can read while sipping on some refreshing tea), a few lemons to squeeze into hot water, and honey for sweetening herbal teas. 

Or some delicious cookies or a small box of chocolates wrapped in a beautiful wrapper, so she can indulge herself while sipping on refreshing tea and reading her favorite book. When you have arranged your gifts you can either shrink wrap your basket or wrap it in clear cellophane and tie with a nice colored bow.

A Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Idea

Who doesn't like chocolates? Every mom likes to indulge herself once in a while. A quiet moment to herself with some chocolates. If you want to spend a little extra money, go to a specialist chocolate store.

There, you will find chocolates that are handmade and they melt in your mouth. Trust me, I have had some! You could add anything chocolaty, the choice is yours. You can also add a small bottle of coffee liqueur, or maybe a small bottle of Bailey's?

This basket is not only for Mother's Day; it's for any time of year. Birthdays, thank you, anniversary........

Wrap these unique gift basket ideas for Mother's Day in cellophane or shrink wrap them. Transform an ordinary basket by spray painting the basket with the color you want. Wrap it in cellophane. Tie the cellophane with a big bow and attach a handmade gift tag. "To mom with love."

You can make beautiful personalized Mother's Day gift basket ideas mom will love to receive. Wonderful!

A Mother's Day Gift Bag Idea

Don't want to make a gift basket but you want to give a small gift? How about making this gift bag. 

This pretty gift bag has travel size toiletries inside and some body wash sachets, body lotions, hand lotion, bath sponge, pumice stone and a small bar of soap.

I made this gift bag from a piece of fabric I had left over from another project I did.

I think the fabric looks fresh looking, ideal for a Mother's Day gift bag. I tied it with a pink ribbon and attached a handmade gift tag. A Mother's Day gift idea.

A Mother's Day Gift Idea With Flowers 

Flowers for Mother's Day is the perfect gift. For the more creative people amongst you, you can make a basket with beautiful flowers. like these three below.


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You could choose the less expensive flowers, like Carnations, Chrysanthemums, Daisies or Gerbera and by adding one or two Roses, Lilies or Orchids here and there and some greenery you can create a basket bursting with color and freshness.

You could have different kinds of flowers all the same color or a mixture of colors.

Or to make it even easier, you could buy one or two bunches of flowers from the supermarket and arrange them into a beautiful floral gift basket bursting with color. Like I did with the Rose gift basket on the left.

Speaking of color, why not color your own flowers for Mother's Day?  

To make a floral basket choose a round basket, it's easier to arrange the flowers. Don't forget to line the basket so the flowers can be watered. See what flowers are available in your supermarket. The basket will look beautiful but more affordable and by making your own basket it adds that personal touch.

Some more of moms favorite flowers:

  1.  Freesias
  2.  Irises
  3.  Alstroemeria
  4.  Stock

A Mother's Day Gift Idea That last Forever 

Preserving Flowers; 

Maybe your mom would like to preserve her Mother's Day gift basket ideas of fresh flowers she received, but not sure how to do it.

Pressing flowers and Air Drying Flowers are just two ways you can do this.

A Mother's Day Card and Gift Tag Idea

How about getting the children to make a special handmade card or handmade gift tag to go with your special Mother's Day gift basket ideas and give your mother something she can keep forever.

Make a beautiful Mother's Day card or gift tag with her favorite pressed flowers on the front or, if you have a program on your computer that prints seasonal cards, do that and add a special poem written inside.

This is guaranteed to bring tears of joy to the best mom in the world and will go nicely with Mother's Day gift basket ideas.

If your mother is like me, I have kept all my children's cards they made me over the years. Write the date on the back of the card, because it's nice to look back at the cards in later years.

Whichever way you choose to celebrate Mother's Day or any special time with mom, make your mom A Mother's Day basket and a special card or a beautifully handmade gift tag. she will remember forever.

I know she will love it with all her heart and it will bring tears of joy and happiness. A Mother's Day gift basket.

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Did You Receive a Mother's Day Basket?

Or did you make one for your mom? I would love to hear your stories for making Mother's Day gift baskets.

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A Bit of History About Mother's Day

Mother's Day is centuries old and can be dated back to ancient Greece in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.

In England in the early 1600's the Christians celebrated a day of remembrance to Mary, the mother of Christ.

As the years went by the church later extended this celebration to all mothers and it was called, Mothering Sunday.

When is Mother's Day?

Mothering Sunday falls on the second Sunday of May. So don't forget!!



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