Rose Floral Arrangement

 How to Make Fresh Flower Arrangement Basket

A Rose Floral Arrangement. Learn with these step-by-step instructions below how to make a flower arrangement gift basket. Easy and inexpensive fresh flower arrangement idea you can make yourself for any special occasion. A flower arrangement idea made with beautiful Roses is a classic romantic gift.

I think Roses are flowers that never go out-of-date, whether it's Valentine flowers, Mothers day arrangement or a special birthday flower arrangement, this is the flower to give.

Easy to Make Fresh Flower Arrangement Idea Using Roses.

There are lots of different colored Roses available and they all make a beautiful flower arrangement, excellent for making a floral gift basket as a personalized gift.

I think fresh cut flowers always makes a room look welcoming and especially if the cut flowers are scented, they fill the room with a wonderful perfume.

So, lets get started.  Below are easy to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make the beautiful rose floral arrangement that's above into a personalized gift basket for a family member or a friends special celebration.

How to Make a Rose Floral Arrangement

You can use lots of Roses. Or to make it more affordable, you can use a combination of Roses and other, more cheaper fresh cut flowers.

I bought my Roses from the local supermarket, the ones they sell in bunches, wrapped in cellophane. I bought two bunches of Red Roses and two bunches of greenery with Gypsophila. 

Things You Will Need:

  1. A basket.
  2. Floral Foam. (make sure it's the one you put in water. There are a few different kinds.
  3. Some thick plastic to line your basket.
  4. Thin ribbon or florist wire.
  5. Serrated knife (it's easier to cut floral foam with a Serrated knife)
  6. Flowers.  (Roses of your chose and/or some cheaper flowers)
  7. Foliage.  (for filling in the gaps)

How to Prepare the Basket For a Rose Floral Arrangement:

  1. First, I cut my floral foam with a serrated knife so it fits inside the basket. Slightly taller then the basket. (It does not matter if the floral foam is in pieces because it will not be seen).
  2. I put my floral foam into water and left it for about 30 minutes or so. When the foam is saturated with water it will become heavy and change to a dark green color.
  3. While the foam is soaking, I lined my basket with a white garbage bag. (If you use a round basket, put a plastic or foil plate in the bottom of the basket). I used a small square white basket but you can use a small to medium sized round or oval shaped basket.
  4. Now my floral foam is saturated with water I placed it on top of the plastic in the basket. 
  5. I cut the plastic a little bit below the rim of the basket.
  6. I secured the foam with thin ribbon in a neutral colored, (try not to use brightly colored ribbon because it might show through the flowers). Securing the foam to the basket prevents it from falling out in the event someone tips it over by accident.

How to Prepare and Arrange the Roses:

  1. I placed water into a bucket, about 1/4 full and mixed it with the food that comes in a sachet with the flowers.

  2. I cut the stems of the Roses under water with sharp scissors at an angle (this prevents air getting into the stem and stops the heads from drooping).
  3. I left the Roses and foliage in the water for about 1 hour so they can have a good drink or over night if possible.

  1. I started my flower arrangement idea with a circle of foliage around the rim of the basket. (Cut the foliage into shorter lengths and don't forget to use the Rose stems to).
  2. I cut my Rose stems to about 4 inches long (the shorter the stems the more compact the arrangement will be). I cut 3 Roses slightly taller for the middle of the arrangement. 
  3. I started placing my tallest Roses in the middle of the basket and continued with the shorter ones, always working from one side to the other. (Place one Rose on one side then one on the other side, always turning to check your arrangement). 
  4. I used foliage and Gypsophila and the stems of the Roses I cut, (because they still have leaves on), to fill in the gaps between the flowers. This will make your flower arrangement idea look like it's professionally made, like the basket is bursting with lots of flowers.

Below is the finished flower arrangement idea. It looks good don't you think?

This look is a great gift for Mothers Day, Valentine's Day or a special birthday coming up. 

A romantic gift idea

 I added two accessories I through would look good.

Which Rose floral arrangement idea do you prefer? Let me know below.

Did You Make a Floral Gift Basket....

 ..for a dear friend? Or did you receive a beautiful gift basket? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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