Yellow Asiatic Lily Bulbs

How to Grow Lilies in a Basket

Asiatic Lily bulbs grown in a basket. Not sure how to grow bulbs? Follow these easy instructions on how to plant yellow Asiatic Lily bulbs and make a blooming good floral gift basket for a friend.

Growing bulbs like this makes a spectacular gift basket for a friend's birthday, a thank you basket, get well gift basket, etc.

Flowering bulbs are easy to grow and when they start to bloom they always make a pleasing gift to give and these yellow Lily flowers are no exception.
Vigorous growers, bright yellow and they only grow 16" high, 40 cm, so they are the perfect flower to grow in a basket.  

How to Plant Asiatic Lily Bulbs in a Basket. Gift basket ideas homemade

They look good when six or more bulbs are planted together. It looks like a big bouquet of yellow Lilies.

To make this floral basket I used six patio yellow Lilies (Petite Brigitte) that's two packets. You can also buy different colored Lilies and do a multicolored basket. That would be fun!!

Growing lilies in a container, or in this case a basket, makes the perfect gift. Who wouldn't love these bright and beautiful lilies, or maybe you just want to make this floral basket to put in your own home.

How to Plant Yellow Asiatic Lily Bulbs

A bit of information about the bulbs. These bulbs can stay in the basket if you want more of a display year after year. The mother bulbs will produce small baby bulb-lets as the years pass, therefore producing more Lilies.

They don't like too much water and they don't like hot direct sunlight (in front of a window situations). Dining room or kitchen table away from direct sunlight is best, but anywhere with natural light would be perfect.

So let's get planting. Just follow the instruction below to create this beautiful floral gift basket. 

Things You will Need:

  • A basket big enough to hold all your bulbs in.
  • A thick plastic sheet, to line your basket with. I am using a white garbage bag.
  • A small bag of potting soil, depending on how big your basket is.
  • And your bulbs. I have two packets but you can have as many packets as you'd like.

Method for Planting Asiatic Lily Bulbs:

  1. Line your basket with a white garbage bag.
  2. Fill the basket 1/4 full with potting soil.
  3. Place the bulbs on top of the soil but make sure they are not touching each other. The tips of the bulbs should be just covered. Make sure the bulbs are the right way up; roots at the bottom and the tip at the top, otherwise they will not grow.
  4. Cover the bulbs with more soil. The basket should be full of soil, about 1" inch from the rim of the basket when finished.
  5. Trim the white liner with scissors.
  6. Lastly, give the basket a good watering.

And after about two months they will start to come into bloom and your basket should look like this one on the right.

Tie a pretty bow and a gift card to the handle and you have a beautiful floral gift basket for a friend's birthday, a thank you basket, get well gift basket, etc. 

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