Carnation Flower Arrangement

A Great Floral Gift Basket to Make

A Carnation Flower Arrangement Gift Basket. Want to make your own floral gift basket? Great! Here you can learn with easy instructions how to make a red Carnation and white Chrysanthemum floral gift basket. A great Carnation flower bouquet for any occasion.

Carnation flowers are excellent to add when making your own gift basket. These flowers are not too expensive but always look good, fresh and beautiful for any event.

How to make your own Carnation flower arrangement? well, it's easy to do and will save you lots of money.

You can make a basket with just these flowers or you can add some Daisies, Chrysanthemums and other less expensive flowers to make a colorful gift basket. A Carnation Flower Arrangement.

Pinks and Carnations are very popular flowers, cheaper than a lot of other flowers and therefore used a lot. Making your own floral gift basket for Birthdays, Get Well, Thank You, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, or even a flower basket for a Wedding is sure to brighten anyone's day. 

Carnations come in lots of different colors. They come in sprays of flowers on one stem, these tend to be smaller, or one flower on a stem (these tend to be bigger). 

Most of them have a delicate perfume and make a dazzling fresh looking display as a floral gift basket, on their own or mixed with Baby's Breath and Daisies or other flowers. They make a "blooming good gift!"

How to Make a Carnation Flower Arrangement, floral arrangement. Carnations.Chrysanthemum floral gift basket

Sometimes you can see unusually colored Dianthus; this is because they add food coloring to the water and place the flowers into the water over night.

Carnations are also good for drying. They might change color a little, but once dried they make excellent dried floral arrangements to decorate the home. 

Pinks and Carnations come from the 'Dianthus' family of flowers. The word 'Dianthus' came from the Greeks meaning 'Flower of God'.

There are lots of different ways of making a Carnation flower arrangement gift basket.

For example, see the image just above, it uses one kind of Carnation, Chrysanthemum and foliage but the image on the right, it also uses foliage and two different colored Carnations.

This is one bloom on one stem. As you can see it's a lot bigger.

These are called "Pinks" there are lots of small flowers on one stem. Pretty Pinks.

How to Make a Carnation Gift Basket

When I made the basket below, with Carnation flowers, I started off by  cutting some greenery from a shrub in my garden. I bought one bunch of red Carnations and one bunch of white spray Chrysanthemums from the store.

I cut the Carnation and Chrysanthemum stems approximately six inches, so it would make all the basket compact and even. 

You could make this easy Carnation flower arrangement with any color Carnations or add different types of flowers. Try and make one, it's easy to do!  

Things You Need:

  1. Buy a basket; a small to medium size basket is good.

  2. Use a garbage bag big enough to line your basket. If you can see the plastic through the basket put a thin layer of moss between the plastic and the basket.

  3. Floral Foam; make sure it's the one used for fresh flowers. There are a few different kinds. Choosing the right one.
  4. Flowers.
  5. Floral preservative; it's the sachet you get with a bouquet of flowers.
  6. A bucket to mix the sachet and to put your flowers in. 

Carnation Flower Arrangement 

1. Line the basket with your garbage bag and cut the excess sticking out over the top.

2. Cut your floral foam to fit the inside of your basket, it does not matter if it's more than one piece, this will not be seen.

3. Use a bucket to mix the floral preservative with water, follow instructions on packet, making sure it has dissolved completely.

4. Place your flowers and floral foam into water, when the foam is saturated it becomes heavy and changes to a dark green color.

5. Start the arrangement with foliage around the bottom. Cut the flower stems to about six inches and start inserting the flowers into the foam; I started with the red Carnations first then filled in the spaces with Chrysanthemums.

6. Make sure all your fresh flowers are the same height to add that extra finishing touch.

You can also add a bow to your arrangement. Wrap floral wire around the bow, and insert the wire into the foam. The bow can be in the same color as the flowers or a contrasting color.

I am sure you will enjoy making your own Carnation flower arrangement from fresh flowers for your friends next special occasion.

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