Cellophane Gift Bags

Easy Small Cellophane Bag Ideas

Cellophane Gift Bags. Do you have a small gift to give? Here are some great small cellophane gift bag ideas for birthday, Valentine, Easter and more. Cheap cello gift bag ideas. Use clear cellophane or colored cellophane bags.

When a gift basket is too big and you have a small gift to give, gift bags are the prefect solution.

It's a great way to say thank you to your family, friends or the love of your life.

Cello gift bags can be made into any size and cost next to nothing to make.

Gift bags are ideal for small gifts such as cookies, chocolates, travel-size toiletries, even small jewelry boxes.

Cellophane comes in lots of different colors. Some come with prints, some in solid colors and then you have the clear cellophane. The cellophane I used for making the gift bags below is cellophane for gift baskets.

A Birthday Gift Bag Idea

Make these gift bags for your kids birthday, or even for that extra special birthday party. Just change the cellophane and ribbon for an age-appropriate party.

Birthday cellophane Gift Bag Idea. homemade. handmade. cello gift bags.

For a child's birthday put a piece of birthday cake or a small child-safe toy inside.

For a 50th birthday gift bag, you could put small gifts inside for your guests and if it's a dinner party, place the gift bags at each seat. Tie a pretty ribbon and a name tag to the gift bags.

For this birthday gift bag I filled it with homemade cupcakes. To finish, I tied two different colored ribbons around the top. How to make a cello bag.

A Valentine Gift Bag Idea

These mysterious Valentine gift bags are great for that special romantic gift, such as handmade chocolates, earrings or a ring or other special jewelry. These magical gift bags with a hidden gift inside will keep the magic mysterious.

Two Valentine Cellophane Gift Bags:

You could make a few more gift bags and make a Valentine gift basket. Put a selection of chocolates inside each gift bag, and one of the gift bags could have a ring or jewelry inside. Just an idea!

The Perfect Gift for Your Romeo or Juliet.
  valentine cellophane Gift Bag Idea. homemade. handmade. cello gift bags.

If your gift bag is for a jewelry box, measure the base of the box and add 2 inches to the cellophane and double the size. (base of box + 2 inches x 2 = width of cellophane)

For these two Valentine gift bags follow the instructions below and also cut a piece of red tissue paper, the same width but 2 inches taller than the cellophane and put the tissue paper inside the gift bag. How to make a cello bag.

I decorated these gift bags with ribbon and a ready-made bow.

A Easter Gift Bag Idea

Easter gift bags are ideal for little hands. These cellophane gift bags are a great solution to those little Easter Eggs. They are also a fantastic way to give gifts for Easter Egg hunts. Try filling these cello bags with small crafts or treats and make an Easter gift basket idea.

Two Easter Cellophane Gift Bags:

I made these two Easter cellophane gift bags from cellophane gift wrap for gift baskets.

The first gift bag is made from clear cellophane. I put small chocolate Easter Eggs in and tied with thin lavender and peach ribbon. I also used green and yellow curling ribbon and made it curly.

An Easter cellophane Gift Bag Idea. homemade. handmade. cello gift bags.

The second gift bag is made from printed Easter cellophane. I filled it with shredded light green paper, Easter grass, and on top are small chocolate eggs. It is tied with green, yellow and pink curling ribbon.

After, I tied the ribbon to the gift bag and took a pair of scissors and ran the curling ribbon through my thumb and the scissors. This made it nice and curly. How to make a cello bag.


How to Make A Small Flower Pot Gift Bag Idea

Cellophane gift bags with a small pot, soil and a packet of seeds, herbs or flowers, is the perfect gift to give as a single gift for a Thank you gift basket or part of a Birthday gift basket. If you are making a gift basket, make a few more, with different packets of seeds and tie a gift tag with instructions on how to grow the seeds. This is how you make it:

First you buy the flower pot and saucer. These are cheap to buy from garden centers or big stores in the garden section.

This pot measures 2 3/4 inches (that's measuring across the top of the pot). From this you make the cellophane gift bag.

The gift bag measures 12 inches by 10 1/2 inches (30.5cm by 26.7cm). When made, it measures 6 inches by 10 1/2 inches (15.2cm by 26.7cm) Follow the instruction below on how to make the gift bag.

  1. Cut a piece of cellophane measuring 10 inches square (25.4cm square). Place it into the pot, push it down and fill with soil, so it's level with the top of the pot. Twist the cellophane and tie with ribbon.

  2. Place the saucer and pot (with the small bag of soil) into the gift bag. Put a packet of seeds in between the pot and the cellophane, and tie with ribbon.

  3. At the bottom of the cellophane gift bag you will have cellophane sticking out at both sides.  Just get some scotch tape, fold vertically and tape to the underneath of the gift bag.

cellophane Gift Bag Idea. homemade. handmade. cello gift bags.

This second cellophane gift bag is much the same as the above one but I painted the flower pot, put a packet of flower seeds inside and used curling ribbon to decorate it. How to make a cello bag.

These small flower pots would make a great gift basket. Fill your homemade gift basket ideas with five or six of these. In each one put a different packet of herbs or other kind of seeds. You could also add a small gift tag, describing how to care for the herb or the culinary uses and their benefits to health.



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