How to Air Dry Flowers at Home

Air dry flowers at home. Do you have flowers you want to preserve but not sure how? Preserving a fresh cut flower by air drying is easy to do. Drying and preserving flowers makes great everlasting bouquets.

You can dry most flowers and green leaves, some better than others, of course. Roses, Chrysanthemums and Lavender are just a few. This is just one way of preserving fresh flowers forever.

When this is done successfully, the preserved flowers can be made into wonderful flower arrangements.

You've received a beautiful basket of flowers, your favorite flowers or you just got married and you wish you could keep your bridal bouquet forever. Well, you can!

You can even make Potpourri from fragrant leaves and petals.

Below are some suggestions on what flowers and green leaves you can dry and step-by-step instructions on how to do it. Air dry flowers at home and make your own projects with them.

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Flowers and Leaves That Dry Well

Below are a few flowers that do well when air dried.

Carnation , Chamomile, Cornflower, Delphinium, Fever-few, Gypsophila, Heather, Helichrysum, Jasmine, Larkspur, Marigold, Mimosa, Peony, Poppy seed heads, Rosebuds, Safflower, Sea Lavender, Sedum, Statice, Straw-flowers, Goldenrod, Celosia (crested and plumed types), Queen Anne's lace, Baby's Breath, Millet, Globe Amaranth, Salvia, Chrysanthemum, and Everlasting flowers. All these flowers dry upside down successfully. 

Agapanthus, Grape Hyacinth and Sweet William prefer the upright drying method.

Yarrow, Golden Rod, Achillea and Allium do very well to both upright and upside down air drying.

Roses are good for floral baskets and wedding bouquets. Some roses are scented, some are not. If you're putting them in bouquets or baskets, water them well the night before so they will last the day. They dry very well and keep their color. The meaning of roses.

Chrysanthemums are a very popular flower for any kind of flower arrangement. They are also cheap and last a long time as a cut flower. Great flower for Mother's Day or Father's Day.

Everybody knows about lavender. It can be added to any arrangement and it has a lovely perfume. Flowers are good in Potpourri or floral basket arrangements. Hang some in the car, the warmth in the car will release their scent. Lavender is said to be good for headaches.

Rosemary. We don't think of adding herbs to wedding bouquets and floral gift baskets. Not all herbs can be used, some are too fragile; Rosemary, Tarragon, Camomile and others are excellent to use. They give a nice aroma and can be used afterwards. So, why not?

Hydrangea. They come in blue, pink, white, red, light & dark purple. It depends on the HP (acid) of the soil. There are two kinds:

1. Large round flower heads sometimes called "Mop-Head"

2. "Lace-cap Hydrangea" have round flat flower heads.

Zinnia comes in all different colors, bright and beautiful. The best colors for drying are white, yellow and green.

How to Air Dry Fresh Flowers

Now that you have some idea of the flowers in your wedding bouquet or your flower gift basket are suitable for air drying, you can start to dry your flowers. 

Air drying means tying flowers in bunches and hanging them upside down or putting them in vases without water and leaving them to dry naturally. Air dry flowers.

Air Dry Flowers Method:

  1. Remove most of the leaves from the stems, bottom upwards. Tie the flowers to be dried in small bunches (two or three flowers) to avoid squashing or crushing the flowers and so the air can circulate freely. It is best to secure the stems with rubber bands because as the stems shrink the rubber bands tighten around the stems.
  2. Thread a piece of string or cotton through the rubber bands to create a loop so you can hang the flowers upside down. The ideal place to hang your flowers is a cool dry place, like a closet or pantry. 
  3. If you are drying your flowers upright, leave them in a vase without water, in a cool dry place. 

  4. On average it should take about two to four weeks to dry the flowers; this will depend on where you live and the kind of climate you live in, as well as the water content in the flowers. Check the flowers frequently until you are happy with the results. Ideally, the best results for air drying flowers would be to dry each flower individually.

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What do You do With Your Dried Flowers?

Do you make your own flower arrangement? Do you make potpourri? Or do you make greeting cards with pressed flowers? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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Tip Of The Day

Everlasting flowers (image on the left) also known as Straw-flowers or Statice are the easiest flowers to dry with very good results every time.


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