Baby Shower Gift Basket

Homemade Inexpensive Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby shower gift basket ideas. Want to make a special gift for a friend? Here’s how to put together unique baby shower gifts. Easy and affordable baby gift baskets. Organic baby basket. Baby shower gifts mom and baby will love.

Is someone you know having a baby and you want to give a nice, but different gift?

You want to give something special but you don't want to spend too much money. You ask yourself "What can I give?"  The answer is an inexpensive baby shower gift basket that looks like you spent a lot of money.

Personalize your baby gift baskets by making your own homemade gift basket ideas. This will save you lots of money and you get to put things in that really matter.

As most of you know, when having a baby you can never have too many things. Baby clothes, baby lotions, diapers, baby bottles...... they all get used up so quickly, and are very expensive.

 Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

Things are so expensive for babies nowadays it’s hard to find something affordable as a gift. One item may not look like much, but to buy a few smaller and less expensive gift makes a great baby shower gift basket idea.

Below are just a few great suggestions for a personalized organic baby basket and also affordable baby gift baskets to help you make a wonderful baby shower gift basket idea.

 Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas for Bath Time Fun:

All babies love bath time and splashing around in the water and having a good time.

This gift basket could be a baby bath filled with lots of goodies. Line the baby bath with two baby towels; one towel could be a big baby towel with a hood.

If you know someone who can embroider the baby's name or initials in the corner, this would be great, because it would make the gift more personalized and parents tend to keep those towels for some unknown reason. 

Pink baby grow + bib + changing mat. baby shower gift
baby bath towels with hoods
Blue baby grow + bib + changing mat. baby shower gift

I would go for bath products which are for delicate skin; powders, lotions, baby oils, shampoos, talcum powder, and wash clothes. Nail clippers and a hair brush are also wonderful and some bath-time toys, like squeaky ducks. Always add diapers, baby wipes and a good cream for baby's bottom.

A Moses Gift Basket Idea:

A Baby Moses basket is pretty and is a great idea for a gift basket. This could be filled with things like, baby bedding, small baby blanket, crib sheets, a few packets of sleepers, lots of bibs, and always add diapers (always buy diapers 3 to 4 month older than the baby) and a good cream to put on baby's bottom. Baby lotions, a soft brush to brush baby's hair. Maybe even a soothing baby's bedtime CD.

A Handmade Quilted Baby Blanket 

To make this Moses gift basket I would line the basket with scrunched up paper and cover it with a baby towel.  Place your gifts on top and wrap in colored cellophane and tie with blue, lemon, light green or pink ribbon.

A Diaper Gift Bag Idea:

It is also a good item as a gift and practical, the diaper bag being the gift basket.

Fill it with diapers and cream for baby's bottom, always top of the list! Baby wipes, pacifiers, diaper bags for dirty diapers, one or two sets of baby clothes and some bottles for later use.

Baby Diaper Bag a Great gift

Baby Shower Gift baskets. Gift basket ideas. children. child. handmade gift basket ideas. great gifts.

No need to wrap this in cellophane, just tie a bow around the two handles.

A Baby's Bedding Gift basket Idea:

The basket I would use for this gift could be a dark brown basket, or if you want your basket to be a certain color then go ahead and spray paint the basket.

Line the basket with a small baby blanket and fill it with one set of bed sheets, a mobile to hang over the bed, a baby sleeping bag, a teddy bear, story books or a relaxing baby CD. Cover the gift basket with clear cellophane and tie with a white bow.

A Baby's Toy Gift Basket Idea:

Toys are fun and babies learn through play, so select the toys carefully and make sure they are safe. Add some silicone baby teethers, toys for the stroller, toys for car trips, soft balls, toys for bath time and don't forget a baby book with lots of pictures!

The basket I would use for this gift could be a square gift basket lined with pretty fabric. Wrap it in a colored cellophane that matches the fabric. Pink fabric, pink cellophane; blue fabric, blue cellophane.

These are the best gift baskets baby will love!

 Organic Baby Gift Basket Ideas

What better way to start baby on solid foods than with a baby shower gift basket ideas filled with organic food. Organic things are usually more expensive but if you want to spend a little extra then go for organic, it's a lot better.

Because this basket is for the older baby who is starting to try solid foods, this gift basket could be filled with organic baby food, things like food in jars, organic juices, and organic baby formula. You could also add baby's first plate, bowl, cup, knife, fork and spoon.

The ideal basket for this gift is a natural colored basket. Wrap the gift basket in clear cellophane and tie with a green ribbon. 

Organic baby gift baskets could also include; organic clothes, organic soap, bed sheets, etc.  

Decorate your unique baby gift baskets with colored cellophane like pink cellophane for a girl or blue cellophane for a boy. The ribbon could match the color of the cellophane.

Don't forget your gift tag and baby card. A baby shower gift basket idea. These are the best baby gift baskets ever.

 Newborn Baby Gift Basket Ideas

Newborn babies are so beautiful and cuddly but a lot of work and time consuming so help mom out with a great baby shower gift basket idea.

A Baby's Bottle Gift Basket Idea:

If mom is not breast feeding, make a gift basket with baby bottles, packets of silicone nipples, insulated bottle holder, bottle brushes, baby formula, bibs, pacifiers, and all the accessories to go with the bottles.

The basket I would use for this gift would be a white square basket. Fill it with shredded paper and cover it with colored tissue paper. Arrange your gifts on top and wrap your homemade gift basket with cellophane, then go ahead and tie the top with a pretty bow.  

If you fill a gift basket with baby clothes go for a selection of bigger sizes; this could be one outfit for summer or winter and always add a disposable camera and a scrap book to put all those photos of first time things.

A Family and Baby Photo Gift Basket Idea:

We all like baby photos whether to put into photo albums or to frame the best photo for all to see; this would be the best baby gift basket to give.

For this gift basket I would use a round neutral colored basket. Line the basket with fabric or shredded paper; if using shredded paper, cover that with tissue paper.

The gifts to place on top could be a gift certificate for a family or baby photo and one medium-sized frame for that special picture. Add a disposable camera and a baby photo album for all those precious moments to come.

Wrap the gift basket in a different colored cellophane for a different look. A unique personalized baby gift. 

A Gift Basket for Mom

Don’t forget mom!  She needs a gift too. Make a special gift basket with some of her favorite things. I am sure she likes body wash or bubble bath, body lotions, a selection of chocolates, a gift certificate to a spa; if mom can find a babysitter.

Put a gift card inside the gift basket to a good restaurant or the grocery store.

Make sure mom is eating well or make an extra pot of chicken stew!  Line the basket with a tea towel and put the chicken stew into the gift basket.

A baby shower gift basket idea made into the best new baby gifts; a cheap baby gift basket or any kind of baby gift basket. There's always a gift to give someone.

So to give moms-to-be a unique personalized baby gift basket filled with some of these great ideas below will be a cherished gift.

Did You Make Your Own Gift Basket?

For a friend? Or did you receive a beautiful basket? 
I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets.
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