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Gift Basket Ideas for Grieving Families

Bereavement Gift Basket Ideas. Not sure what gift to give? Words are not the only way to convey your condolences. I have the perfect way to express your sympathy. Homemade sympathy gift basket ideas.

It’s not always easy to say the right thing at the right time, but words of sympathy are not the only way to convey your condolences.

Making your own condolence gift basket and adding a sympathy card or gift tag with a verse or even a beautiful poem inside shows the grieving family you are thinking of them at this sad time in their life.

I have lots of ideas below on what to put inside your bereavement gift basket.

We have all lost someone precious to us some time in our lives, and understanding how someone feels at this time can be hard.

Whether they have passed away suddenly or have been ill for some time, it’s still a big shock to all.

There are different types of grieving. Grieving for parents is not the same as grieving for a child, husband or a friend that has passed away.


A Bereavement Gift Basket Idea for the Loss of a Dear Friend

Coping with grief affects people in different ways. Some show their grief and some keep it locked inside; some like to talk about it and some act as if it never happened. They need family and friends around for comfort and support.

I can help you with some ideas below. How to make a personalized sympathy gift and turn it into a wonderful bereavement gift basket.  These ideas for gift basket are sure to bring a little happiness and a smile into their lives.  

 Sympathy Gift Basket Ideas

Tea and Sympathy Gift Basket Idea:

There are so many sympathy gifts you could give to the family who has lost someone dear to them. You could try a cookie and tea gift basket. This would be a great bereavement gift to give as they can relax while drinking their tea and eating the delicious cookies, for a quiet moment by themselves.

You can fill the basket with a selection of luxury cookies, a selection of teas, which can be ordinary tea or herbal tea. A pretty mug or cup and saucer (could be engraved with 'In loving memory of....'), some napkins, and at the side a small bunch of their favorite flowers tied with matching colored ribbon.

Line the basket with pretty fabric and cover the entire thing with cellophane and finish it off with a beautiful bow. Don't forget to include a sympathy card or gift tag, with a few kind words!

Wine and Cheese Gift Basket Idea:

Another example of a bereavement gift could be a wine and cheese gift basket. What better way to spend an evening with a friend and talk about old times and how it used to be; talking about things makes people feel better, gets things off their chest, so to speak. There are so many wines to choose from, it's mind boggling.

To play it safe, choose a wine that you enjoy drinking. You could give two or three smaller bottles of different wines. Add a cork screw, a couple wine glasses, a good selection of cheese and crackers, and don't forget the cheese knife, and a small cheese board as well as some napkins.

To finish off the gift basket, choose a nice bunch of grapes or apples, as grapes, apples, cheese, crackers and wine all go together nicely. Don't forget to include a message of sympathy.

Coffee Gift Basket Idea:

A coffee gift basket is the ideal gift, it will make their mornings a little more bearable for the grieving person or family. 

The basket I recommend for this is an oblong basket, dark brown in color. You can fill it with things like coffee cookies, different flavor coffee beans or a jar of instant coffee, brown sugar, maybe a small coffee grinder if they do not have one, a nice coffee mug or cup (could be engraved with 'In loving memory of....') and to add a warmness to this basket, a small bottle of Bailey's Cream to add to the coffee after a meal.

Cover this basket in clear cellophane or shrink wrap. Don't forget to include a message of condolence; this can be a card or a gift tag. A great bereavement gift to give.

Weekend Getaway Gift Basket Idea:

Some people, when grieving. like to get away from it all for a few days, so they can collect all their thoughts together. There's nothing wrong with that.

The bereavement gift for this occasion is ideal for a man or woman. 

This could be a week or two later, when things have settled down. You, as a friend, could book a few days away from it all, especially if their husband or wife passed away and they are on their own. Maybe you could go with them? Somewhere tranquil, by the sea or in the country side. Take them for a hike in the mountains or hills, depending on where you live.

The basket I would choose for this gift would be some kind of travel bag, filled with maps and books on the trip destination you have chosen. Include some toiletries, maybe plane tickets if it applies? Add some snack bars, a disposable camera.....

Some people need a break from it all; it does not mean they forget, it only makes it bearable without their loved one.

Cover this bereavement gift basket in clear cellophane or shrink wrap and tie with some cheerful ribbon.

A bereavement gift basket can speak louder than words.

 Floral Gift Basket Idea

If you are making your own flowers for a funeral, keep these flowers simple and use calming and peaceful colors.

If you are on a budget, as we all are, buy two bunches of flowers from your local supermarket and make them into a charming gift basket, or use the cheaper flowers, mixed with two or three expensive flowers, together with foliage and Gypsophila (baby's breath) to make beautiful and heart warming funeral flowers.

If it's spring or summer when flowers are abundant in your own garden, why not use what's in your garden.

Making your own homemade gift basket ideas will not only make this a charming and personal gift but will make it more affordable for you and more heartfelt.

Bereavement Gift Basket Made with Flowers:

Photo Courtesy of Cynthia Berridge

A floral basket for a man could be different flowers of one color or mixed with blue, white, soft green, lavender, or yellow. Flowers such as Larkspur, Roses, Gerberas, Green Bupleurum, Carnations, Asters, Hydrangeas, Lilies, Baby's Breath, Spray Chrysanthemums....

If it's a floral basket for a lady you could use feminine colors such as white, crème, pink, lavender, like Alstroemeria, Roses, Variegated Pittosporum, Gerberas, Lilies, Carnations, Irises, Cushion Spray Chrysanthemums, and some kind of Foliage as mentioned above.

The kind of basket I would use for this bereavement gift would have to be a round basket with or without a handle, it doesn't really matter. Don't forget to line your basket first.

Give a wonderful bereavement basket bursting with beautiful flowers and making a condolence gift basket yourself will add that special personal touch.

Don't forget to write a few words of comfort in your Sympathy card or gift tag to go with your homemade bereavement gift.

Ideas for Personalized Sympathy Gifts

Photo Courtesy of Bert van 't Hul

Lots of people like keepsakes. Personalized sympathy gifts can be in the form of an ornament, or a gift with kind words engraved onto it. 

A bereavement gift can be a small shrub, like a special kind of Rose tree or shrub which can be planted in the garden for the family to care for and admire for years to come.

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