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 Inexpensive & Creative Wedding Gift Basket Ideas.

Best wedding gifts made into inexpensive gift baskets. You need a gift but not sure what to give? I have some great wedding gift suggestions to make into a unique wedding gift basket idea. Creative wedding gift basket ideas the bride and groom will love. A wedding gift basket idea.

If you are stuck for unique wedding gift ideas, gift baskets are the answer. Versatile and practical, they can be filled with anything you like.

Here's lots of easy wedding gift basket ideas you can make. Creative wedding gift baskets for the bride and groom.

Add your own unique touch to these fantastic gift basket ideas and make the best wedding gifts stand out from the rest.

Below are lots of ideas for wedding gift baskets you can make into the best wedding gifts ever.

 Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

A Wedding Champagne Gift Basket Idea

A Wedding Gift Basket Wrapped in Sheer Fabric. gift basket ideas. handmade.

I made the basket on the right with a small bottle of champagne and two champagne glasses. It has a round basket with a handle and is lined with scrunched up paper. On top I covered it with a piece of silk fabric, the same fabric that I used to wrap the basket.

Place the gifts on top. Then wrap the basket with sheer fabric and tie it with a blue bow. The basket to use can be any shape, but it must be big enough to place a champagne bottle and two wine glasses nicely inside to make a unique wedding gift idea.

I know you might think champagne is a bit on the expensive side but it's not every day your friend gets married.

A Wedding Gourmet Gift Basket Idea

This is sure to make their mouths water, a square basket filled with gourmet items. Line the basket with scrunched up paper and cover it with white tissue paper. Place these mouth-watering gifts on top; cheeses, crackers, hams, coffee, jar of olives, tins of lobster or crab paté, or smoked salmon, truffles, chocolates and a good bottle of champagne or wine is sure to make their wedding day complete. Wrap the wedding basket in cellophane and tie with a big bow!

A Wedding Breakfast Gift Basket Idea

Their first morning together as a married couple. What nicer way to start their day than with a wedding breakfast gift basket. A gift basket bursting with a selection of jams, honey, cheeses, a variety of coffees (ground or instant), herbal teas, a tin of salmon, crab or tuna, and a packet of pancake mix and maple syrup. Best wedding gifts.

A Wedding Hamper Idea

A Wedding Hamper is the ideal gift to give. Hampers tend to be bigger than ordinary gift baskets so this gift would be perfect from a few friends of the bride and groom, such as a work place or a group of friends.

The basket that I would use for this would either be a picnic basket or a big strong basket with a handle, because these items will make the basket heavy and it's easier to carry with a handle.

First, fill the basket half way up with scrunched up paper, then line your basket or hamper with silk or a luxurious fabric; have a selection of pantry items. For example, tinned food, dried pasta, rice, coffee, teas, oils, spices, savory foods, relishes or pickles. Anything that is not perishable could be added to a hamper to make it a unique wedding gift idea.  

Arrange your gifts, so they fit snug, in between the fabric. If you are using a basket, you could wrap it in cellophane but if you are using a hamper, there is no need because these come with a lid; just tie a beautiful big white bow around your unique wedding gift basket idea. Don't forget your handmade wedding card or gift tag to go with your unique gift basket ideas.

Unique Wedding Gift Basket Ideas

These few unique wedding gift ideas below are just what every household needs. Take a look!

Best Wedding Gifts for the House Idea

A lot of couples live together before they get married nowadays. They have a lot of things already, but you can never have too many towels, cutlery, kitchen utensils, cleaning products, bathroom items, laundry detergents, fabric softeners, air fresheners or candles. 

The basket or container will depend greatly on the items you use, but to give you some great ideas you can use:

  • Garbage can for the kitchen with cleaning products inside.
  • Plastic bowl with tea towels, dish cloths, table cloths, cutlery, and kitchen utensils.

  • A mixing bowl for the person who loves baking! Fill the bowl with different cake mixes, paper cupcake shells, a small recipe book, and tea towels.
  • A pretty garbage can for the bathroom. In the middle of the garbage can place a bottle of wine and surround it with his and her small bath towels, air fresheners, soaps, bath salts and small bathroom accessories.

A Wicker Laundry Basket Idea

This is another must wedding gift; we all do the nasty laundry. Why not help by filling a laundry basket with different size towels or bed linen sets, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, a book about 'tips on cleaning stains from clothes', anything you like. Wrap the laundry basket in cellophane or shrink wrap it.

A Romantic Night Out Gift Basket Idea

When the wedding day is over and things have come to normality, what a nice treat it would be for the newlyweds to go out for a romantic night together. 

The best wedding gifts for this occasion would be a white round gift basket filled with a bottle of wine and two wine glasses; this is to start the evening off and set a romantic mood. Add in good quality chocolates, a gift card to a good restaurant, or an envelope with some money in; this is for a taxi to and from the restaurant so they don't drink and drive.

If the newlyweds are more into movies or plays, change the gift card.

Line the basket with a beautiful silk fabric. Wrap the basket in fabric and tie with a big bow.

Don't forget your wedding card or gift tag to go with best wedding gifts ever.

I'm sure I have given you lots of great suggestions for a unique wedding gift basket. These are all affordable and practical solutions, yet great gifts to receive. So go and make the best wedding gifts into unique gift basket ideas. Have fun!

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For wedding gift baskets? Maybe you made one as a gift for your friend? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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