Cellophane for Gift Baskets

Colored Cellophane Basket Wrapping Ideas

Cellophane for Gift Baskets. Don't keep using the same old clear cello. Why not jazz up your homemade gift baskets by using colored cellophane for wrapping gift baskets.

Make homemade gift basket wrapping fun with colored cellophanes.

Discover new and creative ideas for wrapping your homemade gift basket ideas with different kinds of cellophane.

It's the last step and the most important one in creating your one of a kind gift basket for your family or friends.

Choose colored cellophane for gift baskets and make beautiful gifts they will remember forever.


When making your own gift basket be imaginative don't just use clear cellophane because it's easier; shop around and you will be surprised at what is available for creative gift wrapping your gift baskets. 

It's nice to make them unique and different from the store bought gift baskets. When I look at the gift baskets in stores they are all wrapped in clear cellophane and they don't look very exciting.   

There are so many different cellophane for gift baskets it's mind boggling what you can do!

Whether it's clear or colored, it can be fun and exciting. Creating your own basket adds a professional touch and feel to your finished product.

When you finish your basket you can see it all come together. Stand back and be proud of your creation!

 Three Types of Cellophane for Gift Baskets

Colored Cellophane for Gift Baskets

1. Cellophane on a Roll

Cellophane sheets comes on a roll and in a variety of colors. Solid colors, with prints and also clear transparent cellophane, which most commercial gift baskets are wrapped in.

This cellophane has 'Happy Birthday' all over with big and small stars all over. 

This a good one to use for birthday gift basket ideas.

It can be used for a young person or even an older person.  

Great for making simple birthday gift bags for children's birthdays.

This cellophane is good for Easter gift basket ideas; it has small Easter eggs prints on it. 

It's also good for making Easter gift bags for those small eggs.

Wedding Cellophane

This cellophane has wedding bells printed on it. It's nice to wrap a wedding basket or an anniversary gift basket with this one.

Who wouldn't love a Valentine's gift basket wrapped in this cellophane with red hearts printed on it.

This cellophane has Santa's face printed on it. It brings a festive feel to a Christmas gift basket

This cellophane is red and ideal for Valentine gift basket ideas.

Why not make some Valentine gift bags for your sweet heart.

The color of this cellophane is pink and it would be great to make a fun gift basket with this one!

It's a fun color and very girly, perfect for a teenager or a little girls gift basket.

There are lots more cellophanes available in stores, just keep looking for something different to jazz up your fantastic homemade gift baskets. Cellophane wrap for baskets.

2. Ready Made Cellophane Gift Bags for Gift Baskets

Cellophane gift bags are great if you don't want to mess around with rolls of cellophane.

Ready-made cellophane gift bags

These are quick and easy to use and there's no waste. Cellophane gift bags come in packets of one or two, sizes vary from small, medium or large.

They come with printed patterns or clear cellophane.

Just measure the height and base of your basket.

3. Cellophane Shrink Wrap

Cellophane shrink wrap is transparent and comes on a roll. It looks a bit like ordinary clear cellophane but it's thicker than the ordinary cellophane sheets for gift baskets.

Shrink wrapping gift baskets is ideal for keeping your gifts in place.

When choosing colored cellophane, choose one that compliments the occasion.

For example, if you are making an Easter gift basket use a cellophane with Easter prints, or if you are making a wedding gift basket use a cellophane with a wedding print on it.

This makes your homemade gift basket ideas stand out from the rest. So try and use different cellophane wrap for baskets to create wonderful gift baskets.

Cellophane for gift baskets for your creative gift wrapping ideas.

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