Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets

Easy Homemade Birthday Gift Baskets

Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets. Are you looking for a birthday present for your friend? Then take a look at these easy to make and within your budget ideas for homemade birthday gift baskets.

I have ideas for wine gift baskets to gardening, painting, knitting........and lots more easy basket ideas to put together. So take a look! There's a gift basket idea just waiting to be made by you.

Here's how to make the best birthday ideas and turn them into unforgettable Birthday gifts for your family and friends, is just a moment away.

Birthday presents can be made into gorgeous but cheap birthday gift baskets. Baskets can be filled with lots of delicious goodies, fancy things or favorite things.

The basket and gifts can be small or big, fancy or plain, expensive or cheap, depending on your budget, but how you wrap your basket will make all the difference. 

Below are some of the best ideas around for making your own cheap birthday gift baskets (and some a bit more expensive basket) into awesome gifts.

Ideas for the 
Best Birthday Gift Baskets

A Champagne Gift Basket Idea

How to make a champagne gift basket and celebrate your friend's birthday in style. Fill it with a bottle of champagne, and a champagne glass with some special words engraved on the glass. Maybe add caviar and crackers or chocolates and strawberries (strawberries dipped in chocolate).

A Personalized Wine Gift Basket Idea

Add a bottle of their favorite wine or a bottle of wine from the same year they were born with a message saying something like, “Congratulations on your special birthday”. Two beautiful crystal wine glasses could have something engraved on them also. Maybe a gift certificate to a special restaurant?

 Wine Tasting Gift Basket Ideas

Does your friend like wine? How to make a wine gift basket for your friend. Use three bottles of wine, or four or five half sized bottles of wine.

If you and your friend have wine evenings together it’s easy to know what wines your friend will like, or try introducing different wines.

A cork screw and one or two delicately engraved wine glasses would go perfectly.

Photo Courtesy of Carlos Paes

A Wine Making Gift Basket Idea

Does your friend like to make their own wine? How to make a wine making kit gift basket. Instead of wrapping the box the wine making kit comes in, place the items in the basket. You could print some wine labels with "happy  birthday" or you could have them specially printed from the store.

The best shaped basket for the above gifts would be oval, because it's easier to fit the bottle or bottles in and the rest of the gifts around them. Line your basket with pretty fabric to make it more luxurious.

Don't forget a special congratulations birthday card.

Creative Birthday Gift Basket Ideas 

Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets; A Gardening Gift Basket Idea.

We all talk about how organic food is better for us. Maybe your friend likes gardening, so why not cultivate their ideas even more with a gardening gift basket.

Fill it with an assortment of packets of seeds for vegetables, herbs or flowers. Add a few hand tools, a book on gardening or DVD, gardening gloves, hand lotion to keep their hands soft, small seed starter kits.....just a few ideas to get you thinking.

Don't forget your birthday card.

A Painting or Sketching Gift Basket Idea

50th Birthday Ideas. A lot of men and women start new hobbiesaround the age of 50 as some begin to have more spare time on their hands. Painting or sketching can be a great relaxing hobby to start. 

Why not start them off with a great gift basket filled with brushes, tubes of paints, crayons, pencils, paper, an apron so they stay clean, maybe a book or DVD on how to start painting or sketching.

Add in a gift certificate from a craft store, so they can buy more supplies as they need them. Also, include information on courses available in their area.

Go to craft stores, especially when they have 50% sales or get coupons online and get lots of items and ideas to fill the basket.

The basket to use for this idea could be a medium sized storage basket with a lid, it could be spray painted on the outside all different colors to add a splash of color and make it a unique gift basket.

Line the basket with plastic to catch all the spills of paint from the tubes. Covered with cellophane or shrink wrap and tie with two or three different colored ribbons and don't forget a 50th birthday card and gift tag to go with your beautifully decorated homemade gift basket. 50th Birthday Ideas.

Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets; A Knitting/Crocheting Gift Basket Idea

A popular pastime for the ladies (and some men) is knitting or crocheting. A Knitting/Crocheting gift basket or bag would be the perfect gift for these people. 

How to Make a Knitting Gift Basket. Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets The Best Homemade Birthday Presents. knitting bag. wool.
How to Make a Knitting Gift Basket. Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets The Best Homemade Birthday Presents. knitting bag. wool.

For this gift basket, I started off with 4 knitting books and I picked a pattern from one of the books and filled it with balls of wool for that pattern.

I used shredded paper as a filler and covered the shredded paper with colored tissue paper.

Lining the basket with fabric or other pretty filler will make the basket look even nicer.

This second knitting bag is filled with balls of wool. If they love knitting sweaters, hats or mittens for their grandchildren and friends. They are sure to like is birthday gift knitting bag.

Handmade Knitting bag

A Sports Gift Basket Idea  

We are told doing exercise is good for us, which it is. Maybe your friend has started jogging, walking or has joined a fitness club. A sports gift basket would be the perfect gift.

Have it filled with small sports items like an iPod and headphones for their music, or some toiletries for a shower after their workout.

Add healthy snacks to keep their energy levels up, a water bottle, or even a towel and anything else you can think of that they might enjoy. 

A 50th Birthday Calender Gift Basket Idea

Wouldn't it be nice to have a calendar or a book of photos of the good times. If it's a calendar, every month could have a photo of a special event with a few special words.

If it's a book you are thinking of doing, you and a group of friends could get together and find photos of special past events and make a small book.

Each person could write a few words or a poem on each page. The title could be 'The Past ? Years'

Another idea would be place mats and coasters. Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets

This cheap birthday gift basket idea could be lined with shredded newspaper and wrapped in clear cellophane with a gold or sliver bow.

Great Holiday Gift Basket Ideas

A Holiday Gift Basket Idea

Cheap birthday gift baskets. Lots of Ideas. Is your friend celebrating their birthday with a holiday?

It would be very nice to give a holiday gift basket filled with holiday items, things like sun tan lotion, a pretty beach towel, jazzy flip-flops, fun sun hat, maybe a good book to read if they like reading, a puzzle book, moisturizing lotion, lip balm, water bottle, a disposable camera, small sized toiletries.....

Photo Courtesy of Stella Levi

If this gift basket is going to be a birthday gift for a man, adjust the items for a male gift basket.

The container for this could be a beach bag. Stuff the bottom of the bag 3/4 full with newspaper, with tissue paper on top. You could tie the handles with a big bow. Cheap birthday gift baskets.

Birthday Cake Gift Ideas

Cheap Birthday Gift Baskets. Birthday Cake Basket Idea.

If you really want to make it simple, buy or bake a birthday cake or cup cakes, decorate with white icing, add a birthday message, put a few candles in the basket, napkins, paper plates, forks, streamers and a disposable camera to capture the moment when the cake is cut.

Decorate the basket with colorful ribbons, tassels and/or attach one or two birthday balloons to the basket.

If you tie a lot of balloons, the basket could lift off the ground. You have a unique birthday basket they will remember.

The basket for this gift could be round and easy to put a round cake in or cupcakes. Line it with colored shredded tissue paper and wrap it with colored cellophane. Cheap birthday gift baskets.

Birthday Gift Basket Ideas

Gourmet Gift Basket 

These gift baskets can all have delicious goodies inside.

Good cheese and crackers, good quality cookies, patés, caviar, crackers, olives, cheeses etc. These would all be lovely gifts.

Luxury Chocolate Gift Basket 

Everyone loves chocolate. This basket could have truffles, silky smooth chocolate, creamy chocolate, chocolates filled with liquor, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate cookies, nuts or dried fruit covered in chocolate, anything with chocolate.

Don't forget your amazing birthday card.

Cover these baskets with cellophane. Try a different colored cellophane instead of the ordinary clear. Tie a big bow and don't forget your gift tag or birthday card with your 50th birthday ideas.

Floral Birthday Gift Basket Idea   

Ladies love flowers; lots of RosesCarnations, the more the better. This is a special occasion so don't make it so cheap of a birthday gift basket. Bursting with these flowers or any kind of beautiful flowers. 

If you have never made a basket of flowers for a birthday before keep the shape of the basket simple, like a round basket; it's much easier to make.

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Did You Receive a Fabulous Gift Basket?

For your birthday? or did you make a beautiful birthday gift basket for your friend's birthday? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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