Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Easy DIY Homemade Easter Baskets

Easter Gift Basket Ideas. Need a gift for Easter? Then take a look at all these Easter gift basket ideas. Make your own Easter baskets and fill them with Easter eggs, chocolate and all Easter goodies for family and friends to enjoy. Unique Easter gift baskets everyone will enjoy. Easter gift baskets for kids.

Here are easy to make ideas for homemade Easter baskets. Make Easter gift baskets and enjoy the celebrations together.

Easter tells you summer is just around the corner, the smell of spring flowers fills the air and lifts our spirits.

Give your family and friends a beautiful basket of Easter flowers or a delicious gift basket of their favorite Easter goodies and fill their home with the fragrance of spring flowers and scrumptious food with Easter gift baskets.

Below are some great Easter gift basket ideas for you to say "Happy Easter!" to everyone. Fill your baskets with lots of Easter goodies and flowers.

But, when is Easter?

 Children's Easter Basket Ideas

Children love to receive gifts any time of year. Take this opportunity to make some great homemade Easter gift baskets and turn them into Easter baskets for the children.

Below are some easy to make and inexpensive Easter gift Ideas.

Egg Painting Gift Basket Idea

The first idea is an egg painting gift basket. Buy a basket with a handle, line it with green, yellow or orange shredded paper. Fill it with Styrofoam or plastic eggs, washable paints (of course), paint brushes, small sponges, maybe some things to glue onto the eggs to make them Easter-like. The kids will have so much fun with these homemade Easter baskets.

Photo Courtesy of Geri-Jean Blanchard

Bunny and Chicks Gift Basket Idea

A Quick and Easy Easter Gift Basket. Easter Gift Basket Ideas. Best Homemade Easter Baskets to Make.

This second idea is a Bunny and Chicks gift basket. For this Easter basket I used a small yellow basket with a long handle. You can buy or paint your basket yellow. Line it with green shredded paper, and fill it with small Easter eggs and add a small Easter bunny.

To wrap the basket I bought a ready-made cellophane gift basket bag with small printed flowers. I placed the basket in the bag and tied it with a yellow bow. Easy Easter gift basket ideas.

Painted Egg Gift Basket Idea

The third basket is a painted egg gift basket, because children love to get messy!

Buy a natural colored basket and line it with plastic moss. Fill it with, water paints, Styrofoam eggs, and paint brushes.

Visit a craft store for your supplies. 

Photo Courtesy of Linnell Esler

If you don't want to do that, fill the basket with eggs that are all ready painted. Use a basket with a handle and decorate the handle with yellow, green, light blue or pink ribbon.

This quick, easy and cheap basket not only makes a great gift but, also makes a beautiful Easter centerpiece for any table. No need to wrap this Easter basket in cellophane, just decorate the handles as mentioned above.

 Easter Cupcakes Gift Basket Idea

The fourth idea is easy and delicious Easter cupcakes. What better gift to give than a basket filled with home baked goodies?  

Get the children to help you bake some delicious cupcakes, kids love baking and making a mess. Ice the cupcakes with yellow, green or pink icing and put a little chick on top of each.

I would use a big round shallow basket. Line it with a mixture of different colored shredded plastic, 'Easter grass', and place one Easter bunny in the middle and your cupcakes all round until it's over flowing with delicious cupcakes.

Wrap your wonderful Easter basket with colored cellophane and a nice spring colored bow

The Easter gift basket ideas above are fun and easy for children to make.

An Easter Gift Idea Made into Gift Bags

Easter Gift Bag Idea. Easter Gift Basket Children Will Love. Easter Gift Basket Ideas. Best Homemade Easter Baskets. Easter gift bag. Easter chocolate.

The last idea I have is Easter gift bags for kids. These are great when even the smallest basket is too big. Easter gift bags are ideal for Easter egg hunts and small Easter treats for children.

Easter gift bags are easy and very inexpensive to make. Made from gift basket cellophane these can be filled with cup cakes or small chocolate eggs, small crafts, or even Easter candy.

The beauty of these gift bags is that the kids can see what's inside these little gift bags filled with treats and great gifts. Unique Easter gift ideas.

Great Easter Gift Basket Ideas

Easter is a time of being together around the dinner table and having a good time and delicious food. So why not bring homemade Easter gift ideas made into gift baskets filled with cookies, cakes or fruit.

Below are some easy to make Easter baskets for the grown ups.

Flower Easter Gift Basket Ideas

A cheerful Easter basket is a basket filled with yellow, pink, red, and/or orange flowers. They can be cut or potted flowers arranged in a basket with or without a handle.

The size of the basket will depend on how many flowers you are using (I would stick to a medium sized basket). Line with plastic so you can water the flowers or plants. 

Photo Courtesy of Daniela Martina

You can also make a basket with spring flowers from bulbs for plants like Daffodils, Tulips, and/or Narcissus. This basket has to be made in advance, like October or November.

If using potted flowers, fill the space around the pots with moss. If you are using a basket without a handle, twist some wire to your bow and insert into a pot. You can even wrap the basket with cellophane or some kind of net fabric (shown in the picture) and tie a beautiful bow around the basket.

If the basket has a handle, tie some ribbon to the handle.

An Easter Lily Basket Idea

Easter Lilies are beautiful and all you need is one Lily in a pot. You could place the pot in a natural colored basket and wrap the basket in two different colored cellophane, one being taller than the other and tie with a white bow or decorative rope/string. This will be the perfect Easter gift idea to give at Easter time.

An Easter Spa Gift Basket Idea

After all that Easter cooking over the Easter holidays, let them relax and brush away the cobwebs and refresh themselves with a spa gift basket for Easter!

Try and select their favorite fragrance of bubble bath, body wash, soaps, body lotions, towel and a well-earned gift card for a day at the spa.

The basket to use for this gift could be a dark brown rectangular basket. Fill it 3/4 full with scrunched up paper and on top cover it with lavender colored tissue paper and then place her favorite toiletries inside. 

Surround it all with a little potpourri and this will add that wonderful scent as she opens the gift basket. Instead of cellophane, try shrink wrapping the basket.

An Easter Fruit Gift Basket Idea

A refreshing fruit gift basket will cleanse the pallet after a delicious Easter feast. Put in a good selection of fruits that are available at that time of the year. Choose fruits that are a little under ripe as they will last longer. Don't forget dried fruits! A fruit gift basket is welcome at any table.

Other easy and delicious Easter gift basket ideas would be home-baked cakes, such as Easter Bundt cake. Everyone loves the taste and smell of home cooking and a perfect gift basket filled with a variety of baked goods is the best gift to give. This basket will make everyone hungry.   

The baskets I would use for the Easter gift basket ideas above could be white, yellow or green colored baskets; if you can't find the right color try spray painting your basket to the color you want. The size of basket will depend on your gifts, but I would go for an average sized basket. 

Remember your Easter card or gift tag to go with your Easter Gift Ideas. HAVE FUN!

When is Easter?

Easter is the first Sunday following the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

Vernal Equinox is when day and night are the same length. From that you look up when the next full moon is, you can find this information on most calendars.

Ash Wednesday gets its name from placing ashes on the foreheads of religious people as a sign of repentance. The ashes used are gathered from the Palm Crosses from the previous year's Palm Sunday. The ashes are mixed with the Oil of the Catechumens (one of the sacred oils used to anoint those about to be baptized).

Shrove Tuesday, is a term used in many countries for the day following Ash Wednesday, the first day of fasting and prayer called Lent. Fasting at Easter time is giving up something you like.

Long ago, in many different countries it was celebrated with eating rich foods made with eggs, sugar and butter. It is known today as Pancake Day because these foods were limited during fasting.

If this is incorrect or you would like to add your own comments to 'When is Easter' feel free to leave me a comment. Thanks! 

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