Fabric Gift Bags

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Fabric Gift Bags. Have a small gift to give? Here's lots of ideas for wedding gift bags filled with rice, confetti for your guests. A thank you gift bag for a friend and more. Handmade gift bag ideas!

Make gift bags to put inside your beautifully handmade gift baskets, or for presenting to your guests, as individual gifts at your wedding or at your party as a way of saying thank you.

Handmade gift bags, also known as 'sheer organza bags' are ideal when gift baskets are a bit too big. These gift bags are very easy to put together and cost next to nothing to make.

Fabric Gift Bags. Handmade Gift Bag Ideas. fav bags. organza gift bags.

Handmade favor bags are great for small gifts such as cookies, chocolates, travel size toiletries, cosmetics, etc.

Some of the gift bag ideas below are made from sheer fabric which is thin, see-through fabric, fantastic for making gift bags, because it's flexible and looks expensive, but it's not.

You can jazz up your gift bags by using different colored sheer fabrics or sewing ribbon and other things to your gift bags.

Wedding Gift Bag Ideas

Are you getting married? Why not make some easy-to-make gift bags made from fabric. Fill your gift bag with confetti, rice or dried flower petals for your guests to shower you and your husband, as you both leave the church or reception.

Wedding gift bag ideas

For the first gift bag, I made from white sheer fabric and I have sewn a green lace ribbon down the front before I made the gift bag and tied it with a matching bow.

The pink one I made the same way but it has a red ribbon going through the top.

These two fabric gift bags are both filled with rice 

This gift bag is a simple bag. I made it from a square piece of fabric and tied the top with a blue thin ribbon.

This gift bag is filled with artificial petals.

These next two gift bags, are made as the one above but I have sewn two different colored ribbons onto the fabric (you can use matching thread when sewing) before I made the bag and tied the top with ribbon.

The other one I have sewn mint green colored ribbon to the top of the fabric then threaded the same colored ribbon through the ribbon that I have sewn. 

The ribbon or fabric can co-ordinate with the color of your bridesmaids' dresses and/or their flowers.

A Mother's Day Gift Bag

A Mother's Day gift bag made with love. Easy to make from a scrap piece of fabric. 

handmade fabric gift bag. Mother's day gift. homemade.

I made this from a piece of fabric that I had leftover from another project.

The items inside this spring looking gift bag are:

A few sachets of bubble bath, body lotion, the ones you get as free samples (don't tell mom) or you can use travel size toiletries.

A small bar of soap, a white bath sponge and a small pumice stone.

I love to get travel size toiletries, and so will your mom if you make this gift bag.

Don't forget to attach a handmade gift tag with a message.

Thank You Gift Bag Ideas

If you are making thank you gift bags for a baby shower, bridesmaids at your wedding, birthdays or for someone you would like to say thank you to, this is just the gift.

A Thank You Gift Bag Idea. Fabric gift bag. fav gift bag. organizer gift bag. handmade. homemade.

Fill these gift bags with delicious chocolates or homemade cookies.

If you choose travel size toiletries as your gifts, make the fabric gift bags a bit wider; about 2 inches wider, and this will be sufficient for three items.

I have sewn a ribbon down the front (this is optional) before I made this fabric gift bag.

I filled the bag with chocolate cookies, and tied the gift bag with the same ribbon I used for the bag.

You could tie a thank you gift tag to your gift bag ideas. This would make the perfect thank you handmade gift bags for your friends.

Fabric Gift Bags for Gift Baskets

A Gift Basket Filled With Gift Bags. Dried fruit gift bags. Handmade Christmas fabric gift bag.

If you are making a gift basket with a variety of dried fruit, trail mixes, chocolates, cookies, etc. for a Christmas gift basket or Easter gift basket, you can make simple individual gift bags to put these foods in and arrange them in your gift basket.

The basket on the left has eight fabric gift bags all filled with dried fruits and a selection of nuts.

I used a thin green and red ribbon to tie them with, and made some tags with the names of the dried fruit and nuts I used.

When using fabric, use sheer fabric because it's thin, a little bit see-through, flexible and comes in lots of pretty colors.

You can make gift bags in lots of different colors. So be creative in your gift bag ideas and add your own special something to make amazing handmade organza gift bags for your friends and family.

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