Father's Day Baskets

The Best Homemade Gift Basket for Dad

Father's Day Baskets. Not sure what to give dad?  Don't worry! Let me help you with some great ideas.

I have lots of inexpensive fathers day gifts or birthday gift basket ideas for you. Because dad deserve a day of pampering too, don’t you think? Affordable presents dad will love.

Making your own unique Father's Day gifts into a great gift basket for dad will be a personalized gift from you!

Take a moment and have some thought as to what the best gift for Father's Day would like.

The question is, when is Father's Day? Look to the right to find out more.

Lots of Father's Day Baskets to Make

Does your dad have a hobby? Is he passionate about his car? Does he like a certain sport? Or maybe he likes cooking? Whatever his passion is, there's a Father's Day gift basket for every dad. 

Below I have some fantastic ideas for Father's Day baskets made into the best gifts for the best dad in the world.

 Great Father's Day Baskets Ideas

  1. Is he a DIY man, always fixing and making things?
  2. Is he a golf fanatic or does he like to watch other sports on TV?
  3. Maybe he likes to go fishing and relax?
  4. Does he daydream about being the next great chief, standing in front of his BBQ?
  5. Beer gift basket, who doesn't like beer, especially on father's day?
  6. Maybe some flowers would be a good idea this year.
  7. Does he like pottering around in the garden?
  8. Is he a man that stands in front of the mirror longer than a woman? 

Whatever your dad is enthusiastic about, there is always a gift for him. Take a look below.

A Beer Gift Basket Idea

I am sure he would like a beer gift basket for when he is watching his favorite sport. This gift basket could be a bucket filled 3/4 of the way up with shredded newspaper from the sports section or with ice, if you're giving it to him within the next few hours.

Fill the bucket with a small selection of bottles of beer, a beer mug with some words engraved on it, such as "To the best dad in the world". Savory snacks, nuts, popcorn or chips and in between all of these goodies, two tickets to a game.

Wrap the beer bucket in cellophane and tie with a bow.

Photo Courtesy of Donald Cook

A Barbecue Gift Basket Idea

Is your dad a master chief when he stands in front of his Barbecue and starts cooking?  This gift basket could be a small to medium sized cool box filled with some of these ideas: Barbecue sauces, herbs, spices, salsa, grilling skewers, marinades for rubs,  a recipe book, a funny apron or one or two utensils and some beer to put into the cool box to keep dad cool while he cooks the burgers and hot dogs on a Saturday night.

A Toiletry Gift Basket Idea

Men enjoy pampering themselves, but they will always deny it. The basket to use could be a dark brown or a neutral colored basket. Fill the basket with scrunched up paper and cover with tissue paper.

The gifts could be some shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, shaving kit, after shave, body lotions, etc. This basket could be used for his toiletry items afterwards.

Wrap the basket with clear cellophane or shrink wrap it and tie a masculine colored bow.

A Car Wash Gift Basket Idea

Does your dad worship his car??? Does he spend too much time cleaning and polishing his pride and joy? The perfect gift for him would have to be a car wash gift basket. 

The ideal container for this would be a plastic bucket. Fill the bucket 3/4 full of scrunched up newspaper or Styrofoam chips and cover with shredded paper. 

Place your gifts on the top, these could be: car polish, car wax, glass cleaner, and cloths for polishing the car, air fresheners for inside, an emergency travel kit and tickets to a car show.

After all, they are all boys with new toys! Unique fathers day gifts.

A Fishing Gift Basket Idea

This basket can be a small picnic basket.  These baskets are ideal because they have a lid, great for all their fish and tackle things. Fill the basket with a filler and place your gifts on top, these gifts could be:

A disposable camera, a picture frame (for the fish that always get away),  fish bait, fishing magazine, a cap to keep the sun off his head (because he's thin on top!), a thermos flask, a fishing mug, and a fishing cutlery set. Depending on what kind of fishing he does: ice fishing, fly fishing, fresh water fishing or salt water fishing. 

Also include some snacks like granola bars, chocolate, cookies, crackers and cheese, pate spreads, pickles, whatever he likes to snack on. No need to wrap with basket in cellophane, just tie a big ribbon around the basket.

Whatever his interests are, there's a unique fathers day gift for every dad. Don't forget your Father's Day card or gift tag to go with your personalized Father's Day baskets.

A Father's Day Flower

Father's Day baskets with gifts inside made for dad are not the only gift baskets you can give, they can also be filled with flowers. This might not be the fathers day gift you might think of giving to the best dad in the world. Men will not tell you they like to receive flowers too, but they do, as long as the floral gift basket does not look feminine. 

Strong bold shapes and colors are ideal flowers for men. These flowers are not only for fathers day, they can be made into a floral basket for any special occasion.

Here are some examples of flowers to choose for your Father's Day baskets.

Sunflowers bring a ray of sun shine to any arrangement. Add three or five sunflowers depending on the size of the flowers and add some Gypsophila for a simple but dazzling arrangement.

Photo courtesy of Photo courtesy of Paul Preacher

Green Ivy adds interest to a floral gift basket. Mixed with white flowers, it makes the arrangement look fresh.

Photo courtesy of Peter Gustafson

Daises are everyone's favorite flower, mixed with Carnations, Gerbera Daisies (below) and some Gypsophila or just on their own will make a magnificent gift basket.

Photo courtesy of Josep Altarriba

Bird of Paradise are also known as Crane Flower. This tropical flower goes well with other flowers in a gift basket. It's sure to bring a buzz to any occasion.

Photo courtesy of Hajnalka Papp

Phalaenopsis Orchid. Orchids are popular flowers, they come in all shapes and sizes and a few different colors.

Some of them have a sweet-smelling perfume. Orchids are associated with wealth, love and beauty.

Gerbera Daisies comes in all colors and are ideal flowers for men. They are cheap flowers and are great mixed with expensive flowers.

Photo courtesy of Chobi Capeta

A Father's Day gift basket can be a simple floral gift basket. Keep it simple by choosing two kinds of flowers and some foliage which you can get from your own garden; everyone has some kind of greenery in their backyard.

So have a go and make a floral gift basket for Father's Day. Don’t forget, Father's Day is always on the Third Sunday of June.

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Did You Make a Father's Day Gift Basket?

For your dad? Or did the children make an amazing Father's Day gift basket? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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What is Father's Day?

Father's Day is a celebration established in the early twentieth century to complement Mother’s Day.

It held festivities to celebrate becoming a father and parent.

Father's day is about giving and showing how highly you value what he does for you all year long.

Father's Day is a day of respecting and showing consideration to our dads. What nicer way to say "Happy Father's Day" than with a gift basket filled with gifts or flowers made by yourself. 


When is Father's Day?

Don’t forget, Father's Day is always on the Third Sunday of June.


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