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The Best Gift Basket Ideas for You to Make

Fun Gift Baskets. Need a gift basket for that barbecue party? Take a look at these suggestions on how to make fun homemade gift baskets for that summertime fun!

Fun gift baskets are great gifts to give any time of year, but summer is the best time of all. Children playing outside having lots of outdoor fun with their water guns and swimming pools, enjoying the hot summer weather. Mom and dad getting the barbecue ready for the party. It's hard not to feel happy!

Lots of Fun Gift Basket Ideas. pink cellophane for gift baskets. cello

If you are going to a summer party, or any kind of party, or just in need of a fun gift basket, you have come to the right place. Here are lots of amazing ideas on how to make your own unique gift basket ideas into the best gifts.

Below I have put together lots of fun and inexpensive unique gift basket ideas that I'm sure you will choose one to make it for the next party you go to, or host.

How to make these fun gift baskets jazzy. I think color is fun, so use lots of color; colorful baskets or containers, colored cellophane, ribbons and colorful gifts.

If you cannot find a colorful basket that you like, think about spray painting the basket; it's easy to do and very inexpensive. You can transform ordinary plain baskets into fun gift baskets that look expensive.

Great Ideas how to Make Fun Gift Baskets

These homemade gift basket ideas can be for birthdays, baby, get well, thank you, Easter or any time you need a fun gift basket to give.

How to Make a Fun Barbecue Gift Basket

I don't know why, but men seem to like using the barbecue, maybe because it's the one time they feel in control? Who knows!

Below are a few ideas on how to make fun barbecue gift baskets to encourage him to cook a bit more.

Fun Gift Baskets. Barbecue Basket #1

Meat is easy to cook on the grill, but it tastes even better marinated or rubbed in spices. For this, you can choose a colorful plastic box.

Line the box with colorful shredded paper and assemble your gifts, which could be a selection of marinades, sauces and spices.

Add in eight metal kebab skewers and always add a recipe book. Put colorful streamers between the gifts.

Photo courtesy of Pontus Edenberg

Fun Gift Baskets. Barbecue Basket #2

Barbecues have juicy hot dogs and burgers "mmmm"! This basket could be square, lined with colorful tea towels and filled with relishes; you have red and green relish, mustard, ketchup, a jar of gherkins, and a jar of sauerkraut. These gifts are all colorful gifts in a jar.

More ideas could be a jar of green and black olives or different fragrant oils or salad dressings. To add more color, try red, green and yellow fresh peppers. Also add a fun apron. Don't forget a cook book on "how to make your own burgers". The basket can be used to hold all the relishes in afterwards.

Wrap these baskets in colored cellophane and tie with colorful ribbon. If you buy a plain basket try spray painting it different colors for a unique gift basket ideas look.

How to Make a Fun Kitchenware Gift Basket

There are lots of small brightly colored kitchenware items available that would make the best gift baskets. For example, buy a colorful square plastic basket and line it with brightly colored tea towels.

Some ideas for filling the basket could be, brightly colored kitchen utensils, those colorful square kitchen sponges, colorful plastic chopping boards, a garlic press, corkscrew, salt and pepper shakers, plastic tablecloth, because you're eating outside, and lots of brightly colored napkins.

Add lots of other colorful fun stuff, and small cool gadgets.

If you don't want to spend too much on a gift, buy a colorful kitchen utensil holder. It comes filled with jazzy utensils. Wrap it in the same colored cellophane as the container or kitchen utensils. Tie with a matching ribbon or bow.

How to Make a Fun Summer Party Gift Basket

Going to a summer party, eating outside? This is the gift basket to make. To make this gift basket exciting, buy a colored plastic basket; they are cheap and available everywhere. Or buy a plastic laundry basket (they come in vibrant colors and different shapes).

Line it with a plastic tablecloth and fill it with colorful plastic plates, a few fancy ice cream bowls, with colorful spoons, colorful plastic tumblers, ice cream sauces (chocolate, strawberry or caramel) and lots of colorful napkins. Add lots of steamers and colorful plastic flowers.

To wrap this basket you will need quite a bit a cellophane. Wrap it the same way you would a ordinary gift basket. Tie with a colorful bow and lots of long curling ribbon. Homemade gift basket ideas made into unique gifts.

How to Make Fun Baby Gift Baskets

Having a baby means you need a million things. This is where a fun baby gift basket comes in handy. You can choose a theme or a color; it does not have to be pink or blue, go for a different color like mint green, yellow, white, or orange; a rainbow of color.

Below are two examples of fun baby gift baskets you can make.

Baby Bath Gift Basket

How to Make a Fun Baby Gift Basket. Bath time baby gift basket.

Bath time is fun time! Babies love to splash around in water. The basket on the left I made was for a baby for Christmas.

I used a plastic bowl with small holes and string for the handle. I lined it with scrunched up paper and covered that with white tissue paper.

The gifts on top are two colored fish sponges, two Santa bubble baths, two colored bath toys and Christmas chocolate.

I wrapped the basket with clear cellophane so the gifts are visible and tied it with a big white glittery bow.

Another fantastic bath time gift basket idea is to buy a brown rectangular basket and line it with a baby bath towel, then fill it with wash cloths, gentle baby soap, shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, diapers and moisturizers. These gifts come in all sorts of bright colors, great for making a practical but fun baby gift basket.

Fun Educational Baby Gift Basket

This is the best gift basket for a baby. Not only is it educational, but it has lots of fun colors which baby loves to look at.

The ideal container for this gift is a diaper bag. These are big and practical that come in lovely bright colors. Mom can take it wherever she goes. Fill this bag with a personalized baby blanket, baby books with lots of pictures, teething toys, baby hand print kit, baby pacifier, and a colorful soft teddy bear. You can also add some kind of keepsake. Don't forget a treat for mom!  She would love a bar of luxury chocolate or a few hours at the spa, gift card.

Some fantastic ideas how to make homemade baby gift baskets. Quick and easy unique gift basket ideas.

Click on the link for more great baby gift basket ideas

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