A Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Lots of Easy Homemade Baskets

Get Well Soon Gift Basket. Stuck for a get well gift idea? Take a look at these great solutions on what to put in a homemade get-well gift basket. A get well soon gift basket for kids, healthy gift basket ideas and more. A sure road to recovery.

Some people have allergies to flowers, so a healthy get well soon gift basket is an alternative.

It’s not very pleasant when someone you know is not in good health, whether it’s a member of your family or a friend, whether in hospital or at home for whatever reason.

Not everyone can eat or wants candies or sweet things. It’s difficult to know what to give if someone you care about is in hospital or at home recovering after an illness.

 Healthy Gift Baskets Ideas

Below are a few examples of affordable get well soon gift basket you can put together yourself. Some healthy gift baskets and some sugar-free gift baskets.

 Get Well Fruit Gift Basket Idea

To make this get well gift basket l lined the basket with green shredded paper then filled the basket to the brim with colorful fruits. Pick a few fruits that are under ripe as they will last longer.

Another alternative may be adding fruits that are all ready chopped for easy eating, like a store bought fruit platter, or fruits that you have chopped yourself.

How to Use Shrink Wrap Cellophane. get well gift basket. healthy gift basket.

Make some cellophane gift bags and add fruits like melons, oranges or pineapples. Wash, peel and chop. Place the chopped fruit in cellophane gift bags.

Also add plastic forks and napkins to catch the drips and make a fruit gift basket that way.

Place your fruits in a lined basket. Cover with cellophane or shrink wrap to protect from germs and decorate with a big bow.

A Get Well Healthy Snack Gift Basket Idea

A healthy snack gift basket is welcome by everyone. Chocolate seems to make things better, I don't know why, maybe it's the taste? So what better gift to give than a delicious gift basket filled with chocolates (a bar of dark chocolate is the best) a selection of granola bars, an assortment of nuts (make sure they do not have any allergies to nuts), popcorn, and healthy drinks. Include a magazine, book that they might enjoy, or a puzzle book to pass the time away. Or try some DVD's of good movies.

Line the basket with shredded paper or straw and place your gifts on top. Wrap the basket with clear cellophane, and don't forget your get well card or gift tag.

A Get Well Veggie Gift Basket Idea

Maybe a veggie gift basket does not sound very appetizing but it can be made into a very nutritious, refreshing and beneficial gift basket.

There are lots of veggies to choose from in the grocery stores. Choose colorful vegetables as they have the most vitamins and nutrients. Baby carrots, celery, small tomatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers....

Add one or two different flavored dips to bring the veggies to life.

Instead of chopping with a knife use a serrated knife or a french fry cutter; this makes the veggies look more appetizing.  Put them into individual gift bags and arrange in a round neutral colored basket.

They say you eat with your eyes and not with your stomach so make it eye catching. Don't forget to include napkins in the basket!

Wrap the basket with cellophane or try shrink wrapping your gift basket. Don't forget your get well card or gift tag.

A Get Well Fruit and Nut Gift Basket Idea

Nowadays nuts and dried fruits come prepacked. Lots of different dried fruits, raisins, apricots, cranberries, etc. There's also a good variety of nuts available in stores and health food stores, make sure the nuts are not in their shells.

They come in small prepacked bags or you can go to the 'pick and mix' aisle in your grocery store and select what you would want and how much. Then you could put them in some easy to make cellophane gift bags.

Photo Courtesy of Chris Chidsey

Don't forget the different seeds that are also available, like sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds and so on... All these things are very nutritious, each with their own vitamins and minerals and easy to nibble on when your friend's not so hungry.

Chocolates and granola bars are also good for the patient to nibble on. Add one or two healthy drinks to the collection.

Get Well Soon Gift Basket, Sugar-Free Gift Baskets

Sugar-free gift baskets does not mean foods without taste. They are fun and delicious and a great opportunity to introduce new foods to your family and friend's diets. They still have the sweetness but are eaten in a healthier way. Check out these sugar-free gift baskets for excellent solutions for sugar-free gifts.

Always make sure they are not on a special diet.

 Get Well Soon Gift Basket Ideas

A Get Well Cold and Flu Gift Basket Idea

Ideas for a get well soon gift basket for people sick at home with flu or other aliments and who need cheering up. How about a gift basket with remedies for colds and flu? 

Making a gift basket yourself for your sick friend has great advantages. You get to put whatever you want inside the basket and know they will like it. 

Courtesy of Chris Chidsey

The shape of this basket could be a rectangle, line the basket with fabric, fill it 3/4 with scrunched up paper and cover with tissue paper. The gifts could be cough medicine, throat lozenges, a nice soft blanket, warm slippers, hot water bottle, a box of Kleenex, tins of hearty soups, a nice cup or mug to make some lemon tea in, some lemons, herbal teas, honey, etc. 

Wrap the basket in colored cellophane and attach two or three get well balloons to the side of the basket for a more fun gift basket.

A Floral Get Well Gift Basket Idea

How to Plant Yellow Asiatic Lily Bulbs in a Basket

Give your friend fresh flowers when they are under the weather. I know they would love to receive this gift basket bursting with yellow Asiatic Lilies. This will bring a smile to their faces and make them feel better inside instantly.

This gift basket is the perfect gift it give. Very easy to make and a lot cheaper than a bought one. A basket of yellow Asiatic Lilies.

A Get Well Spa Gift Basket Idea

Refresh and make the patient feel better in an instant with a spa gift basket.

Choose a neutral colored basket and line the basket with fabric to create the feel of warmth and coziness. Fill it with scrunched up tissue paper and place their favorite fragrance of bubble bath, body wash, soaps, body lotions, towel and a gift certificate for a day at the spa when they feel better.

These unique get well gifts can be for a man or woman but don't forget to change the spa gift basket with men's toiletries.

Don't forget your get well soon card or gift tag to go with your special get well soon gift basket.

 Children's Get Well Basket Ideas

A Popcorn Gift Basket Idea

For children who are sick, in hospital or at home, surprise them with a fun and exciting unique get well gift basket when visiting next time.

A popcorn gift basket; this basket could be for a younger child. The container to use for this gift could be a colorful plastic bowl. Fill with scrunched up tissue paper.

Then, fill it with different flavored ready-made popcorn, some chocolates, coloring books, crayons, puzzle books, and some get well balloons attached to the gift basket. 

Photo Courtesy of Linnell Esler

If this basket is for a young girl add a soft cuddly teddy bear, soft slippers or bed socks. These could be with her favorite Disney characters.

If this basket is for a young boy add a novelty pillow or maybe an iPod, headphones and an iTunes card and some snacks.

Teenage girls; this get well soon gift basket could contain spa items, the stores have lots of bright and trendy toiletries for teenage girls, they can never have enough of these things. You could also add an iTunes card to download songs, so they can listen as they pamper themselves in front of the mirror.

Teenage boys; this get well soon gift basket could contain toiletries for boys, as well as an iTunes card to download songs. Or maybe try good movies to watch or an Xbox/Ps4 game.

Wrap these unique get well gifts in a dark colored basket for boys and a beige colored basket for the girls. Wrap them in colored cellophane and tie some get well balloons for a more fun looking gift basket with a gift tag or get well card attached to the basket.

I'm sure these ideas will inspire you to make great get well soon gift basket for your family or friends to enjoy and have a speedy recovery.

Eating Healthy and Exercising

Eating healthy and exercising are important factors in today's lifestyle. There is so much stress-related illnesses, which I think can be avoided if only we stopped and took a deep breath.

We can make small changes in our everyday lives. To start with, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Courtesy of Cheryl Empey

Why not start the day with quick and easy smoothie recipes? Make yourself lunch for work, if you do go out for a business brunch or lunch with friends, try ordering something light and filling; fish with brown rice and salad or a whole wheat pasta dish.

When you get home from work download some good music onto your phone and go for a 15 to 30 minute walk or jog with the dog. Let go of all that built up stress. These small changes will make such a difference over a short period of time.

So don't put off these small but important changes, the biggest change is starting TODAY.

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