Gift Basket Making Ideas

How to Choose the Right Basket to Use

Gift Basket Making Ideas. Want to make a gift basket but not sure what basket to use? I have lots of ideas for making gift baskets at home. Making your own gift basket creates wonderful gifts for friends.

Gift basket making ideas starts with choosing the right basket and you might be asking yourself, "how do I know what basket to use? big, small, what shape? what size"? Decisions. Decisions.

Don't worry, you've come to the right place for help. Below are just a few great ideas to start you thinking about making your homemade gift basket ideas the best.

Making a fabulous homemade gift basket for friends or a family member like mothers day gift baskets is the perfect gift to give.

Ideas for Making Gift Baskets

There are hundreds of baskets all different shapes, sizes, colors, woven ones, plastic ones, wire ones, you name it! It's difficult to decide which one to use. 

I am here to help you choose the right gift basket. It's nice to have some thought put into it; who it's for and what the occasion is.

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Baskets can be bought from florists, certain stores, craft and thrift stores. You might even have a basket lying around the house collecting dust which could be transformed into a spectacular gift basket? Gift basket making ideas.

One advantage of making your own gift basket is that it can be very inexpensive or as expensive as you like. This is when you can make wonderful gift basket making ideas that are the best gift for your family and friends, will ever receive.

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No one knows this person better than you do and you are the one who gets to put items in the basket. You know that they will love it and they get to receive a gift basket with gifts they actually like! When they say "it's beautiful!" that will make you feel good about the basket.

Lots of Gift Basket Making Ideas

When making gift baskets, bear in mind these baskets might be used afterwards in different rooms of the house; as baskets are also used for decoration and storage. Here are a few examples:

  • If you are making a Mother's Day gift basket or just a gift basket for mom, in general, and it's a spa gift basket with her favorite toiletries. For instance, I would choose a white or a neutral colored basket, the shape could be a medium sized square or rectangle basket. After all, a Mother's Day gift basket can be used for storing her cosmetics or whatever she would like to put inside.
  • If you have a friend, or your son or daughter, that has just graduated (congratulations!) and they are moving away from home, buy them a plastic laundry basket, not only is it a good gift, but it can be used afterwards. A very practical homemade gift basket ideas for graduation.
  • If you are making a fruit gift basket for a friend who is under the weather, choose a wired basket. Excellent as a get well gift basket and can also be used afterwards as a fruit bowl. 
  • If your friend is a coffee lover, you can make a coffee and cookie gift basket. You can use a basket that would match your friend's kitchen. For example, if your friend's cupboard doors are a light wooden color, then go for a neutral basket, or if the cupboard doors are white, go for a brightly colored basket to jazz up their kitchen. 
  • If the homemade gift basket is a Christmas gift, then go for a red, green or golden basket. If you can not find the right color try spray painting the basket to your desired color. The shape of this Christmas gift basket could be a round basket, ideal for filling with Christmas treats.
  • If you are making a gift basket for a baby I would choose a white squared basket. You can glue things onto the sides of the basket to make it look nicer. I am sure this will be used for all those tiny baby things that don't really have a space, just yet. Gift baskets for baby's.   
  • Making gift baskets with Asiatic Lily bulbs as a thank you gift basket will be greatly appreciated because who doesn't like flowers? The basket for this gift could be a smaller square shape. The basket could be spray painted to match the color of the flowers. This gift basket with Asiatic Lily bulbs can be used after for keeping a potted house plant in!
  • If you have a friend who loves gardening, or a friend who has just bought a house, what better gift to give than a gardening gift basket. The basket I would recommend would be a brightly colored plastic square basket with a lid, if possible, the ones with tiny holes. This is the perfect basket to keep all those packets of seeds, garden gloves, etc.

Photo Courtesy of Dalibor Ogrizovic

Pick the color of the basket to complement the item, occasion or the festive time of year if possible.

Once you have decided on what kind of gift basket you want to make, the next step is to line your basket and fill your gift basket making ideas with lots of gifts and goodies.

Happy basket making!

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