Gift Basket Filler

Using Styrofoam Chips as a Base Filler

Gift basket filler. Styrofoam chips are excellent things to use as a gift basket filler. Sometimes when you get parcels delivered with delicate items and they are surrounded with these white Styrofoam chips, keep them, as they make excellent fillers for your next homemade gift basket ideas. 

When it comes to filling a basket with gifts, you will need something in the basket to make your gifts lay better, have support. Then in between the gifts, you fill the space with some kind of shredded paper to cover it up.

These fillers can work out very inexpensive to buy but most of the time you can find them in your own home, so take a look around your home before you go buying things to make your gift basket.

But first, to make a gift basket look good, like the store bought gift baskets, you have to line and fill your basket with some kind of shredded paper, Styrofoam chips or fabric. In this case we are going to use Styrofoam chips.

The ones below are ones that I saved from the parcel I got with fragile items. They didn't cost me anything. Fantastic! 

1 Idea For a Gift Basket Filler

If you are filling a bucket or a basket for Father's Day, or any other occasion, use Styrofoam chips as a gift basket filler.

Fill the basket or bucket to 1/2 or 3/4 full, depending on how tall your gifts are, and cover with tissue paper, shredded paper or some other decorative paper. 

Put a layer of shredded paper, or sometimes known as gift basket grass, on top and nestle your gifts in between the shredded paper.

Artificial ice cubes would be great for a beer gift basket or a wine and cheese gift basket.

Gift basket filler. green shredded paper. white Styrofoam chips for gift baskets.

There are lots of things you can use to make your homemade gift baskets more affordable to make at home and still look fabulous.  

Homemade gift baskets are perfect gifts for you to make and give any time of year. Making homemade gift baskets for your family and friends is so much fun, so give it a go!

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Do You Make Your Own Gift Basket?

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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