Gifts for Gift Baskets

Handsewn Gifts for All Occasions

Gifts for Gift Baskets. Take a look at these handmade gift ideas that I've made, to give to your friends and family; oven mitts, pot holders and much more!

Gift baskets are so versatile, you can fill them with anything, whether they are something bought or better yet, handmade. All the awesome items below are handmade by myself. Take a look! Gifts for gift baskets. 

If interested in purchasing any of the items below, go to my contact page and let me know! All of the items are for sale, some are for sale on eBay. I will provide you with the link to the item if interested. Thanks!

Hand Sewn
Gifts for Gift Baskets

 Hand Sewn Oven Mitts and Aprons

The pot holder and mitts are made from cotton fabric and are lined with Insul-Brit and batting for added protection. 

They have tabs for hanging in your kitchen. 

Apron ONE LEFT; color is brown with sunflowers and has two  pockets in the front with decorative stitching. It also has a neck and waist tie.

Matching Oven Mitts: 

  • Size is small to medium
  • Colors are: brown, black, white, burnt orange, and green
  • Made from cotton fabric which is padded with Insul-Brite and cotton batting

Apron: SOLD

  • Size is medium to large
  • Color is purple, pink and cream
  • Has neck and waist ties
  • Two pockets at the front
  • Fabric has prints of butterflies
  • Made from cotton fabric

Long Oven Mitts:

  • Matching long oven mitts
  • Made from cotton fabric, is padded with Insul-Brite and batting
  • Has a loop for hanging


Handmade Mug Rugs

Handmade Quilted Table Toppers/Mug Rugs that make awesome gifts for family and friends.


Handmade mug rug/place mat made from scraps of colored fabric sewn together with decorative zigzag stitching.

Fabric is sandwiched between cotton batting.

Measures approx. 13 inches square.

This can be used as a table topper or as a mug rug. The design is a flower with applique stem and leaves.

A great gift for a friend or for your own home.

The main colors are light green and pink, a beautiful summer table topper.

Made from a cotton fabric, batting and a cotton backing fabric, quilted.

Measures approx. 18 inches square.

All four table toppers are made from cotton fabric front and back, with batting and Insul-Bright.

Top left - Crisscross Red and Cream Table Topper

Top right - Pink and white floral basket

Bottom left - black square with flying geese.

Bottom right - navy blue and yellow star topper

Handmade mug rugs; a great table decoration for Easter celebrations.

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