Graduation Gift Basket

The Best Ideas for a Grad Gift Basket

Graduation Gift Basket Ideas!

Saying, "Congrats!" for your daughter or son and need a special gift? There's great ideas here for nurse graduation gift baskets and high school graduation gifts made into the best ever baskets. The coolest graduation basket ideas.

Great graduation gifts can mean so much to a graduate, graduating from University, College or even High School when they are short of money.

What better way to say "Congratulations!" or "Well Done!" than with a fabulous  gift basket. It's the perfect gift to start them off to a new beginning in life.

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Below are the best ideas for graduation presents. Make these gifts into the best gift baskets and kick start their new beginning on the right foot.

Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

Leaving Home Gift Basket Idea

A great present and money-saving gift basket for the student who is leaving home for the first time, is a laundry basket. Fill the basket with things they will use like laundry detergent, liquid softer and those things you put in the dryer.

Bed sheets, a blanket, a pillow, alarm clock (for all those early mornings), a bath robe, a torch and a big toiletry bag with lots of big sized toiletries. It's amazing how much will fit in a laundry basket.

If there are a few of you wanting to buy a gift for a friend leaving for University or College, each one of you can buy one or two gifts and put the gifts all together in this laundry gift basket.

Tie a big bow around the gift basket and attach a big gift tag.

 New Driver Gift Basket Idea

Getting their drivers license is one thing, but to get a car (I mean an old car not a new one!) for their graduation would be awesome. "Freedom for parents!"

Depending on how much you want to spend, fill this unique graduation gift basket with things like, car deodorizer/air fresheners, seat covers, steering wheel cover, map /books, or a GPS, auto emergency kit (flares, jumper cables, first aid kit, flash light, a break-down kit) and coupons/gift cards for a car wash or for gas.

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Giving a gift basket to go with their new car is a great idea. The basket to put all these things in could be a dark colored square basket. Ideal for storing little things in the trunk.

Wrap this basket in shrink wrap or colored of cellophane.

High School Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

High School Graduation Gifts. Graduating from high school means they have done it! "Congratulations!" Most of them will go onto further education, this means books, paper, bags, bus passes, pens, binders, calculators, laptops, (deep breath) the list goes on.

Fill a gift basket with things they will need and help them on their way. 

The basket to use for this high school graduation gift could be a storage basket. Great for making into a graduation gift basket and for storing all the above.

You will not need a filler for the basket because the items are big. Just fill the gift basket with your items and put some shredded paper in between the gifts.

 Food Gift Basket Ideas

Teenagers love food. A big gift basket filled with lots of easy to prepare foods like chocolate snacks, cookies, chips and dips, tins of soups, tinned foods, pickles, and a tin and bottle opener is a must! 

Add instant noodles, boxes of cereals, instant coffee, lots of plastic plates and cups because they hate washing the dishes and filling up the dishwasher, for some unknown reason. You know what foods they love.

And don't forget a few gift cards for pizza places, take-out places and grocery stores.

Wrap your unique graduation gift basket in cellophane and make a special personalized congratulations card or gift tag to go with it.

Nurse Graduation Gift Basket Ideas

Nurses and the other medical people work hard to keep us in good health. We have to help them all we can. A good way to start is with nurse graduation gifts made into the best gift baskets around.

Below are a few graduation gift ideas to choose from. These can be from individual people or as group gift basket.

Nurses Gift Basket Ideas

Nurse graduation gifts. This basket has to be a white basket, all clean and hygienic. Filler to use for this basket is light blue shredded paper. Arrange your nurses supplies on top, including items like note pads and pens, memo pads, lanyards, name badge holders, and even a gift card towards buying scrubs (they are so expensive to buy!)

A disposable stethoscope. Watches or timers.

A small compact blood pressure device.

Bandage scissors are essential for changing and applying bandages.

These gifts can be expensive but if there are a few of you making this gift basket for your friend, it works out more affordable.  That's the beauty of gift baskets, so versatile. There is a good graduation gift for everyone.

Foot Spa Gift Basket Idea

This is for all the nurses that run around all day looking after patients. It's nice to come home and rest their tired feet in a foot spa.

The basket to use for this could be a brightly colored plastic bowl. Line it with a jazzy towel. Fill the bowl with foot-soothing creams, Epsom salts, foot salts, therapeutic oils, foot scrubs, and a wooden foot massage roller. 

If this is for a female nurses graduation gift basket, add some nail polishes, toe separators and some wonderfully scented candles.

So, celebrate your friends graduation with one of the above gift basket ideas. Congratulation for a job well done!

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