Green Floral Foam for Gift Baskets

Using Fresh Flowers

Green floral foam for gift baskets. Not sure what floral foam to use?

Don't worry! I have a quick explanation below about floral foam, when to use it and how to use it.

How to Make a Red Rose Gift Basket with Fresh Flowers. fresh rose arrangement. floral basket.roses.
How to Make a Carnation Gift Basket with Fresh Flowers.carnation floral arrangement. floral gift basket. red carnations.

There Are Two Kinds of Floral Foams Used in Flower Arrangements

Gray Floral Foam

Gray floral foam. Used for artificial, silk and dried flowers. As you can see on the right it's gray in color, looks denser and is heavier. This is so the flowers can stay upright when inserted into the floral foam.

Green Floral Foam

Green floral foam. Made to hold lots of water to keep flowers fresher longer. This foam is light green in color and a lot lighter in weight than the gray floral foam. When put into water it turns a dark green telling you it's fully saturated with water.

Green floral foam for gift baskets is also known as: oasis, wet floral foam, floral foam, wet foam bricks. Lots and lots of different shapes and sizes to choose from.

Making a gift basket full of fresh cut flowers for a Mother's Day Gift Basket, Thank You Gift Basket  or a Get Well Gift Basket  it's the perfect gift to give. Everybody loves the perfume of fresh flowers, I know I do.

Whether it's flowers from your garden or store bought fresh flowers you can make a blooming good floral gift basket, and it will cost you much less.

Follow the steps below and give it a go. 

How To Line a Gift Basket With Floral Foam

If this is your first time making a floral gift basket, keep the basket to a medium small round or a square shaped basket. This will make things a lot easier for you.

With these easy-to-follow steps below you can make your own affordable floral gift basket for your friends.

Green Floral Foam for Gift Baskets. This is How I Lined my Basket

As you can see I have lined my baskets two different ways. Either way is good.

Gift Basket #1


  1. Place the flower preservative into water. I mixed it until it all dissolved (follow the instructions on packet).
  2. Put the foam in the water for 30 minutes or so. This is to make sure it soaks up as much water as possible; when it's ready it will change color to a dark green and will be heavy when picked up. 
  3. Line your basket with a white garbage bag, that is folded in two. You can also use specially made liners or containers.
  4. Cut the floral foam to the shape of the basket. It doesn't matter if the foam is in two or three pieces because it will not be seen. I cut it 1 inch higher than the rim of the basket, this is so the flowers look taller when inserted into the foam.

Gift Basket #2


  1. Step 1, 2 and 3 are the same as above
  2. I have two pieces of floral foam on top of the other. Because this basket is a bit taller I used some thin ribbon to secure the green floral foam to the basket. If someone knocked it over accidentally it will not fall apart.

Do You Make Your Own Floral Gift Baskets?

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.


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