Greeting Cards Into Gift Tags

Recycled Birthday Cards Into Gift Tags

Greeting cards into gift tags. Why not recycle last years greeting cards into handmade gift tags? Do you keep your old greeting cards but not sure why? Here's one idea what you can do with them. Gift Tags!

Here's lots of handmade gift tag ideas. Recycling greeting cards makes great handmade Christmas gift tags, birthday gift tags, baby shower gift tags and lots more ideas to turn greeting cards into gift tags.

We normally throw greeting cards out, don't we? Well, that's all about to change!

Next time you have a birthday party in your house or find that lost birthday card you were looking for last month, why not turn your greeting cards into handmade gift tags. Personalize your greeting cards into gift tags and write a small poem inside.

So recycle and reuse all those greeting cards and turn them into awesome handmade holiday gift tags.

It's easy and they cost nothing to make, just a bit of time. You have all the things you need in your children's craft box or around the home to make these greeting cards into gift tags.

Try and choose a birthday card that has no writing on the back; if it's a card with a really nice picture and you really want to use it, you can glue some cardstock to the back of your gift tag.

How to Recycle Greeting Cards Into Gift Tags

These First Two Gift Tags are Made From The Card Above, First on The Right

Greeting Cards Into Gift Tags. Gift Tag #1

  1. I carefully cut out the picture of the ice cream in the dish.
  2. I thought it would be nice to add some glitter between the layers of ice cream. I used glitter glue to do that and also glued some of those artificial diamonds here and there.
  3. I punched a hole, with a hole puncher, and threaded some colored ribbon through the hole.
How to Make an Ice-Cream Gift Tag from a Greeting Cardd

QUICK TIP: I find it best to write my message first or print a message off the computer and onto a piece of paper and glue it to the back of the gift tag, because once you decorate your gift tag it's hard to write on it.

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Gift Tag #2

I have two birthday gift tags from one birthday card. How good is that? This second birthday gift tag is made from a picture on the back of the birthday card. Sometimes there is a smaller version of the same picture that's on the front of the card. This can also be used to make another great gift tag.

  1. To make this gift tag, cut out the picture on the back of the birthday card and the writing "Made especially for you", which was on the front of my card.
  2. Cut some yellow card stock measuring four inches square (10.2cm square,) and use a corner hole puncher to make the corners look neat.
  3. Cut a piece of pink card stock using decorative paper scissors, which measures three inches by 3 1/4 inches (7.6cm by 8.3cm).
  4. Glue your picture and words onto your pink card-stock. When you have done that, glue your pink paper to your yellow card-stock.
  5. Punch a hole in one corner, not too close to the edge. Thread some matching ribbon and tie a knot.

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This Second Gift Tag is Made From The Second Card Above on The Right

Turning greeting cards into gift tags makes beautifully Mother's Day gift baskets or Thank You gift baskets come together.

How to Make a Mother's Day Gift Tag
  1.  Cut out the picture and some lavender cardstock 1/2 inch (1.3cm) bigger than the picture. You can also cut some pink cardstock, 1/4 inch (0.6cm) bigger than the picture using paper edge decorative scissors.
  2. Glue the three papers together; punch a hole in one corner with a hole puncher.
  3. For the ribbon I got some white curling ribbon. Cut seven pieces measuring six inches (15.2cm) each length. Put one on top of the other and staple the ribbons to the gift tag, just underneath the hole.
  4. Get a pair of scissors and start from the card, put the ribbon between the scissors and your thumb and firmly, but gently, run the ribbon through. This should create a curly effect as in the picture just above. You could also use white, pink and lavender curling ribbon for a different look.
  5. With the same white curling ribbon, thread a long piece through the hole you punched earlier.

You have just made three amazing gift tags and saved yourself lots of money! So don't throw away those used birthday cards, make them into fantastic personalized gift tags for your homemade gift basket ideas. Let's make some more!

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These Next Two Gift Tags Are Made From The First Card on The Left

Did you get lots of birthday cards for your birthday? That's great! Don't throw them away. It's amazing what you can make from birthday cards. Make these birthday gift tags to go with your next celebration gift basket for a friend.

These next three gift tags would be great attached to a baby boy's gift basket or an older boy's birthday gift basket.

Gift Tag #1

  1. Cut the balloon picture out and cut a piece of white cardstock measuring six inches by 3 1/2 inches (15.2cm by 8.9cm). 
  2. Glue the balloon picture to the white cardstock.
  3. For the blue edging on the white card, get a cotton wool ball and dab it into some blue water color paint and dab the edges of the card.
  4. For the dots around the picture use a decorative hole puncher to punch a few different colored dots and glue them to the card.
  5. Punch a hole with a hole puncher and thread colored ribbon through the hole.

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Gift Tag #2

I got this second gift tag from the back of a birthday card. Look at the back of your greeting cards; sometimes there's a small picture which can be used to create one extra gift tag to go with your wonderful gift baskets.

  1. Cut the picture from the back of your greeting card.
  2. Cut a piece of blue card-stock measuring 2 1/2 inches by 2 inches (6.4cm by 5.1cm)
  3. Glue your picture to your blue cardstock, and punch a few decorative holes on one side.
  4. Thread some colored ribbon through one of the holes.

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The Last Two Personalized Gift Tags

Last But Not Least. These next two gift tags come from the card, second from the left. From this card I made two fabulous gift tags. One for a birthday and one could be used for Christmas. Turn your used greeting cards into gift tags!

Gift Tag #3

How to Make a  Birthday Gift Tag
  1. This gift tag is so easy to do. All you have to do is cut out the picture and use a corner puncher for the corners.
  2. Cut a piece of red cardstock 1/2 inch (1.3cm) bigger than the picture, using paper decorative scissors.
  3. Glue the two cards together and make a hole using a hole puncher. Then, thread a piece of ribbon through the hole. How easy was that?

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Gift Tag #4

This personalized gift tag below is ideal for Christmas, great to go with a Christmas gift basket idea.

  1. For the second gift tag, cut a strip from the top and bottom of the birthday card. I cut blue card-stock measuring three inches by four inches (7.6cm by 10.2cm)
  2. To make the corners round use a corner puncher, very handy tool to have.
  3.  Then cut three strips to fit the card leaving a small border all around.
  4. Glue the pieces together and using your hole puncher, punch a hole for the ribbon.

I'm sure these ideas will inspire you to turn greeting cards into gift tags next time you or your family have a special gift to give to a friend.

So don't throw away your used greeting cards, make fabulous gift tags with them.

Not what your looking for? Search the web for more great gift tags ideas.
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Do You Recycle Your Greeting Cards into Gift Tags?

 I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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