Handmade Envelopes

How to Design a New Greeting Card Envelope

Making Handmade Envelopes for Greeting Cards. Don't have an envelope for your greeting card? Don't worry!

I have the best ideas using colored paper and ready-made white envelopes that i'm sure you will love to make.

Have you just made a beautiful handmade greeting card to go with your fabulous homemade gift basket and you just realized the card does not have an envelope? Well you have come to the right place!

It’s a shame to go to all that trouble in making a beautiful card and have an ordinary looking envelope.

It’s like a gift, if the outside is not nicely wrapped people will not take a second look, but if you wrap it up nicely then their immediate reaction is "WOW, did you make this yourself?!"

For the first three handmade envelopes below

  • Starting with the one on the left I used wrapping paper but used the pattern on the inside of the envelope and for the outside I cut four strips of the same paper and glued them to the outside of my envelope to made a border. This is how I made it.
  • The middle envelope is for a Christmas card that I used red patterned thin card-stock.
  • For the envelope on the right I made a gardening card; I used a green patterned card-stock.

Happy Birthday Card and Envelope. How to Make Handmade Envelopes for Greeting Cards. How to Make Handmade Envelopes for Greeting Cards.

If you are making a batch of greeting cards and need lots of envelopes, it’s cheaper to buy a roll of wrapping paper!

The next three envelopes are
ready-made envelopes.

  • The first one can be for any occasion; it's just a simple design I made on my computer.
  • The second one I decorated for a baby shower card and printed a bird holding a parcel and colored it in.
  • The third envelope is a congratulations card. I used my computer again to print three images of a champagne bottle and glasses.

An envelope made in minutes for a greeting card. How to make a baby shower card envelope.  How to make a handmade congratulations envelope.

If you are sending the card by post don't over do the decorating because the address has to be clearly visible.

Below are Three More Handmade Envelopes using Patterned Paper, Brown Paper and a Ready-Made Envelope.

How to Make an Envelope for a Greeting Card. How to Make a Homemade Get Well Soon Card for a Friend.  Handmade Dried Flower Card and Envelope Made With a Calendula Flower.

If you decide to use white paper you can decorate the envelope with rubber stamps, like the one on the right, and color in the stamp.

Not what you are looking for? Search the web for more great ideas on how to make an envelope.

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Do You Make Your Own Greeting Cards and Envelopes?

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others. 

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Quick Tip!

Finding it difficult to make your handmade envelopes? Don't worry. Buy ready-made envelopes, decorate, then make your card to fit your envelope. 

If you are making a batch of greeting cards and need lots of handmade envelopes, it’s cheaper to buy a roll of good quality wrapping paper.


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