Homemade Potpourri

How To Make Potpourri From Rose Petals

Homemade Potpourri. Want to make your own potpourri from dried rose petals and other fragrant dried flower petals?

Here's some easy ideas how to make potpourri from fresh flowers. Bring the scent of outside, inside. Also great made into potpourri gifts for friends.

Potpourri can be made from dried rose petals and other fragrant dried flower petals and ingredients. Lavender potpourri makes the best fragrant potpourri gifts for your family and friends.

I know you can buy ready made potpourri, but it's not the same as potpourri you make yourself, and it's much more expensive.

Summer is the best time to make potpourri, when fresh flowers are abundant in your garden. I can already smell their scent, can you?

If you have flowers or herbs in your garden or in pots by your front door, you can easily make potpourri or potpourri gifts.

Potpourri goes way back, as far back as 6,000 years or so, when people used fragrant flowers, herbs, essential oils and spices to make scented potpourri, they filled their rooms with a wonderful scent.

 Potpourri Can Be Made From All Kinds of Things

Below are some fragrant ingredient ideas on how to make potpourri.

You can also make great gifts like small gift baskets or make sheer fabric gift bags filled with homemade potpourri. Have fun!!

How to Make Fragrant Homemade Potpourri. dried rose petals.
  1. Dried flower petals and leaves: roses and rose buds, rose hips, freesias, marigolds, lavender, lemon scented geranium leaves, chamomile flowers, juniper leaves and their berries.
  2. Dried fruits: lemon slices or peel, orange slices or peel, grapefruit slices or peel, and dried apples.
  3. Herbs: rosemary, thyme, bee balm, mint, fennel seeds.
  4. Spices: whole cloves, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves.
  5. Essential Oils or fragrant oils.

These are just a few ideas of many items you could use. These are all kinds of things that are naturally fragrant and that you might have in your pantry or in the garden, so why not use them?

There Are Two Kinds of Scented Oils:

  1. Essential Oils: These are natural oils obtained from the plant.
  2. Fragrant Oils: Which are manufactured versions of the natural oils.

How To make a Potpourri Gift

Below is a small potpourri gift basket that I made as a thank you gift for a friend who looked after my plants while I was away. I know she likes scented candles so I thought she would love this small potpourri gift basket.

Homemade Potpourri Method

How to Make a Potpourri Gift basket. dried rose petals. fragrant gift basket
  1. To make this potpourri gift basket I walked around my garden and chose some different colored rose petals, white, red and pink, Bee Balm leaves, Sweet Peas and I cut the orange peel from one orange, and ate the rest. 
  2. I left all of the above to dry until they were just crisp.
  3. After, I sprinkled a few drops of rose essential oil on top of the dried leaves.
  4. I bought a small gift basket; the circumference of the top of the basket measures 4 inches (10.2 cm) I filled the basket with my homemade potpourri.
  5. I then wrapped the basket with clear cellophane.
  6. Also, I made a gift tag by cutting a piece of patterned paper and used a fancy corner puncher to decorate the edges; used a hole puncher to make a hole. It's on the right of the basket, a stripy gift tag.
  7. The ribbon I used was floral wired ribbon and threaded the ribbon through the hole in the tag and tied it to the basket.

When your friend opens this homemade potpourri gift basket it will fill their room with a wonderful scent. What a great gift to give.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Search the web for more great homemade potpourri gift ideas.

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Do You Make Your Own Potpourri?

What flowers, herbs and other fragrant plant materials do you use? Do you make potpourri gifts? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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.......the word "Potpourri", is French and actually means a mixture of rotting fragrant petals and leaves!!    


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