How to Dye Flowers

How to Dye Carnations and Chrysanthemums

How to dye flowers. White Carnations and Chrysanthemums. Not sure how to dye white flowers different colors?

You can make your own fun looking colored Carnation or Chrysanthemum flowers and make your own different kind of floral gift basket with these easy step-by-step instructions on dying fresh flowers with food coloring. 

How to dye flowers? It's a good project to do with the children.

You can customize your flowers to whatever colors you desire, dark colors, light colors or even multicolored.

It's easy to make your own colored flowers and the best flowers to color are white Carnations, Roses, Daisies and Chrysanthemums.

They are popular flowers, available all year round and perfect for every occasion, they're the perfect flowers to use to make a floral gift basket.

How to Dye Flowers. Carnations. Chrysanthemums Using Food Coloring. dying flowers.

How to Dye Flowers

You can customize your flowers to whatever colors you desire. This would make a fantastic Mothers Day flower basket, birthday gift basket or even coloring flowers for your wedding day, because why not?

But remember, always choose the freshest flowers you can find and flowers that have not fully opened because by the time the flowers have fully opened, your homemade gift basket will look it's best for your family or friend's special event.

But first we want the flowers to change color to make that floral basket.

Below I've used two kinds of white Chrysanthemums and white Carnations but you can also use Roses and Daisies for this.



Things You Will Need:

  1. Some kind of containers; I have three drinking glasses because I am using three different colors.
  2. Food coloring. I have one packet of food coloring; the colors are yellow, blue, red and green.
  3. Flowers. I am using two kinds of Chrysanthemums, but you can also use Roses, Carnations or Daisies for this method.    

How to Dye Flowers Method:

  1. Fill your containers between 1/4 and 1/2 full of warm water. The stems absorb warm water quicker than cold water. Add food coloring, I used, from left to right, glass one has green coloring. Glass two has red coloring. Glass three has blue coloring.
  2. Cut the stems a bit longer than you need for your basket arrangement and be sure to cut the stems on a slant under running water to prevent any air bubbles forming in the stem.
  3. Leave the flowers in the water for two to three days and after that they should turn out like the picture below.


How to Dye Flowers. Carnations. Chrysanthemums Using Food Coloring. dying flowers.

These are Chrysanthemums, they took three days to turn this color and they are slightly delicate in color.

The colors are, from left to right, red, green and blue; I think the blue turned out the best.  

How to Dye Flowers. Carnations. Chrysanthemums Using Food Coloring. dying flowers.

I have also used Carnations and they turned out the best. I did these in the morning and by the evening the pink ones had started turning pink. By the next morning you could see the other two turning color.

The Carnation on the left turned light green with a hint of dark green around the edges.

The middle Carnation turned a nice pink with a hint of dark pink around the edges.

The Carnation on the right turned a nice yellow color with a hint of darker yellow around the edges.

This picture is after two days. The Carnations changed color a lot faster than the Chrysanthemums above and these are a better color. 



Give flower coloring a go, it's lots of fun and you can create some amazing colors for your floral gift baskets.

Great project to do with the children. See you soon!

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Do You Dye Flowers to Make as a Gift?

How did they turn out? What colors did you finish with? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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