How To Make an Envelope

Easy To Fold Envelope Out of Paper

How to make an envelope out of paper for a greeting card?
Do you have a card but no envelope? Here are three easy steps on how to fold an envelope for a greeting card and make it look special.

How to Make an Envelope Template 

Before you start making handmade envelopes you will need a good template. Use thick paper as this will be used over and over again.

For this template I used a thick brown paper bag and cut it to the size I needed. Once you have this template you can make any size envelope, the only thing that changes is the red square.

How to make an envelope out of paper for a card? Just place your greeting card on your paper and use the measurements below.

how to fold an envelope. how to make an envelope. handmade envelope
  1. Place your greeting card on the paper and draw around it. From this square you will start to measure your envelope, the red square on diagram.
  2. Measure ¼ inches (1cm) all around the card. This is to make the card loose when inserted into the envelope.
  3. Measure ¾ inches (2cm) on the left and right (C,B).
  4. At the top (D) measure 1¼ inches (3cm). This is the flap you will use to seal the envelope.
  5. (A) will depend on the size of your card. This has to cover all the greeting card, from the bottom to a ¼ inch (1cm) from the top.
  6. Cut this out. If you wish, you can cut the corners (B and C) at an angle as in the diagram.

Instructions on How To Fold an Envelope

Now you have your envelope template made, place it onto the paper you will be using for your envelope and cut around template.

You can cut the top (D) and bottom (A) edges with decorative scissors to make it more fancy, this is optional.

How to Make an Envelope for a Greeting Card.
  • It's time to start folding inwards on the dotted lines. Fold A, B and C inwards.

  • This should be the shape of your greeting card, but ¼ inch (1cm) bigger than your card. When you have folded all three sides, place your card on top just to make sure it's not too big or small.

How to Make an Envelope for a Greeting Card.
  • When all three sides are folded inwards, (A,B,C) glue along the two edges on flap A (left and right), fold up and glue to C and B. This will be how your envelope should look.
  • Flap D is where you fold over and seal it if sending by post or, if giving to someone by hand, seal with a decorative sticker.

Below is the End Result

To make this envelope I used the template above and placed it onto a squared pattered paper but this pattern is inside the envelope.

I decided to add some of that design to the outside and I think it looks good.

How to Make an Envelope out of Paper. How to Make an Envelope out of Paper.
As you can see I decorated the front to match the inside, leaving plenty of space to write the address.
On the back of the envelope I have cut the two edges with decorative scissors to make it look creative.

A handmade greeting card. Now that you have made your first handmade envelope, you can make lots of interesting greeting card envelopes for your next friend's birthday, get well, Easter or Christmas cards to go with your wonderful homemade gift basket ideas. How to make an envelope? It's easy!

Do You Make Your own Greeting Cards and Envelopes?

What kind do you make? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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