Lining a Gift Basket for Flowers

How To Line a Basket With Plastic 

Lining a gift basket for flowers. How to line a wicker basket using a plastic garbage bag, the cheap way.

Line a wicker basket with some sort of plastic so you can fill it with soil or use floral foam so you can water the plants/flowers.

You can use the expensive thick liners especially made for this job, but why? We all have garbage liners in our kitchen so lets use what we have!

If you are making homemade gift baskets with potted plants, bulbs, fresh cut flowers or pots of fresh herbs for an Easter gift basket, Christmas gift basket or a birthday gift basket, you will need to line the gift basket with plastic first. This is so the plants, bulbs, flowers or herbs can be watered and not make a mess everywhere.

Lining a Gift Basket for Flowers

This kind of basket can be used for herbs already in pots. Once lined just place your pots in the basket and fill in the spaces with green moss. 

  • Place a garbage bag (black or white will do) inside the basket. Trim the plastic to the rim of the basket.
  • If you can see the garbage bag through the basket, put a little moss in between the basket and the plastic.
  • If the basket is round place a plastic plate or silver foil plate in the bottom to act as a saucer for extra protection.

This lined basket is used for fresh cut flowers. If you are making a floral gift basket using fresh flowers, like Roses or Carnations, you will have to use a floral foam especially for fresh flowers. 

  • After lining your basket with plastic, place your floral foam/oasis into water until it is saturated and heavy.

  • Then place into your gift basket and secure it.

Lining a Gift Basket for fresh Flowers. How to Line a Basket with Plastic.

This kind of gift basket filled with soil is used for bulbs, fresh herbs, fresh potted plants.

  • When you have lined your basket with plastic fill it with soil, about 2 inches from the rim of the basket. 
  • When the bulbs grow, you can cover the soil with green moss.
  • You can use this kind of gift basket for planting bulbs, fresh herbs, green foliage plants.

Gift baskets like these are easy to put together and makes great gifts for the garden enthusiast friend.

Do You Make Your Own Floral Gift Baskets?

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