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How To Make a Card With Fabric Flower  

How to make a greeting card. Looking for a different kind of greeting card? The best and easy handmade card making ideas are here to give to your family and friends.

A great way to make your own personalized stationery and add that little some thing special to a greeting card.

Make your own special card for a birthday, Mother's Day, or make a greeting card for a special friend or a member of your family just to say "Hi!".

I like card making ideas to be easy and quick, but also to look special at the same time. They are the ideal gift to go with homemade gift basket ideas.

It's easy to buy a ready made card or send an electronic card, but somehow it's not the same. Whether you send or personally deliver a greeting card, it's nice to surprise friends with a handmade card. If they are like me, when I receive a handmade card I definitely keep it, and sometimes I even put the handmade card into a frame and hang it on the wall.

How to make a Tulip design greeting card from a piece of fabric. Handmade card. fabric.

Whether you make a greeting card or any other seasonal cards, you want them to be easy to make and also look nice. The card you see above, I made for my mother for Mother's Day, but it can easily be made as a birthday card, to go with a birthday gift basket, a thank you card to go with a thank you gift basket, or a get well soon card to go with a get well soon gift basket.

Whether you are making birthday cards or other greeting cards, enjoy creating special handmade cards and create some beautiful gifts.

How To Make a Greeting Card

This card was simple to make, I only used three things: pink card-stock, fabric, and some iron-on adhesive which you can get from a fabric store.

Make a Greeting Card Method

How to make a Tulip greeting card.
  1. To make this greeting card, you can use pink cardstock. Cut out a card measuring 11 inches by 8 1/2 inches (27.9cm by 21.6cm). Folded in half, it measures 5 1/2 inches by 8 1/2 inches (14cm by 21.6cm).
  2. Find a piece of fabric and cut the shape of a tulip, leaves and stem. Then, iron it onto some iron-on adhesive fabric and cut around the flower, leaves and stem. This stops the fabric from fraying.
  3. Use a sewing machine to sew around the flower, as close to the edge as possible, using pink thread for the flower and green thread for the leaves and stem.
  4. This card is blank inside. You can handwrite your message or use a computer to print your message onto some pink or white paper. Glue down the fold of the card and the paper, and glue the two together.

How to make a greeting card? You have just made your first greeting card -- Hooray!  hat wasn't too difficult! Next is a matching gift tag.

How To Make a Handmade Gift Tag

This gift tag can be used with the card above or on its own. Just write your message on the back of the gift tag.

I made this gift tag using the same pink cardstock as the greeting card above.

Gift Tag
  1. Cut out a square measuring 4 inches (10.2cm square) and use a corner hole puncher to make the edges look smooth.
  2. Print a any floral design on your computer and onto a piece of paper big enough to fit on the pink gift tag.
  3. Cut it out and glue it to the card.
  4. Get three colors of curling ribbon, (I chose white, yellow and green). Cut two lengths of each color, one length measuring 14 inches. (35.6cm)
  5. Then, get a hole puncher and punch a hole in the corner of the tag,  threaded matching ribbon through the hole and tie a knot (you can use any color curling ribbon you like.)
  6. Gather the curling ribbon and cut together so they are on top of one another. I found the middle and stapled the ribbons underneath the hole I punched on the gift tag.
  7. Lastly, get a pair of scissors and from the stapled end, pull the ribbon between your thumb and the scissors. This will make the ribbon curl, as shown in the picture. I did this to all of my curling ribbons.


To make this envelope I used patterned paper 12 inches square (30.5cm square) and then cut a template to the size of my greeting card.

It's important to make the address clearly visible on your envelope. Handwrite the address on a piece of white paper then cut it out, or write the address on your computer and print it onto some paper you can peel off and stick onto your envelope. I used a corner punch to make the corners look smooth.

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Do You Make Your Own Greeting Cards?

Maybe you were given a handmade card? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips about making greeting cards. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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