Pressed Flower Cards

Two Easy Project Ideas

Pressed Flower Cards. Stuck for greeting card ideas? Here's two easy handmade pressed flower projects you will want to make. Make a flower card design your friends will love to keep.

I like gardening as I know many of you do. In the summertime I look at the flowers in my garden and often think to myself, "How can I preserve these beautiful flowers?"

One way of doing this is by pressing them when they are at their best and making a pressed flower project like greeting cards or making beautiful pictures and framing them.

Whether you have a garden full of flowers or a garden with a few flowering plants or one or two plant pots by the front door, you can still preserve and press flowers and make a wonderful pressed flower project like these two below.

To press flowers you don't need any special tools you will only need a big book and tissue paper or kitchen towels. If you have a flower press that's great but not necessary. 

The flowers I used to make these two greeting cards where three pansies and one yellow calendula flower. I picked the flowers on a dry sunny day and straight away I pressed them in my big heavy book

After a few months they were ready to use for my pressed flower project, so I decided to make greeting cards because I had a birthday coming up and I also wanted to say thank you to a friend of mine. 

Personally, I think to receive a handmade greeting card with pressed flowers is not just another card, it's a gift which should be kept for ever and ever.

Ideas for Pressed Flower Cards

How to Make a Greeting Card using Pressed Pansies. dried flowers.
How to Make a Greeting Card using a Pressed Calendula Flower.  dried flowers.

There are lots of flowers, leaves and herbs which can be use for pressing. Maybe you had a bouquet of flowers given to you for a special occasion and you are looking to preserve some of the flowers. Not all of the flowers will dry well.

Those flowers would make a great framed picture, they're probably your favorite flowers, to hang on your wall.  

There are lots of pressed flower designs you can make into greeting cards or even gift tags for your friends. You can do lots of things with pressed flowers, the ideas are endless.

There are lots of other ways to preserve beautiful flowers like microwaving flowers, using a flower press or even air drying flowers.


Do You Make Your Own Greeting Cards?

What kind of cards do you make? What kind of pressed flower cards do you use? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips about making greeting cards. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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