Pressing Flowers in a Book

How to Preserve Flowers

Pressing Flowers. Want to know how to press flowers in a book? Here's easy flower pressing instructions that everyone can do. Preserving fresh flowers that last forever. 

Pressing flowers is a fantastic way of preserving fresh flowers and keeping your memories and remembering those happy times.

Did you receive a beautiful floral arrangement as a gift? Your favorite flowers, they smell wonderful. You wish they would last forever so why not press your beautiful flowers?

Maybe you have christened your baby and received a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Or you would like to save your wedding flowers or your special birthday flowers.

Wouldn’t it be nice the make a collage from pressed flowers and frame it with a picture of your wedding day or your new baby in the middle? 

The things you can make with pressed flowers are endless. For example, you could make greeting cards, invitation cards, bookmarks, a flower picture that you can frame and put on the wall.

These also make excellent gifts for family and friends, any time of year. The ideas are endless, so get creative and create some unique gifts and memories.

How to Press Fresh Flowers in a Book

There are so many ways of preserving fresh flowers it can get confusing. Pressing flowers in between books and flower presses has been done for many years. It may not be the quickest way, but I think it's the easiest way. That's why I like pressing fresh flowers between the pages of a big book and with a little patience you can get great results!

Pressing Pansies in a Book

On the right are black, yellow and red Pansies. As you can see, with the yellow and red pansies, their color has faded to a paler color. The black Pansy has stayed a nice black.

Pressing Flowers in a Book: Pansies and Candy Tuffs. dried flowers. preserving flowers.

On the right I pressed black and red Pansies and also 2 Candy tufts (white and light purple) which have kept their color quite well.

Pressing Flowers. How to Press Yellow Calendula Flowers in a Book.

These pressed flowers are yellow Daisies, Calendula Daisies. They turned out very good but when I lifted them off the book using tweezers some of their petals fell off. So be very careful because their petals become very thin and fragile.

If a few petals should fall off don't worry, you can glue them into place when you use them for a project. I made a greeting card with one of these flowers.

You can also try air drying flowers and drying flowers and leaves in the microwave, also easy methods of preserving fresh flowers.

Below are step-by-step instructions to help you press your fresh flowers between the pages of a heavy book and the things you will need to get started.

Things You Need For Pressing Flowers:

  1.  A heavy book
  2. Kitchen towels
  3. Something heavy like tins, heavy weights, big books


  1. Make sure the flowers are dry. Don't pick them if it has just rained. 
  2. Open the book and insert a piece of kitchen towel onto the page.
  3. Take your flower(s) and place it onto the kitchen towel. If the calyx of the flower (calyx is the green leaves that enclose the actual bud also called Sepals) is very thick gently squeeze the center of the flower between your finger and thumb so it becomes flat.
  4. Lay the flowers on the kitchen towel, if you are using small flowers you can place more than one but make sure the petals do not overlap each other.
  5. Turn over about ten pages and repeat the process. Do this until the book is full or until you use all your flowers.

  6. Put something heavy on top of the book and leave for about two weeks. After two weeks open the book and have a look.
  7. If the kitchen towel is damp, replace it and carefully place the flowers onto some dry kitchen towel and press for another two or more weeks. The longer the better!

Now that you know how to press flowers, you can create all sorts of beautiful gifts. Also, pressing flowers from your garden is a wonderful hobby to do.

Must go, got some flower pressing to do. See you soon! 

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Do You Press Your Own Flowers?

What do you make with your pressed flowers? Greeting cards, book marks..? Let me know what flowers you use and what you make with them.  

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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