Sewing Basket Liners

How to Sew a Basket Liner With a Handle

Sewing Basket Liners. Do you have a basket that needs a fabric lining? Then follow these easy steps on how to sew a liner for a basket with handles. Decorate your own fabulous gift baskets ideas with fun fabric.

Sewing Basket Liners. Do you have a basket that needs a fabric lining? Then follow these easy steps on how to sew a liner for a basket with handles. Decorate your own fabulous gift baskets ideas with fun fabric.

Sewing basket liners for your homemade gift baskets transforms an ordinary basket into something beautiful.

Whether you are making an Easter basket liner, or just making a liner to spruce up an old basket you have lying around the house collecting dust. I am sure the basket will be transformed and look nice when lined with pretty fabric.

Sewing basket liners is easy to do and if you like sewing like I do then it's a good opportunity to use up those scrap pieces of fabric you have!

Don't worry if you do not have scrap fabric. There are lots of fun fabrics at your local fabric store and if you look in the discount fabric or cheap fabric corner you can get a meter or two of fabric really cheap.

Baskets come in all shapes and sizes and if this is your first time sewing a basket liner then I suggest buying a square or rectangle basket. 

How to Sew a Liner for a Basket with Handles. Sewing a basket liner.

For this basket on the right, I lined it with leftover green check material I had after making a small duvet cover.

This lining would be suitable as a baby basket liner or as an Easter basket liner. Just imagine this basket filled with Easter goodies!!

The beauty of sewing your own basket liners is that you can make a liner to match the decor in a room in your home or one for every season throughout the year.


Sewing a Basket Liner

Things You Will Need:

  • A basket. It's easier to line a square or rectangle basket for beginners.  
  • Pins. For pinning.
  • Fabric. For this basket I used half a meter, I am sure you will not need more than 1 meter for a basket.
  • Tape measure. For measuring.
  • Scissors. For cutting.
  • Thread. A matching color or white thread.
  • And a Sewing Machine or you could sew by hand.

Method for Sewing Basket Liners:

Picture #1

Measure the base of the basket. This material measures 7.5 inches square (19.05cm)

Picture #2

Then measure the inside of the basket. Around the inside, depth and half way down the outside and add 1 inch (2.05 cm) seam allowance.

And because the top of my basket is bigger than the base I have to cut my fabric at an angle.

These are my Measurements for Picture #2:

Around the inside top of the basket:

                     38 inches + 1 inch seam allowance = 39 inches. 

                     96.5 cm + 2.5 cm seam allowance =  99 cm.   

Around the inside base, this measures:

                     7.5 x 4 = 30 inches + 1 inch seam allowance = 31 inches.

                     19.05 x 4 = 76.02 cm + 2.05 cm seam allowance = 78.07 cm

The depth of the inside and half way down the outside of my basket measures:

                     6 + 3 + 1 inch seam allowance = 10 inches

                     15.4 + 7.6 + 2.5 cm = 25.05 cm

And cut out.

If your basket has sides at an angle, it should look like picture #2 when cut out.

But if your basket has straight sides your fabric will be an oblong shape, straight at the sides.


  • I folded the material in half and I sewed 1 inch away from the edge (seam allowance) and pressed the seam open.

  • I pinned the base material (picture #1) to the side material (picture #2) then I sewed around (right sides together). No need to press open.

  • Because the basket has handles I needed to cut out 4 pieces of fabric so I can tie around the handles.
  • These strips measure 12 inches long by 1 1/4 inches wide (30.5 cm long by 3.5 cm wide).
  • I used contrasting fabric for this part.
  • These strips are to tie around the base of the handle, as you will see after.

  • I brought the two sides and the two ends together and pressed down.
  • Then I folded that in half and pressed again. 
  • I did that to all four strips.

  • Once I did that, I sewed as close as possible down the edges.

  • When all four strips are ready, I then cut and sewed the openings for the handles. I sewed the strips of fabric to the material, as you can see in this picture.

  • For extra decoration I sewed a strip of different fabric to the bottom of the green checkered material.
  • This fabric measures 2.5 inches wide + 1 inch seam allowance = 3.5 inches. (6.5 cm wide + 2.5 cm seam allowance = 9 cm.)

Sewing basket liners for your homemade gift baskets is fun to do and makes any basket look special. Filled with lots of food goodies for Easter, lots of baby gifts for a baby shower or even baked goods for a homemade thank you gift basket. 

So get creative sewing basket liners!!

Did You Sew Your Own Liner for a Gift Basket?

what kind of fabric and basket did you use?  I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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