Shredded Tissue Paper

How to Make Your Own Gift Basket Shred

Run out of shredded paper for your gift basket? Don't worry! Reuse that colored tissue paper you have in the drawer as gift basket filler.

Here’s how to make shredded paper without a shredder. I have lots of ideas what you can to use to make your own DIY shredded paper for gift baskets. 

We all have some tissue paper in the drawer from that present or gift bag we've received. Pretty colored tissue paper and it's a shame to throw it out, so let's recycle it and find a new use for that colored shredded paper and use it as fillers for your next homemade gift basket idea.

I know you can buy decorative shredded paper (gift basket grass) at the store, but why bother when you can make your own for free!

Make Your own Shredded Tissue Paper. white shredded paper.  colored shredded paper . gift basket filler.shred paper.

These 3 colored tissue paper on the left (a Valentine tissue with red hearts, a dark green and a turquoise) I cut them by hand and it looks just like the ones from the store.

I do have a shredder but mine does not shred tissue paper very well.

From one packet of tissue paper I can make tons of shredded tissue paper. You can mix the colors up as well.

There's an array of tissue paper that you can shred and colors to match your gift basket occasion.

A Variety of Shredded Tissue Papers and More

Shredded Tissue Paper. How to Make Your Own Gift Basket Shred. shred. blue shredded tissue paper.

Below I have a selection of shredded papers, also known as gift basket shred or paper grass filler, and other materials you can recycle and use as shredded tissue for your homemade gift basket ideas.

Shredded tissue paper is what you put on top of the scrunched up newspaper, Styrofoam chips which is used to hide it, add color and fill in the gaps.

You know when you buy a handbag or any other kind of bag? Well, it's filled with lots of grey paper, this is ideal for filling baskets, and then topped with colored decorative shredded paper.

All the shredded tissue paper below is cut with scissors.

Turquoise Shredded Paper:

This first shred is a turquoise color. A great filler for a baby gift basket or for a mother's day gift basket. As shown above.   

Two-Tone Colored Shredded Paper:

This shred is a two-tone colored tissue paper. Green and orange color. A perfect combination as a filler for a Thanksgiving gift basket.

Green Shredded Paper:

This shred is a dark green color. This can be mixed with red or white tissue paper for a Christmas gift basket filler.


An Easter basket lined with an Easter type fabric and filled with shredded paper, topped with those Easter treats.

Patterned Shredded Paper:

This shred has a Valentine print on it. Little hearts shredded, makes a colourful filler for a Valentines gift basket.

White Shredded Tissue:

This is white shredded tissue. You know when you buy shoes, boots, etc....this tissue paper is inside. Save it!! Recycle it!! Don't throw it out!! It makes a good gift basket filler when cut into shreds.

So from one packet of tissue paper you can make lots of shred for your next homemade gift basket ideas. You can also use small leftover tissue paper. So get shredding!!

More Ideas for Shredded Paper:

You can also use diffident materials to shred. Just like leftover gift wrapping paper, plastic garbage bags; they come in black, white and orange (in fall). Here are a few ideas to get you thinking:

This shred is made from letter size paper and I used my shredder for this. White shred can be used for any occasion gift basket or mixed with other colored paper to make a colorful filler.

Glittery Gold Shredded Paper:

This shred is made from 'Glitter Film Wrap'. On one side it's glittery gold and on the other side it's glittery sliver. So you have two colors in one!

This shred is ideal for Christmas baskets or a wedding anniversary gift basket.

Red and Sliver Shredded Paper

This red and sliver shred is made from gift wrapping paper. The shinny rolls.

This shred is ideal to use for a Christmas basket, Valentines basket or as a filler for a fun gift basket.

White Shredded Plastic

I cut this shred from a white garbage bag. You can also use black garbage bags, and in the fall you can use orange. You can also recycle grocery bags but make sure there is no writing on the bag.

Shredded Cellophane

This cellophane shred I cut from leftover gift basket cellophane. I always have some cellophane whether it's from gifts that are given to me or from making gift baskets. 

Did You Make a Gift Basket?

What kind of shredded paper did you use?
I would love to hear your stories, ideas and any tips for making gift baskets.
Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others!

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