Sugar Free Gift Baskets

Easy to Make Healthy Basket Ideas

Sugar Free Gift Baskets. Easy to Make. Helping friends watch their sugar intake?
Here you will find lots of ideas for making delicious healthy snack gift baskets for family and friends. Appetizing treats for everyone.

Sugar Free Gift Baskets. The first thing you think of when people say "sugar free" is they must be Diabetic.

Not necessarily, more people are going sugar free and turning to healthier products more and more these days.

Not only health conscious parents trying to reduce their children's sugar intake, but also adults, watching their own sugar intake.

So next time you are stuck for a gift idea, make a sugar free gift basket.

If one of your friends or family members are Diabetic or just watching their sugar intake, below are some great suggestions for delicious mouthwatering sugar free gift baskets, for you to make into tasty homemade gift basket ideas for any time of year.

How to Make Healthy Gift Baskets

How to Make a Fruit Gift Basket

You can't go wrong with a selection of mouthwatering fresh fruits. These contain natural sugars and are low in carbs. Making your own sugar free gift basket is a time to introduce different kinds of fruits, so why not try exotic fruits? (Kiwi, figs, citrus and pomegranate juice.)

  1. To make this fruit gift basket buy a round basket and a packet of green shredded paper.
  2. Fill the basket with shredded paper.
  3. Chose fruits that were a little under ripe. This is because they are likely to be lying around for a few days in the fruit bowl, where they will ripen fully.
  4. Arrange your fruits in the basket. You can either shrink wrap the gift basket or wrap it in clear cellophane. 
How to Make a Delicious Fruit Gift Basket. healthy gift basket.

The fruits for this basket are bananas, a pineapple, apples, apricots, kiwis and small oranges.



A Diabetic Snack Gift Basket Idea

When family and friends get peckish between meals, keep their hunger at bay with this delicious snack gift basket. It can be made with a choice of popcorn, Pistachio nuts, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Soybeans, Pine nuts, Cashew nuts and Sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds.

Fill your basket with scrunched up paper and cover that with shredded paper. You could make a few pretty gift bags to put your nuts and seeds in and arrange them in your basket. Wrap the gift basket with cellophane and tie with a nice ribbon.

A Breakfast Gift Basket Idea

This gift basket will start your friend's day off perfectly. It may be filled with appetizing foods like, small packets of breakfast cereal, oatmeal, bran, porridge oats, honey and fruit to sprinkle on top, low sugar jams and one or two packets of flavored coffee (beans or instant).

The basket for this gift could be a dark brown rectangular shaped basket. Fill it to the top with shredded paper and arrange your gifts on top.

You can shrink wrap this gift basket for a professional look.

An Omega-3 Gift Basket Idea

A gift basket jam-packed with omega-3 foods, this is the perfect healthy gift basket to give. It can be filled with good things like tins of salmon, mackerel, tuna or herrings; olives, low carb crackers and cheeses; and even some relishes or pickles.

The basket for this would be a natural colored round basket, filled with shredded paper and covered with tissue paper. After you have arranged your gifts in the basket, wrap it in clear cellophane.

A Cookie Gift Basket Idea


Making sugar free gift baskets does not mean they cannot have sweet treats. Look for foods like cookies, chocolates and candies with low sugar in them.

If you want to spend a bit more money on your gift basket, go to a specialist Diabetic store where they specialize in Diabetic foods and snacks.

Photo Courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian

A Blender Gift Basket Idea

A blender is an excellent gadget. They come in small sizes, excellent for one person or bigger sizes, excellent for families. These create quick and easy, healthy and appetizing recipes.

To give this basket a theme to work from, you could buy a blender recipe book and pick one recipe from that. Depending on the ingredients, you could buy ingredients for one of those recipes. This would make an excellent gift basket.

The basket I would use for the gift above could be wire baskets or a basket that could be used in a kitchen afterwards. You could wrap your gift basket with colored cellophane to make it look more fun. Tie a bow and a gift tag to your finished healthy gift baskets.

Sugar Free Gift Basket Ideas

Sugar free gift baskets can still be fun and enjoyable. With a wider selection of products becoming more easily available, it's not hard to make your own gift basket. These gift baskets are excellent as get well gift baskets, birthday gift baskets, thank you gift baskets.

Here are a few great ideas to get you thinking more healthy when making your own homemade gift basket ideas.

A Veggie Gift Basket Idea

Don't be put off by the name 'A Veggie Gift Basket.' This basket is a healthy and different alternative to the every day baskets. Refresh their taste buds by placing small veggies like radishes, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, small cucumbers, in small cellophane gift bags.

Add an assortment of dips. (Look for organic or low sugar dips) This is a great gift basket for snacking on throughout the day.

A Candy Gift Basket Idea

We can still eat candies and be healthy but everything in moderation.

Choose low sugar, good quality chocolates (the cheaper chocolates are loaded with sugars), nuts covered in chocolate, raisins covered in chocolate (raisins are naturally sweet). You can even could make your own granola bars?

Photo Courtesy of Lea Csontos

An Italian Gift Basket Idea

We all like Italian food. Pasta or spaghetti in that delicious tomato sauce, topped with fresh herbs! Making your own gift basket as a gift is an excellent idea.

With a selection of whole wheat pasta, garlic, onions, tinned tomatoes, fresh herbs or dried, spices and one of your best recipes for tomato sauce or an Italian cook book to help them create their own mouth-watering pasta sauce which in turn will have less sugar and salt but have lots more flavor.

 Gift Baskets for Kids

What child doesn't like candies? Create a fun gift basket with lots of reduced sugar candies. Try and choose different kinds of good quality chocolates instead of sugar coated candies, the more cocoa in the chocolate, the better it is for you.)

Add in low sugar granola bars or make your own granola bar and their favorite popcorn.

Low sugar drinks, pretzels coated in chocolate or plain pretzels, fun size packets of raisins and always one or two fruits.

If this sugar free gift basket is for young children add some coloring books, crayons and soft toys. That way you add less candies in your basket.

Sugar Free Gift Baskets: Healthy Blender Gift Basket

A blender is an excellent gadget to have in the kitchen. It creates quick and easy healthy and appetizing recipes, like smoothies and kids love smoothies! Smoothies are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

To make this gift basket, buy a small blender and a recipe book for using the blender an pick out a recipe from the book. Buy the ingredients for that recipe and make a scrumptious gift basket for your friends or family members and show them, sugar free is fun and good.

The baskets I would use for the three sugar free gift baskets above would be a square shaped basket, maybe in a particular color.

For example, the veggie gift basket could be a green basket.

The candy gift basket can be spray painted all different colors, and the Italian basket could be a neutral colored basket.

The kid's gift basket could be a basket spray painted all different colors.

Buy a basket already lined, or line the basket yourself. You could even shrink wrap your gift basket, or wrap your beautifully homemade sugar free gift baskets in different colored cellophanes to jazz things up.

Sugar free gift baskets make healthy eating habits.

Don't forget to attach a greeting card or a gift tag to your wonderful gift basket.

Didn't find what you were looking for? Search the web for more great sugar free and healthy gift baskets.

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