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How to Make Staff and Client Gift Baskets

Thank you gift basket ideas. Employee and customer appreciation gift basket ideas. Here's lots of great suggestions for affordable employee and customer gift baskets. Gourmet coffee gift basket, bath spa gift baskets, gift baskets with chocolate.

Attention all you companies out there! Are you looking for a gift to give to your employees, clients, co-workers, or anyone else? 

Did your company do well this year? How can you show your company's  appreciation to your clients, partners, colleagues and employees? The answer is right here, easy appreciation gift basket ideas. By making your own corporate gift baskets you add that personal touch to any gift.

 Employee Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Did an employee get a promotion? Is someone retiring or is an employee going on maternity leave? For whatever reason, a great way to celebrate their departure is with a beautiful employee thank you gift basket.

Here are some great ideas for making your own thank you gift basket.

A Barbecue Gift Basket Idea

Everyone loves to Barbecue in the summer, so what could be a more perfect gift than a barbeque gift basket?

Line a square basket with a table cloth and fill it with spices, sauces, barbecue utensils, oven gloves and a nice apron. You can shrink wrap the basket or use clear cellophane.

A Spa Thank You Gift Basket Idea

Gifts for women could be a spa gift basket because the ladies love to pamper themselves.

This basket could be a rectangle shape. Line your basket with fabric. Fill it with scrunched up paper and cover that with colored tissue paper.

Place items like bubble bath, fragrant soaps, body lotions, facial scrubs, shower gels, different shaped loofahs and a gift card to a local spa.

A Beer Gift Basket Idea

For the men. A beer gift basket is appreciated by all. Fill the bucket with a selection of beer bottles or cans and a selection of chips and salted nuts, and snacks. Fill a sliver bucket with Styrofoam chips and cover with shredded paper or artificial ice cubes.

Wrap the bucket with clear or colored cellophane.

A Coffee and Cookies Gift Basket Idea

Who doesn't like to drink coffee? And everyone loves to eat chocolate. Why not put the two together?

For this gift basket use a dark brown basket and fill it with scrunched up paper, then cover that with white tissue paper.

Fill the basket with one or two packets of coffee, instant or beans, and a selection of chocolate cookies. Cover the basket with cellophane or try something different, shrink wrap the gift basket.

Tea and Cookie Gift Basket Idea

A refreshing cup of tea will start the day off nicely. I recommend a rectangular shaped basket for this kind of gift because I always think it can be used afterwards to store packets of tea or coffee in.

Line this basket with a pretty tea towel and fill with  a selection of herbal teas or English teas, a cup and some napkins with the company's logo on it. You can add a selection of cookies or snack bars.

Wrap this gift basket with clear cellophane and tie with a big bow. An appreciation gift basket.

Customer Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Do you have clients that keep coming back and are loyal to your company? The gift to give has to be something special.

Below are some great and inexpensive customer appreciation gifts; try making these delicious personalized business gifts into the best gift baskets ever.

A Personalized Business Wine Gift Basket Idea

Choose a natural colored basket. Fill the basket with straw, and place the gifts on top. These gifts could be a good selection of cheeses or patés, with a packet of crackers. Or try a small cheese knife and a variety of grapes. You could add a bottle or two of good wine. Wrap this gift in clear cellophane and a nice bow.

A Personalized Business Cookie Gift Basket Idea

Everyone loves a cookie or two with their tea or coffee in the afternoon. A gift basket filled with these mouthwatering cookies is the best gift to give.

Fill the basket with a selection of chocolate cookies, oatmeal cookies, plain cookies, creamy centered cookies, or shortbread; whatever cookies you think they will like.

Shrink wrap this basket and tie a bow around it.

A Personalized Business Chocolate Gift Basket Idea 

Chocolate. Chocolate. Mmm. Everyone's favorite. To get a gift basket filled with all kinds of different chocolates would be a chocolate lover's dream.

For this gift, choose a natural colored basket, line it with dark brown tissue paper or brown shredded paper.

Fill the basket with milk, dark or white bars of chocolate, truffles, chocolate coated nuts, chocolate coated raisins, chocolate coated cookies, anything with chocolate is ideal for this basket. This basket will go down a treat.


Wrap your thank you gift basket ideas in cellophane. Have your company's logo printed on the cellophane or on your gift tag and finish the basket with a pretty bow.

Corporate Holiday Gift Baskets

Did you make a good business deal this year? Have you got good business partners which have made good business decisions with you this year, or have you just finished a good business deal with someone?

Nowadays businesses forget to show appreciation to their work force. Don't be afraid, give a gift basket. This gesture will go a long way.

That's why these gifts have to be something special. Find out what interests or hobbies your clients have. For example:

A Golf Accessories Gift Basket Idea

This basket can be for a man or woman golf enthusiast. If you play golf with your business partners, a golf gift basket would be an excellent gift to give.

The basket for this could be a thermal bag, as this will keep their drinks cold as they get their holes in one around the course.

Inside the bag put things like golf balls, tees, golf gloves, a cap or maybe a golf shirt. Add some snacks in case they get a little peckish.

This is an excellent time to add your company's logo on any of these items.

Thank You Gift Basket: Gourmet Basket

If you want to say Thank You, what better way than with a gift basket filled with a bottle of wine, a small selection of cheeses and crackers, and a bunch of green, black and red grapes.

Corporate Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

 Picnic Baskets And Hamper Ideas

Picnic baskets and hampers are fantastic gifts to give and are always popular especially at Christmas time. When the festive feeling is in the air everyone loves to receive hampers filled with Christmas goodies and food you do not usually have throughout the year.

Jam-pack the picnic baskets or hampers with delicious Christmas goodies for everyone to enjoy.

Below are two ideas to get you thinking. Happy Holidays!

1. This picnic basket or hamper could have a selection of tinned hams, vegetables, and soups, dried pastas, Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, cookies, jams, chutneys, chocolates, pickles, packet of sauce mixes, stuffing or even a medium-sized frozen chicken.

Select the items just mentioned or put together your own selection!

2. If you are really stuck for ideas I suggest a luxury food hamper. This can be filled with Christmas food such as tinned meats, tinned fish (tuna, crab meat), some pickles, energy bars, cookies, instant coffee, teas, cubes of sugar, dried milk, chocolate, relishes, or mixed nuts, a bottle of wine or some beer, two glasses and a bottle opener.

Add something with your company's logo in the basket.

Wrap your corporate Christmas gift basket ideas in cellophane. Print your company's logo on the cellophane or on your card or gift tag and finish the basket by wrapping a bow around the picnic basket or hamper.

There's no need to wrap it in cellophane, if it's too big just tie a big bow around it.

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Did You Receive a Thank You Gift Basket?

From your work colleagues or a customer? Or did you make some lovely appreciation gift baskets for your co-workers, customers....?

I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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Tips for Making Lots of Gift Baskets!

1. If you are making lots of business gift baskets, buying the gifts in bulk works out a lot cheaper.

2. Choose the right basket for the gifts.

3. Wrap your gift baskets in cellophane. Print your company's logo on the cellophane and on your gift tag and finish the basket with a pretty bow. 





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