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Unique thank you gift baskets for friends. Need a last minute thank you gift? Gift baskets are the answer. Ideas for a candle, chocolate or a 'Thank you for baby shower'. Lots of thank you gift ideas friends will love to receive. 

Making your own unique thank you gift basket has so much more meaning than just saying thank you, and it's a shame people do not give thank you gifts anymore nowadays. 

Maybe you think it's too expensive or the thank you gift has to be "the bigger the better", that's nonsense.

What has happened to 'the thought that counts?'. Make the best thank you gift basket ideas and express your gratitude with a great unique thank you gift basket.

A unique thank you gift idea can be anything from wedding thank you gift baskets, a baby shower thank you gift basket, a corporate thank you gift basket, or a neighborly thank you gift basket, a thank you basket "just for listening," or a thank you basket "just for being there."

Below are some great unique  thank you gift ideas for you to make into fabulous homemade gift baskets. So say thanks to your friends and family members with a unique thank you gift basket

 Wedding Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

A Thank You Chocolate Gift Basket Idea

Everyone loves chocolates or anything with chocolate, I know I do. The basket for this gift could be a natural colored one. Fill the basket with scrunched up paper then cover it with tissue paper. Place your chocolate gifts on top, and put more tissue paper between the gifts.

Your items could be a selection of chocolates, dark, milk and white, chocolate cookies, nuts in chocolate, truffles, etc.

When you have done that, wrap the basket in clear cellophane and tie with a bow.

 A Unique Thank You Gift

CANDLES. A wedding thank you gift basket made with candles. Us ladies loves the smell of scented candles in our homes. There are so many colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances available.

You can make your own candle gift basket to say thanks for helping or being my Matron of Honor at my wedding. Candles are a sweet smelling gift to give.

Photo Courtesy of Helmut Gevert
Photo Courtesy of stef ~

The basket to use for this gift can be any size, big or small depending on the size of candles you use and how many you would like to put into the basket. It can be a color theme or different colors. The basket can also be color coordinated to the color of the candles. 

Photo Courtesy of George Harpwood

Above are four ideas for candle gift baskets and you can surround the candles in the basket with potpourri.

You can make medium sized gift bags and fill them with colored glass pebbles or go for the natural pebbles.

You may have some shells you collected last year on your vacation and  not quite sure what to do with them. Put them into a pretty cellophane gift bag and place them into the basket.

One more item to finish it off is a plate or some kind of dish to arrange everything on and catch the melting candle wax.

Try using colored cellophane or shrink wrap when wrapping your beautifully handmade thank you gift basket ideas. 

Make thank you gift baskets that friends will love to receive.

Baby Shower Thank You Gift Basket Ideas

Did your work colleagues give you a wonderful gift or gifts before you left work to go on maternity leave? Did your friend organize a surprise baby shower? Would you like to say thanks very much? How about making a unique thank you for the baby shower gift basket?

A Thank You Fruit Gift Basket Idea

A Fresh Idea for Unique Thank You Gift Baskets. fruit basket. healthy gift basket

These baskets go down a treat because they are healthy and delicious.

To make the basket on the left I used a round basket and lined it with green shredded paper. I then filled the basket with a selection of fruits (I chose fruits a little under ripe) or you could also use a mixture of dried and fresh fruit.

Try adding different fruits than the normal ones. Nuts, plain nuts, nuts covered in seasoning or chocolate, packets of trail mixes or a few granola bars.

Either use shrink wrap or clear cellophane to wrap your basket. Be generous with your gift basket because remember, it has to be shared and enjoyed by a lot of people.

A Thank You Coffee and Chocolate Gift Basket Idea

The Perfect Thank You Gift Basket to Make. shrink wrap a basket. chocolate gift basket.

Everyone loves their coffee in the morning. Start their day at work with coffee and chocolate cookies. A selection of instant coffee or coffee beans, you know what coffee they like, and a variety of chocolate cookies. With this gift basket you will be a star!

The basket I would use for this would be a plain basket, either beige or dark brown. Line the basket with shredded paper and use tissue paper or colored shredded paper on top.

Arrange your goodies on top. Wrap your thank you gift ideas in clear cellophane and tie a bow or wrap your thank you gift in shrink wrap.

A Thank You Snack Gift Basket Idea

This basket will be a lifesaver. When your friends feel a bit peckish between meals, this is the basket to give.

The basket I would use for this gift would be a dark brown rectangular basket. Line it with scrunched up paper then cover that with white shredded paper.

Place your gifts on top, these could be a variety of delicious granola bars, low-calorie snacks (for those watching their weight), chips and dips, and always add some fresh fruit.

Pull the white shredded paper between the gifts and once you have done that, wrap your basket with cellophane and a nice bow!

Don't forget your thank you card or gift tag.

Great Ideas for Individual Thank You Gift baskets

This is for smaller baby shower thank you gifts. Individual gifts to a friend or mom who has organized a baby shower.

Use a small natural colored gift basket and fill it with white shredded paper. Place your gifts on top, which could be travel-size toiletries such as body lotion, aromatherapy oils and small scented candles, etc or even some jewelry such as, necklace and earrings (because all woman like these things).

Fill the spaces around the items with potpourri; when they unwrap their gift basket, it will release a wonderful scent.

If you like baking, bake some tasty cupcakes, cakes or cookies. Place some baked goods in a small gift basket lined with fabric or a tea towel and wrap the basket in cellophane and tie with a nice bow.

Don't forget a card or a gift tag saying "Thanks so much!" attached to your unique thank you gifts.

Ideas for Thank You Gift Baskets

A Thank You Gift Basket Idea for a Wonderful Meal

Have you ever been to a friend's house for a meal and the next day you thought, "that was a great meal, good company and lots of fun!".  A nice way to say thank you to the host for a wonderful evening is with unique thank you gifts made into a great gift basket.

The kind of basket I would use for this is a silver wire basket; don't forget, this basket could be used afterwards in your friend's kitchen.

Line this gift basket with scrunched up paper then cover with shredded tissue paperThe items to arrange on top could be packets of dried herbs or fresh herbs, spices and sauces. Or try a selection of cookies and cakes or a choice of cheeses and crackers, you name it!

When you have done that, place more tissue paper in between the gifts to make the gift basket look fuller.

A Gourmet Thank You Gift Basket Idea

If the person likes cooking foreign dishes go for Italian, Chinese, Mexican or an Indian gift basket. You could add items like, one packet of small pasta or rice, a jar of olives, garlic, dried herbs, small bottles of fragrant oils, spices, or a cookbook for more mouth-watering recipes. Or try an apron for the chef and a bottle of good wine. Adjust the food to the cuisine of the country you choose.

Say Thank You With Flowers

A Thank You Plant Gift Basket Idea

A plant gift basket is a great gift to receive because it's filled with lots of colorful flowers and fragrances or green foliage plants. You can have a herb basket which enhances the flavor of any food. Everyone loves herbs and flowers. Here are a few ideas for plant gift baskets.

How to Plant Yellow Asiatic Lily Bulbs in a Basket
  • You can buy packets or jars of dried herbs and add a recipe book.
  • You can buy fresh herbs in pots and put them into a round or oblong gift basket. Line the basket with thick plastic, buy enough pots to fill your basket, surround the pots with moss and you have an instant herb garden. Fragrant thank you gift ideas.
  • You can even make a basket filled with spring or summer flowering bulbs.
  • Great unique thank you gifts to make and receive.
  • Choose the right basket for your gifts. If you are making a basket with fresh herbs or bulbs no need to wrap it in cellophane. Don't forget to attach a thank you card or gift tag to your thank you gift ideas.

You could buy some packets of herb or plant seeds, small pots, etc. Sometimes you can find small pots with soil already inside, you just need to buy the seeds.

Say thank you with flowers. After all, they could have said no. Everyone loves to receive a beautiful flower arrangement, especially if the flowers are scented. Making your own flower gift basket adds that personal touch to a gift.

I made this gift basket below for my friend to say thank you for looking after my house while I was on holiday. 

Thank You Plant Gift Basket, floral gift basket.
  1. To make this basket I bought four potted house plants (Azalea, Peace Lilly, Holly and a Clematis). Don't forget to water the plants well before you put them in the basket.
  2. I Bought a basket big enough to hold my plants.
  3. I lined my basket with a double layer of black garbage bag.
  4. I placed the house plants inside the basket and filled in the gaps with green moss. How easy is that to make.
  5. You could also make a floral gift basket arrangement with a few Roses, Carnations or other fresh flowers. Buy two bunches of flowers from the store and arrange them in a basket, using wet floral foam.
  6. Some great unique thank you gift ideas, bursting with color and happiness.
  7. You can mix flowers with the same colors or different colors. If it's spring use spring colors; yellows, pinks, green, lavender. If it's fall use fall colors; orange, reds, green, yellows.
  8. Don't forget your handmade card or gift tag.

Your floral thank you gift baskets will be overflowing with blossoms and will make any room look fresh and welcoming. A unique thank you gift.

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What Kind of Thank You Gift Basket Did You Receive or Make?

Did you make one for a baby shower, wedding or some other special occasion? I would love to hear your stories, ideas or tips for making gift baskets. Go to my contact me page and share your ideas with me and others.

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