A Valentine Day Gift Idea

Handmade Gift Baskets for Your Valentine. 

A Valentine day gift idea. Need a gift for your Romeo, or Juliet? I have lots of easy and affordable Valentine's day gift baskets you can make, a romantic gift basket made with love.

Looking for a valentine day gift idea? Look no further! Valentines Day is a time when romance fills the air and when hearts are fluttering and kisses are blowing in the wind.

Need some good ideas for Valentines Day? Well, it has to be a Valentine gift basket filled with romantic and delicious gifts like chocolate gifts, Valentine cookies, wine, engagement rings, friendship rings or jewelry.

Or maybe Valentine flowers made into a basket of red roses.

A Valentine Day Gift Idea!

Below are some great Valentine Day gift ideas. Homemade gift basket ideas for you to make into the best Valentine's Day gift for your Romeo or Juliet, sure to bring passion to your darling sweetheart.    

 A Valentine Chocolate Gift Basket Idea

This basket has to be red, or a light pink. Line it with red or white silk fabric; if it's a small basket, use a silk scarf to line your gift basket.

Fill it with milk or white chocolate in red wrappers, a small teddy bear with a red ribbon, or heart shaped cookies with red icing, even chocolate cupcakes with red icing.

Valentine Bath and Spa Gift Basket Idea.

Fill this basket with her favorite spa products or everything red. Add in a small red face cloth, heart shaped soap, romantic scented candles, romantic music, and red and pink potpourri petals surrounding her Valentine gifts inside the gift basket. As she opens her basket the scent of perfume will fill the air and make her think of you.

For this gift choose a white basket, fill it 3/4 full with scrunched up paper then use red and white tissue paper to cover the paper underneath. Place your gifts on top and wrap the gift basket with colored cellophane or shrink wrap your Valentine gift basket.

Valentine Gourmet Chocolate Gift Basket Idea.

Give your sweetheart a scrumptious Valentine's gift basket with a good selection of dark, milk or white chocolates, or truffles. Perhaps heart shaped cookies, chocolate cupcakes with red icing, chocolate muffins with hearts on top.

Photo Courtesy of Nas Kamui

Use a neutral colored shallow basket, line it with red and white tissue paper and arrange all your tempting and yummy treats on top. Wrap this Valentine's Day gift in clear cellophane so your love can see all your wonderful gifts.

Valentine Chocolate and Wine Gift Basket Idea

Choose a good quality wine then add some chocolate pretzels, strawberries dipped in chocolate; white or milk chocolate and don't forget a small bottle opener and two nice wine glasses.

Choose a medium sized basket with a handle. Scrunch some paper and place it in the bottom of your basket. Cover with red or white tissue paper and arrange your gifts on top. Wrap your Valentine's Day gifts in colored cellophane and don't forget your Valentine's card!

Valentine Fruit and Wine Gift Basket Idea

Lets get fruity! Fruit and wine are perfect together, just like the two of you. Tasty and full of life! A bottle of the best wine, two wine glasses, surrounded with grapes, figs, strawberries dipped in chocolate, truffles, all of these make fruity Valentines Gift Baskets.

This will go well in a neutral colored basket. Cover the bottom of your basket with red or white tissue paper and arrange your gifts on top. Wrap your Valentines Day gifts in colored cellophane and tie the cellophane with a big white bow. Don't forget your Valentine's card.

If you want to use a red basket but can't find the right size or shape in red, spray paint the basket! You could wrap these good gifts for Valentine's Day with red cellophane and tie the cellophane with fancy red or white bows or tassels, and don't forget your Valentines card with a romantic poem/message written inside. These Valentines Day ideas will make the sweetest day to remember.

 Creative Romantic Homemade Gift Basket Ideas

A Valentine day gift idea could be a romantic night for two, with your girlfriend/boyfriend, fiance or your husband/wife. Valentines Day is not just about giving gifts to each other, it's about spending time together.

Valentine Movie Night Gift Basket Idea

Have you been invited over for a romantic evening? Take a romantic movie night gift basket with love story movies or romantic music, a bottle of wine or a couple bottles of beer, two glasses, heart shaped cookies, popcorn, Valentines chocolates. This gift basket will set the mood for any romantic evening!

Romantic Valentine Dinner For Two Idea

Are you planning on "wining and dining" your sweetheart tonight with fine wine and good food, which YOU ARE going to cook yourself? Yes you are! With a starter, main course and to finish off, you could bake some Valentines cupcakes with red icing and a cherry on top (see link bottom of page). They will be impressed. Finish off the perfect evening with a gift, a Valentines Day gift basket filled with the following Valentines Day gifts.

If you are a lady giving a gift, surprise your handsome man with a selection of his favorite colognes and a watch, two tickets for a weekend to remember and always a box of chocolates.

If you are a man giving a gift, surprise your lovely lady with two tickets for a weekend to remember, chocolates, a must, some expensive perfume but not cheap rubbish, and good jewelry (because we are worth it!) Or maybe even a ring?? Diamonds are always a girl's best friend!

These great Valentines day gift ideas will win your loved ones heart. Cover these baskets with red or clear cellophane. Don't forget your romantic card or gift tag with your love poem/message written inside. 

A Valentine Day Gift Idea, Gift Bags.

If a Gift Basket Is Too Big for Your Small Gift, Why Not Make This Gift Bag? valentine gift bag. romantic. red tissue paper.

If a gift basket is too big for your small gift, (say you have a small piece of jewelry to give such as a ring or something for your lovely lady or a special watch for your handsome young man), you could make a romantic gift bag instead.

Valentines Day Flowers

A Valentine day gift idea can also be flowers. This is for the men and boyfriends who are looking for the best gift for their lovely lady.

Why not make your own floral gift basket and impress the love of your life with the perfect gift, a big basket of flowers? Roses, Orchids or Lilies are the perfect flowers to give your Valentine. A Valentine Day Gift Idea.

Below are just a few Valentines Day ideas and flowers which you can use to create into wonderful floral gift baskets.

Good gifts for Valentine's Day. How to make an easy and inexpensive rose gift basket.

ROSES: red means love and respect. White means "I love you dearly and you're the best."  A Rose gift basket.

ORCHIDS: These mean love and forever beautiful. Some have a beautiful perfume and some smell awful.

LILIES: You make my life complete. They will fill her room with a beautiful perfume and will always remind her of you.

CARNATIONS: Pure love, the real thing, my heart is longing for you.

DAISY: A basket of Daisies means love and truth.

LILY OF THE VALLEY: You complete my life; a must in any floral basket.

  1. A Valentine day gift idea; flowers are not only for women, men like flowers too. Give the man in your life flowers this year! 
  2. Red Roses
  3. Carnations 
  4. There are lots of different colored Daisies available; yellow Daisies, white Daisies, and red Daisies just to name a few. 
  5. Gerbera Daisies
  6. Adding some green foliage or Gypsophila to your flowers will make the basket look even more fantastic.
  7. Try three or five red roses with some white Carnations or Gerbera Daisies; choose flowers that are not quite open as they will last longer.

Try an Exotic Arrangement of Flowers

  • Bird of Paradise, also known as      Crane Flower. 
  • Orchids. 
  • Fragrant Snow-White lilies. 
  • Photo Courtesy of San San

    History of Valentines Day

    Legend says, St Valentine was in prison and while there, he fell in love with his jailor's daughter. Before he died he wrote a love letter to her and wrote at the bottom, 'Your Valentine'.

    Is this legend true? Nobody knows, but these two words, "Your Valentine," are used all over the world on this day, February 14th.

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