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Wedding floral arrangements are very special. The ceremony, reception and details-- like flowers! -- are an important part of your day. You, the bride, have to look beautiful wearing your long fairy-tale white wedding dress and holding your beautiful floral arrangement.

Bouquets are not the only wedding flowers you can hold. Why not be a bit different, make your own bridal flower baskets for you and your bridesmaids with summer wedding flowers or any time of year flowers.

A bridal flower basket is another alternative to the traditional bouquet. The advantage of a floral wedding basket is that the flowers will not wilt and they stay looking fresh for longer.

And don't forget about Corsages and Boutonnieres! (see below)

A small basket will use less flowers than a big bouquet. With all the putting down and picking up throughout the day they can look pretty worn out by the end of the evening. Also, if you want to keep your wedding flowers and intend on drying your wedding floral arrangements, it's important the flowers stay fresh as long as possible.

Below are lots of fabulous wedding flower ideas on how to make your own bridal flower baskets and because you are using a small basket and cheaper flowers, it becomes more affordable for your pocket. Cheap wedding flowers does not mean cheap looking flowers!

Great Ideas on How to Make a Bridal Basket Using Summer Wedding Flowers

Summertime is a great time to get married, personally speaking. Summer has an abundance of beautiful fresh flowers, amazing colors and wonderful perfumes great for your wedding. It's hard to choose the right flowers with so much to choose from.

To cut costs down but still make your arrangement amazing, try using one or two expensive flowers as your main focus, and for the rest, use cheaper wedding flowers.

For example, the expensive flowers could be Calla Lilies, Roses, Orchids or Lilacs mixed with more reasonably priced flowers like Daisies, Carnations, Gerber's and a filler with the good old Gypsophila (Baby's Breath) and green foliage.

Sometimes simple summer wedding flowers can be the most amazing.

  • Like a basket of Lilacs in white and pink, they have a wonderful scent; a romantic feel
  • A basket of Daisies in different colors, fresh and exciting
  • A basket of Freesias (wonderful scent) on their own or with Roses and Gypsophila (Baby's Breath); feminine looking 
  • One or two Hydrangeas the same color or different colors in a bridal basket will look spectacular and because they are so big you will only need two or three; big and plentiful

Great Ideas on How to Make a Bridal Basket Using Blue Flowers

Blue wedding flowers are said to bring good luck to a bride on her wedding day. Maybe that's why blue is such a popular color for wedding floral arrangements.

Photo Courtesy of Afonso Lima

Blue wedding flower ideas.

Blue flowers come in all different shades of blue, from dark blue to light blue. Blue goes very well with other colors of flowers and looks stunning against a white or cream colored wedding dress.

Some suggestions for blue flowers used are:

  • Hyacinths
  • Delphiniums 
  • Irises 
  • Canterbury Bells
  • Hydrangea 
  • Veronica

To have all blue flowers would be too much blue. Adding white flowers for example, breaks up the blue and adds a touch of softness to any wedding flower ideas.

Suggestions for white flowers:

  • Roses
  • Calla Lilies
  • Daisies
  • Verbena
  • Carnations
  • Orchids

Don't forget some filler for your arrangement, it can be green, blue or white. Below are a few ideas for what you can use:

  • Caspia
  • Blue Sea Holly or Thistle
  • Blue Statice
  • White Gypsophila
  • Lime green Viburnum
  • Variegated green Ivy

Make your own wedding floral arrangements into beautiful bridal flower baskets for you and your bridesmaids with fresh flowers and decorate the basket with ribbons, bows and/or pearls for your special wedding day.

How to Make a Floral Wedding Basket

Things You Will Need:

  1. Flowers; try to use small flowers but if you do use bigger flowers like Canterbury Bells, you can cut the stems in half.
  2. Small basket.
  3. Wet floral brick; There are different kinds of floral brick, make sure  the packet says 'wet floral brick'.
  4. Thick plastic; this is to line the basket.
  5. Scissors.


  • Choose small flowers for your basket.
  • Cut the ends off your flowers at an angle and place them into water as soon as you get them home.
  • Line the basket with thick plastic.
  • Cut a piece of floral brick to fit the basket. It doesn't matter if it's in pieces because you will not see it.
  • Place the floral brick into water to saturate it. When it turns a dark green and becomes heavy it's ready.


Photo Courtesy of Mira Pavlakovic

  • Put the saturated floral brick into your lined basket. This will feel heavy because of the weight of the wet floral brick.
  • Remove all the leaves and cut your flowers, leaving four or five inches of stem and insert into your floral brick. Start at the base of the basket and work your way to the middle.

If you find the stems are delicate, insert some green florist wire up the middle of the stem or wrap the wire around the stem; this will give lots of support, and keep the arrangement compact. Wedding flower ideas.

Your and your bridesmaids' wedding floral arrangements could be placed on the tables at the reception as the centerpiece. Two jobs in one!

If you would like to keep your fresh wedding flowers forever, why not dry your wedding floral arrangement and keep the memories forever?

Ideas for Artificial Wedding Flowers

It's nice for the bride to hold a fresh wedding floral arrangement, but it can work out very expensive. Have you ever thought of silk flowers, made into a wedding floral basket for you and your bridesmaids?

Silk flowers have come a long way. A long time ago they looked like artificial flowers, all thick and plastic looking, but nowadays there are fabric flowers, silk flowers and they look so real.

When I walk into a craft store I am overwhelmed by the variety of artificial flowers available; all colors and all kinds of flowers. Flowers are not normally available certain times of the year.

Buy good quality flowers and your guests will not be able to tell that they are artificial. The advantages of using artificial flowers are that they stay looking fresh throughout the wedding day and they will keep for years to come. Wedding Floral Arrangements.

The Best Ideas for Flower Girl Baskets

Flower girls scattering petals of Roses, Sweet Peas, scented flower petals, fresh Lavender, Rosemary, Lemon scented Geranium leaves in the path of the bride adds that fairy tale touch.

Flower Girl Basket. wedding flowers. bridal.

Mixing fragrant herbs with scented flower petals will release a wonderful perfume as the bride walks on the petals and herbs.

The basket to use for this occasion is a small basket as it's easier to carry for those little hands. Decorate the outside of the basket with fresh or artificial flowers and a ribbon tied to the bottom of the handle.

Ask your local florists if they can save their petals, the more the better and sometimes for free. The herbs you can buy at your local supermarket or try a garden center or even grow your own.

Wedding Gift Bags Filled With Rice. flower girl baskets. bridal.
You can have your flower girl or bridesmaids to stand at the church entrance after the wedding ceremony with a basket full of pretty lace gift bags filled with confetti, rice or flower petals.

These could also be handed out to your guests to shower you, the bride and groom, as you leave the reception.

Making your own wedding bridal baskets and wedding gift bags will save you a fortune and that's what we all want! Wedding floral arrangements, great wedding flower ideas.

What are Corsages and Boutonnieres ?

Don't forget Boutonnieres and Corsages. They are also part of the wedding floral arrangements.

Boutonnieres and Corsages consist of one flower sometimes with a little foliage. The ladies could have the same flower but in a different color from the men. Great Wedding Flower Ideas.

Photo Courtesy of Paul Graham

This is a flower worn on the left hand side of the shoulder, of close members of the bride and groom's families.

Corsages or a wrist corsage are worn, on the left, by female family members, aunties, mothers, sisters, grandmothers. 

Boutonnieres or Buttonholes are worn by male members of the family, groom, fathers, uncles, granddads, best man, page boy, ushers.

Don't stick to the same old wedding floral arrangements, try something different. Have a basket of flowers!

Not what you are looking for? Search the web for more great wedding floral arrangements.

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What Kind of Wedding Floral Arrangements Did You Have at Your Weddings?

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